Monday 19th March 2018

My Last Confession. 366/249.

My Last Confession. 366/249.

This is the final, final time of I Must Confess over at Kirsty’s My Home Truths.

I wanted to comply with her request that the farewell is both big and finishes with a bang!

So, with that I offer my last confession:

























Anyone else feel like this some days too?


Have A Cracker Of A Last Time Everyone!

Image: Pixabay.

Image: Pixabay.

Thanks for the fun and the words, Kirsty!


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When I’m Scared. 366/242.

When I’m Scared. 366/242.

This is the second last prompt* from Kirsty at My Home Truths before she ‘retires’ I Must Confess.

*it seems that the prompt is actually ‘when I am sad’ …but my post was already done, so I went with this!!

If you want to know more of the back-story to her decision, pop over here!

I Must Confess

So, in response to the prompt….when I’m scared I:

  • tend to react instinctively as we humans are meant to..flight, fight, freeze..and my typical response would be the last one. That actually gives me time. To recover. To respond in a hopefully more thoughtful and kinder way than my initial one.
  • If my “getting scared” has been based on news, ideas I think about, and often things that can never and do never happen that is the most common scenario.  Hence I need to practise my mindful and self-care. I often don’t until a while later!

This photo helps sum up the kind of thoughts I may engage in.


I also know that if it were a real threat I might ensure I am physically safe, aware of my surroundings and know how to get help. Oh, and I also try my hardest not to ‘look or act’ scared too.

What do you do when you are scared?


Oh, and on that topic, I am putting myself ‘out there’ for this:

My news is this:

On Monday 12 September I will be making a new weekly linky for bloggers HERE to join and it’s going to take the name of this topic:




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10 Things I Believe. 366/235.

10 Things I Believe. 366/235.

This prompt is the second last for August over at I Must Confess on Kirsty’s blog….and it is the second last for Kirsty herself as she changes her blogging focus! I was a blogger when Kirsty started and she tells us that it’s been 5 years since she began this particular meme for Mondays. Wow! I remember it well. Kirsty has many gifts in communication and especially in the area of children who have special needs. Kirsty tells more about that over here and I congratulate her on her brave and good decision to begin to concentrate on her specialty! Thanks Kirsty for this year of fun where I think I have joined in most weeks!

Image 3

Now…onto the list!

I believe:

  1. We are never too old to learn new things and need to acknowledge this and not put up barriers
  2. We are meant to be part of a community no matter how big or small whether it is on-line or in real life or both
  3. We need solitude sometimes to regenerate ourselves as we need to self-care and re-group after being social beings
  4. We are not going to get out of this life alive because….that is the nature of being mortal humans
  5. We can do more than we think even when we think we cannot and so need to use that old self-talk to be positive and encouraging
  6. We are a mere individuals in the world and to remember that in terms of trying to look after our needs without privilege nor money so that we are not actually ‘special’ at all
  7. We can take ourselves too seriously and when we do we harm ourselves and those around us so the term ‘lighten up’ was invented for just this
  8. We over-think much about our inner lives and this does not help us to be connected with others as much as we need and want to be
  9. We may take our closest, nearest and dearest for granted at times and to wake up to this before it’s too late and those people have moved out of our lives
  10. We have more than 10 beliefs and they can change and to believe we need to examine our values every single day

What do you believe?

On the list above I might believe in those points but I certainly don’t get them right each day or most of the time. I guess they are another set of human qualities and to forgive ourselves and start again is to be HUMAN.


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Best Birthday Ever. 366/221.

Best Birthday Ever. 366/221.

So, I am taking this prompt from Kirsty and running away with it.

Best birthdays of mine.

I guess being born. My parents’ first child and I was the first grandchild on Mum’s side. I “know” I was always spoiled on my birthday in those childhood years. I recall birthdays being celebrated with love from my family and there was always a special meal. If we got to choose our favourite dinner mine would always be crumbed cutlets!!

I believe that this could be quite a few actually. I am fortunate that this is the case. The standouts would be a 21st which went for a weekend and a day. Only because I was  teaching in Barraba and came back to Sydney for the weekend. My 50th was memorable as it was was in the first year of my principalship and would you believe it, the Assistant Principal at the school shared the exact same birthday. Double cakes in the staffroom!

