Saturday 25th March 2017

Week 12 Intention. Practise Self-Compassion. 2017.44.

Week 12 Intention. Practise Self-Compassion. 2017.44.

After living a life with many distractions, busy-ness to the max and more, I have found the quiet times in retirement are quite a challenge. Why? Because there are more stretches of time and space in which to think.

For me, it’s interesting to notice how I continue to strive and how I continue to want others to see me doing well in my quest for greater equanimity in my life overall and better management of my IBS.

Who is out of this real or imagined group who support me? Often it’s me.

I remain steadfast in my older, learned early, self-critical views and I am S L O W L Y learning to remember my self-compassion when I am not doing so well. It is not every day because I am making progress!

I am pleased to note, that when I started a Self-Compassion Course on-line with Kristen Neff and Brene Brown my overall score was: 1.93 and when I completed the course it was: 3.11

“Average overall self-compassion scores tend to be around 3.0 on the 1-5 scale, so you can interpret your overall score accordingly. As a rough guide, a score of 1-2.5 for your overall self-compassion score indicates you are low in self-compassion, 2.5-3.5 indicates you are moderate, and 3.5-5.0 means you are high.”

So, what I take from that ‘score’ is I am improving in my self-compassion and I am remembering to speak more kindly to myself in difficult circumstances.

My Week 12 Intention.

This week I am going to practise self-compassion more. In fact, I will even make it something I do throughout the day in the smallest way. It might be a ‘go me’ under my breath or a literal ‘pat of kindness’ on my arm when I need soothing.

If you want to take the self-compassion Test, it is here: It is free and I find the work of Kristen Neff and fellow researchers fascinating. Self-esteem it is not!

I wish you well if you decide to take the test. It is very insightful.


UPDATE: I have chosen to reduce my blogging output as of this week so as to be more mindful of my self-care and self-kindness. I am not making any further intentions at this point. My life has been on a learning curve as part of ageing and transition to living with both a chronic condition (IBS and its accompanying limitations)  and the stress which is part of my inner being. I am wanting to feel less inward pressure on myself and needing to care for myself more. Blogging has been a part of my life for more than 6 years and will continue to be but I am blogging now for when and if I choose to. I know that regular  readers will completely understand my new(er) direction as of today! Thank you!

A reminder is in this image: 


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Creative Learning. 2017.42.

Creative Learning. 2017.42.

My Tuesday posts have been about Education and Schooling since I started the new look blog in January 2015.

I am branching out today to write about what I have learned about being creative. I am educating myself!

In the past I might have given myself a go at some art or some kind of scrapbooking or even some making craft.

I did classes and I liked some of what I learned.

But I learned something about myself. It was that I don’t actually enjoy a formal lesson because as soon as I had them I found my creativity drying up. No-one actually criticised me I guess except myself. I did not measure up to what I thought a product should look like.

Until 2013.

I was enjoying playing with art and craft (an old Infants teacher never forgets doing that with little kids!) with my grandchildren but I felt I needed more. Then I was introduced to a website here and fun challenge called Index Card a Day.


Fast forward to 2016 and I discovered another love. Making mandalas. It was a match made in creative heaven. I had bare minimum of a lesson via a book, and got some materials and then I let my creative self take charge.

This is why I now love my creative learning. It is self-paced. I am not afraid of sharing because I already like the process and the product is secondary.

Taking the pressure off has made the world of difference! I can see that this is something that may affect others who are creative in terms of art, music, drama, writing and photography.

Has something like this occurred for you or someone you know?


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My Week 8 Intention. Perspective. 2017.28.

My Week 8 Intention. Perspective. 2017.28.

I’ve mostly been a details person..small picture…even though I can imagine a big picture I need to know details and more.

Now, as I have found in life, THIS is not always possible.

Who knew?

Ok, we all know but sometimes it is hard to let go of welded on beliefs of shoulds and musts.

Here’s where perspective will be more to the front than behind as I work (and play) with my intention for this week.

I want to continue to work with details because I find that comforting and helpful but I also want to keep in mind the bigger picture too.

From this:


To this:

My Week 8  intention is to broaden my view, keep matters in perspective and look at the whole picture wherever possible.

Update: last week’s intention of taking a break worked for me in some respects although learner-me who wants to ‘get better’ from her IBS and anxiety continues to seek new information and practise meditation and more. It was good to give myself permission to ‘take a break’ and the supportive comments from many helped!

What’s your intention this week?

Are you a big picture or details person?


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My Week 3 Intention. Compassion. 2017.8.

Week 3 Intention. Compassion. 2017.8.

I am continuing my inward journey this week of intention by learning more about compassion. I have much to learn and firstly about myself. I guess I am tough on myself as many of us are. In fact, both my GP and Psychologist have told me that very thing. I am hearing the words of a very wise man, my husband who says “I expect too much of myself”. What I am doing…and learning…is ‘how to be more compassionate to myself’ as I begin the slow journey of being slightly more confident about how to accept Irritable Bowel Syndrome as it is now because the anxiety it brings can overwhelm me.

Here are some excerpts from an article I read yesterday. The link to the full article is at the end of this.

