Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Look It’s Summer! 366/36.

Look It’s Summer! 366/36.

You can expect to see beach and water shots from me, that is a given. I love exploring the spaces around here and these are some from the past few weeks.

In a few short weeks, the Australian summer is officially over. We have our seasons by the calendar.

Summer: December, January, February.

What season is it where you are?


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Surfin’ Santa. 361/365.

Surfin’ Santa. 361/365.

We found out that Santa was making an appearance on Christmas Morning ….at the local surf beach.

As we had a quiet day ahead, off we drove on the fifteen minute journey to Soldiers Beach where we “missed Santa’s arrival” but we saw this!

It was obviously a fun way for families and friends to gather before the beach, having lunch and catching up.

I am sure grateful for those who care for the surfers and those who use our beaches in Australia.

Notice how many lifesavers (volunteers) and lifeguards (paid by council) are on Soldiers beach and wearing Santa hats!

I tried to find a Surfing’ Santa in the water catching a wave.

Can you see one?

Denyse xx