Saturday 24th June 2017

Words and Pics This Week. 2017.43.

Words and Pics This Week. 2017.43.

It’s been a blah week because of the weather and I have made some time, where I could, to get outside for capturing a snapshot or five. As I do.

Here are some of the pics I took this week…and some words in the captions.

Saturday morning. Driving along and saw how still the water was. I was rewarded with this capture and many others! How amazing is nature!


I’ve grown sweet peas successfully back at our former home so decided this year to give them a go here. Love the sweet pea flower. Memories of childhood and taking flowers to school to the teacher.


My view from our back verandah. The house at the back is unoccupied since it was sold (this is the garage) is very old, made of fibro/asbestos I guess..and this is my view…making it better with trellis added to back fence to coax the sweet peas up!


After a weekend at home because of awful weather I ventured out to see the big seas and high tide at Soldiers Beach.


A walk around the garden and this pattern of raindrops caught my eye.


This 8inx8in mandala on black was both meditative and creative to complete. I could not stop adding to it. It was such fun. Now off to a friend for her to frame to put in her new house!


I hope your week’s been a good one. Mind you, the weather…let’s not talk too much about it shall we?


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A Photo Finish for 2016! 366/344.

A Photo Finish for 2016! 366/344.

I had to finish the year on an even number of posts! I did set out to do 366 posts, but changing my mind about blogging daily from November 2016 means I am 22 short of that number. I am OK with that!!

Today’s post is photo-centric and contain some of what has been part of MY 2016.

Beach writing …again!

Mandalas are everywhere!

Love this tiny insect making its way up the rose bud. From our garden.

Ocean water at Snapper Point in Munmorah State Park is an amazing colour.

This is where I become ‘grounded’…the ocean waves wash over my feet.

Just 5 minutes drive from home is Wallarah Peace Park, Pelicans and Views!

Soldiers Beach at Norah Head is one of my favourite go-to places for re-connecting with nature.


Family matters! Here we are with the 3 eldest grandchildren.


Thank you for viewing  my photos and posts in 2016.

And take a the 17 seconds to watch at the end!


I will be back here on Monday 2nd January 2017 for the first Life This Week link up in 2017 called “A Favourite Post from 2016” so bloggers can ease their way back!


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See you in 2017!





November Photo Challenges. 366/328.

November Photo Challenges. 366/328.

In November I took part in two photo challenges.

One is the popular Fat Mum Slim Photo-A-Day which I have done on and off for some years.

The other was a new one from Deb at Inner Compass Designs and hers was self-care and love based.

I added one of my own, on-going, called #mandalascountdown.

The photos I am sharing show how easy it is for me to find nature!











Did you take part in any photo challenges recently?

I’ve started a new one for the first 24 days of December called #24daysofXmas. The link to a post about it is here if you want to join in!


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Garden Snapshots. 366/290.

Garden Snapshots. 366/290.

I posted last week about the garden here and how I am enjoying the beauty and don’t even mind the maintenance!

I have re-visited some of my photos from this garden at different times of the year and share them again.


Nothing like nature is there?












I hope your world is wonderful where you are right now too!


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Grateful For The Garden. 366/283.

Grateful For The Garden. 366/283.

The garden here has been a changing constant in my life.

What did I just write?

Ok, I have never really been interested in gardens other than to admire them and take photos until this year.

I have needed a focus (pun intended!) and without too much thinking about it, the little pots of flowers on the back deck and the garden belonging to this rental house have become mine to care for and about.

Since everyone needs a routine and something/someone to care for, the garden and its flowers have become part of my every day. I also do some of the leg work such as trimming, weeding and watering but I get the JOY of watching the changes.

On days where I have little to be happy about as I continue my journey of life’s challenges, one look outside and instantly brighten up. I actually go outside to be in nature as it helps my well-being.

These photos are from this weekend and next week I will post the remainder. It’s also been a chance to reacquaint myself with the Macro lens on my Canon 600D.



ladybug on leaf!


frangipani is gearing up for summer!


new to the garden pot is lavender. I will see how it goes as it is a bee-attractor so I may move it! I realised why we never had it before after the bees arrived.


a small reminder of the beauty of the small flowers from bulbs this spring


teensy flowers from a massed plant of different colours.


a mix from one garden pot with re-blooming pansy from early this year.


LOVE this colourful plant and how it has bloomed again.

Do you like getting out in nature when you are bit ‘blah’?


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Rainbow Obsession. 366/190.

Rainbow Obsession. 366/190.

I am in love with rainbows.

They are awesome, elusive and beautiful.

I have captured some aspects of rainbows but not with great skill.

I also enjoy using the rainbow colours in some of my creations.

With the recent wet weather and seeing quite a number of rainbows on my drive to Sydney on M1 I am posting a few examples of my ‘rainbow obsession.’

Outside our house

Outside our house

ICAD 1/61 Mix Tape.

IMG_5402 IMG_5438


Rainbow Lorikeet


‘Close up’ for the colours …outside our place


Do you love rainbows too?


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Words And Pics To Ponder. 366/181.

Words And Pics To Ponder. 366/181.

Last year I helped fund Cards for Mindfulness.  Today I drew 3 random cards, and they all follow the theme of:

  • noticing
  • nature
  • enjoying

I have teamed each card with a scene from my recent photography excursions.

I hope you find something in these that you can enjoy and take away as a thought to consider. These photos made the fit for me with the cards. Each of us is different of course and they may not be to your interpretation.









Are you finding time to ‘notice’ and be ‘mindful’? Mindfulness is not ‘just meditation’. It’s about being in the moment. I write this as I have had not such a great day remembering my own words. Tomorrow will be better!



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Gum Leaves. 366/163.

Gum Leaves. 366/163.

In my creative world this week I continued to make Index Cards each day as I take part on the annual Index Card a day Challenge.

I have found a bit of resistance to new ways of creating because I was  ‘stuck’ I suppose.

When I was driving back to the coast from Dad’s on Thursday I stopped for my usual comfort break at St Ives Showground where there are many trees. I actually enjoy noticing the trees as they change month about and according to the seasons.

Looking at the debris from weekend’s east coast low I saw quite a few leaves attached to part of stems from branches lying on the ground.

Ah, I thought, interesting shapes and maybe I could try to draw and paint these.

So, they came home with me.

It is nowhere near as ‘simple’ as I may have thought to replicate the colours of nature. My art teacher friend is advising me more about this and I have welcomed her help.

But, in the meantime here is what I did create from the gum leaves.


Painting and Model!


Finished painting.


Leaves from a stem I did not use, added as a collage to paint-backed art paper.

So, that’s my latest creations!

Have you been making anything creative this week…art, sewing, knitting, crochet, writing…..?

For those who have a long weekend in Australia – enjoy!


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Popping over to Alicia here for Open Slather. Glad you are enjoying the art over at ICAD, Alicia!