Compassion is the feeling that naturally arises when you learn of the suffering of another, and that motivates you to want to do something to help. Far from being just a social nicety, compassion has a great evolutionary purpose: Human offspring are the most dependent and vulnerable of any species, and need the most care from others to survive. This total dependence is why Charles Darwin said that sympathy is humanity’s strongest instinct. Simply put: Without compassion we wouldn’t survive.

If you find yourself feeling less moved than you’d like—or maybe your empathy muscle has grown a bit weak from lack of use—here are some ways to strengthen it. You, and every other living creature, will benefit from the results.

Be Kind to Yourself

Sometimes it’s easier to feel compassionate for another than for yourself. But true compassion doesn’t discriminate. The next time you’re having a difficult moment, see if you can offer yourself some kindness. You might be surprised at how much it helps—and helps you to feel kinder toward others.

Turn Values Into Verbs

When asked what they value most in the world, people will often say things like “peace,” “compassion,” or “connection.” But in order to make this real we have to turn these values into verbs, making them more specific and practical. If you value compassion, what does that look like daily? Take out a piece of paper, write “Compassion” at the top and create a list of actions, small to big, that you can start doing immediately.

This is how we live Gandhi’s words: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

This is the source of the full article by Elisha Goldstein.

My intention for Week 3 of 2017.

“dipping my toes” in the water – making small changes!

Each time I take the smallest steps in gaining some greater confidence about living with IBS I will give myself words of support and ensure I write down how it went for me as my psychologist and I planned.

Are you compassionate towards yourself?

Tell me more!



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Fear Is Part of Life. 366/241.

Fear Is Part of Life. 366/241.

To know we are not alone in feeling fear is helpful.

To know that fear is part of life is to be embraced.

When fear arises, be kind and compassionate to yourself.

I make the effort to do this.

It is hard sometimes, but it helps.

For When Fear Is Strong

This is the suffering of fear
Fear is part of being alive
Other people experience this too…
I am not alone.
May I be kind to myself…
May I give myself the compassion I need

Tara Brach in True Refuge
Based on work by Kristin Neff


I hope you are being kind to yourself today and always.


For more information about Tara Brach go here and for more about Kristin Neff, here is her website.


more 150

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Quotes I Like. 366/139.

Quotes I Like. 366/139.

Lately I have read that quotes for the sake of quotes are often meaningless unless we can align our belief systems and values to them.

This made perfect sense to me as I continue to learn more about ‘being me’.

A values-centred life is one which helps us align our life and goals as one.

As I have said before, I continue to be a WIP – work-in- progress!

I’m studying a number of approaches to mindful living, and acceptance commitment therapy combined with the books by Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Anne Lamott, Elisha Goldstein, Russ Harris, Eckhardt Tolle and Tara Brach.

The quotes below have meaning for me.

What about you?


Here is the  source:


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My Dream Travel Destination. 366/123.

My Dream Travel Destination. 366/123.

This is not what some people might think.

I do not want luxury nor a destination that is by the beach.

I do want to travel in comfort!

So, I am leaning towards Business or First Class if I need to continue the ‘dream’ but if reality makes this happen more likely would be Premier Economy. I would be travelling solo too. I prefer that! I’ve been to the US mainland and Hawaii (yes, I know part of US) and did that 16 days solo as well.

Where am I wanting to go?

I want to go to where my forebears came from…the ones on Dad’s side that is.

It’s to the United Kingdom to visit England and more than anywhere else, Scotland.





My British Isles heritage means a great deal to me. In fact I have just signed up for a paid (shock at the cost) account for 12 months on so I can look up the various members of Dad’s family line and learn more.

I travel to learn. I like to find out facts and more wherever I go. This travel destination would have it that is for sure.

However, I have left one place from the list and it remains an important one. I would like to visit the battlefields of France where so many people lost their lives in World War One.



My paternal grandfather was an ambulance driver and medic who was injured a few times after exposure to mustard gas. When he was repatriated to recover after treatment it was to a hospital near Warminster close to where my paternal grandmother lived. They met there and she came to Australia on a War Bride ship after their engagement in 1920 to live in Wollongong. When my grandfather was de-mobbed back in Australia they married. His heritage is Scottish as he was born in Scotland, at Cowdenbeath, but his family moved to Australia for a better life and work options. My grandmother’s widowed mother and her brother also emigrated to Australia once their daughter/sister lived here. I grew up hearing stories of both parts of the UK and I want to see those places. My dad has visited them, along with mum, in their travels in the 1970s and 80s.

Now it’s time for me…if I ever get to do this. I “may” have left it a bit late but I can still ‘dream!’

Do you have a dream travel destination or more?


life 150

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Following My Heart. 366/104.

Following My Heart. 366/104.

In my life’s journey (ok, it might be cliched but I like it!) I am learning to be less ‘head’ oriented and more ‘heart’ oriented.

Today I read this and it made sense. The article is about the one regret here 

So I gathered some of the shots I have taken over this past year or so as I am recognising that my health gets better each time I am more heart-centred.

I also have found by doing this I am pleasing me first and not others! Well, I guess I am still “On My Way” to doing that!

IMG_4819 (1)

Stillness at Sunset….and noticing 5 ducks on the way home.




Heart-felt tribute


Noticing nature is in my heart


Do you follow your heart?



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