As I got older I tried to replicate those kinds of birthdays for others in my family.

Best birthdays of others I love.

The BIRTHdays (evenings) of both of my children were very special. One was in the middle of winter, the other middle of summer.

Celebrating the milestone birthdays comes to mind, the 21sts were ones we made special for our daughter and son. My parents did for me too, I might add. Then there are the zero birthdays. Even though he was/is never one to fuss, we did a 40th for my husband with the family and a lovely parent of a kid he coached made a beautifully decorated fruit cake.

My parents’ celebrations for various zero birthdays were part of family events and I made photo albums for both of my parents for Dad’s 70th and Mum’s 80th. Mum’s 80th was probably the last birthday she got to enjoy before illness took its toll and I made it a celebration like ‘this is your life’. We had a wall of memories in chronology and each family member present either said or presented Mum with some memories of what she meant to them. This is a ‘deliberate act’ as Mum had a saying about telling people what they mean to you and how they’ve impacted your life rather than waiting for the eulogy. She was right!

The most recent memorable birthday (and the ‘last’ big one as Dad has said!) was Dad’s 90th in January 2014.. He invited family and friends and we, the kids and grandkids, hosted it at a function room next to where he lives now. It had a powerpoint preso by me, speeches by his family and friends and memorabilia from his life on display. When it came time for Dad to respond he was so affected by the emotion that he did not ‘do it justice’ as he says. And the impact of that day, some 2+ years later resonates. He feels very honoured and blessed by the occasion.


Grandkids being born were incredibly special BIRTHdays for me. I remember each and everyone with clarity. I was not ‘actually present’ for any but I sure was close by for one. In fact ‘missed it by that much’. I recall wondering after the first of the grandchildren’s birth….’who is this special person who has joined our family?’ A powerful memory. She is 20 later this year!

Birthdays themselves have reduced in importance now as I age and we now live away from the family which is growing and changing. However, I do like to receive a birthday card (simple, homemade or whatever form it takes) much more than a present as I treasure the memories from that person on that occasion.

What about you?

What is a best birthday memory for you?


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Goals for 2016. My Progress. 366/186.

Goals for 2016. My Progress. 366/186.


I can’t remember if I wrote anything down.

‘excuse me, I will be back.’

Oh look, I did! For the first week of “I must confess”.


I note that I have made a blogging plan for this year and that is one goal.

“to blog every day for 366 days”

In that blogging plan I have made it my goal to stay focussed on the Topics of The Day.

“each day has a different topic and theme”

Then when I reviewed my ‘words to live by in 2016″ I see I have another two goals.

“to TRUST that life and its journey will work out the way it is meant to be and to let go of over-controlling it”

“to be FEARless ….my ‘made up’ word to ensure that my goal is to experience fear less this year.


I am pleased to report that I have blogged every day to date in 2016.

I have also kept to the plan for different topics/themes each day of the week.

As far as ‘trust’ is concerned, I am making some steps towards letting life happen rather than being so concerned with trying to control others’  and behaviours and looking to myself to stay in control of me. Does that make sense? It is hard but I am getting better at it.

The ‘fear’less is connected to the above and each time I allow myself to ‘sit’ with anxiety I know I am doing better rather than over-think it and over-react. I’d like to say that IBS (related to the anxiety or the IBS makes the anxiety worse) is gone but I am better at accepting what is.

When I wrote the goals and chose those words in January 2016 I had no idea of what was ahead. It has been a far, far more stressful year than I could ever have imagined for reasons that are private and not for sharing. However, with my hub’s support and my growing resilience I understand more about how to deal with the stressors which can put me into ‘fear’ mode.

I have been incredibly buoyed by the support of my community of readers and commenters here. Thank you all for making me see that what I do makes a connection to you too. I will continue blogging as it is so part of my day I can no longer imagine life without it.

Recent beach writing:



IMG_2278 copy

How are you going?

Did you set goals for 2016?



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Thanks Kirsty for the prompt. Another one which worked for me. I’m over here at Kirsty’s blog for I Must Confess.



