Friday 20th April 2018

ProBlogger 2011. 226/365.

ProBlogger  2011. 226/365.

Today and tomorrow it’s the ProBlogger Event in Queensland. There are many newbies to blogging (and PB) there along with those experienced bloggers who’ve returned for their second, third and more!

I wish everyone there a great time.

I’ve been to one ProBlogger Event..which I think was called Conference then. Here’s what this year’s event is all about.

I know there were some highlights for me:

  • I got to hold Caz and Craig Makepeace’s little baby while they presented their session
  • I met many, many bloggers, some of whom are here in the photos
  • I got to have a cuddle with Zoey’s now pre-school girl…who was a little baby back then
  • It was fun..and tiring and a LOT of learning and socialising took place.

Who remembers this PB in Melbs?

Denyse xx



Lisa aka Sawhole, Me, Eden Riley



Mrs W and Mrs W. xx

Joining Grace for Flog Yo Blog Friday.

With Some Grace

Catching up on the Weekend Rewind too.