I Freak Out When. 366/172.

I Freak Out When. 366/172.

Thanks Kirsty. Not. I could have avoided this prompt on I Must Confess but then that would not be owing up to my truth. And isn’t that the name of your blog?

Mine is a list.

I am not going to elaborate.

  • someone near me feels sick and might vomit
  • that person actually vomits
  • I am the only person who can clean it up
  • I see a goanna
  • that goanna sees me
  • the goanna comes towards me
  • I may not have air-con working in the house on a 28+ degree day
  • I go underwater because I think it will be so interesting and I see a fish. Just one.
  • I find I have none of my favourite lollies left in the house AND the suppliers do not make them any more. That’s Columbines in case you were wondering.
  • the car makes a sound that it is not meant to
  • I am in said car driving along
  • my wifi does not work in the house. Oh the humanity.

That will do for now.

What freaks you out?

I did not join them on this walk once it went into the bush....

I did not join them on this walk once it went into the bush….

Am I really the only one who doesn’t like the things on my list?


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My Biggest Domestic Disaster. 366/165.

My Biggest Domestic Disaster. 366/165.

It’s a short story.

We had moved into our long-waited for ‘dream home.’

We’d planned it, had an architect design it, a builder friend construct it, and my husband did the fit outs for the kitchen, the laundry and the bathrooms.

It took from land purchase in June 1993 until January 1994 to come to fruition.

One aspect I had looked forward to was ‘the master suite’ with its ‘master suite bathroom with spa bath.’

Are you already guessing what the disaster was?


Read on.

Even though we moved in during a very warm time of year, I could not wait for my first bath. We’d been renting for ages and I really, really like my bath!

As I put the plug in, I did read a sign (left by the builder) that read ‘don’t use’ and I, the very literate teacher, took that to me……the ‘spa’ itself.

The first bath was glorious and relaxing.


It was around 9 pm and our daughter and her then fiance, had moved ‘back to their respective parents’ homes to save more money for the wedding coming in April. They stored their furniture with us and it was in our double garage in our lovely, 3 level house.

I got out of the bath and pulled the plug out, and the water left the bath and I got dressed… go to bed relaxed.

Oh no.

To the sounds from 2 floors down…..


I joined my daughter and my hub. The water from my bath water…and leaking all over the stored furniture. They were madly trying to move things out of the path of the ‘waterfall’ and mop things up.

I was horrified.

And glad that it was summer as the furniture that got a bit wet/soaked actually dried.

Then I realised what ‘don’t use’ meant. The %F$(&& pipes were yet to be connected to the bath.

I was given a LOT of ribbing about this domestic disaster let me tell you.

Have you done anything that’s been a domestic disaster?


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Joining with Kirsty over here for I Must Confess.


Hunting, Gathering, Preparing, Eating. 366/151.

Hunting, Gathering, Preparing, Eating. 366/151.

In reviewing the prompt for Kirsty’s I must confess this week,

The one thing that drives you absolutely crazy.

I pondered…ONE? She asks about ONE??

Then I settled down and decided that my relationships with friends and family were more important that making enemies so I gave it more thought.

And I decided this is what drives me crazy and probably has ever since I became the person, mostly, in charge of feeding the family.

Let’s take the steps one by one and add a time frame to it:

None of the times include travel, but they should! At the moment we are located about 10 minutes from the big shopping centre. It does not include time in the supermarket queue nor that horrendous hilly ascent I must make with the trolley!

Hunting: Time: 20 minutes. 

The beast, or the fish, or the poultry as is (in our family) the main part of the evening meal. Ok, I don’t have to send hub out to find one and kill it but I still have to stalk the corridors of the local shopping centre and compare the prices, the quantities, the use-by dates and the actual piece of protein I am selecting.

Gathering: Time: not concurrent with above. Oh no. In addition to: 20-30 minutes.

From one end of the supermarket to the other, from fresh fruit & veg to the staples, to the freezer section and back again because I missed an aisle with the one ingredient I would find essential. Of course. I do take a list!

Preparing: Time: ‘how long is a piece of string?’ This timing cannot be estimated because it can range from 20 minutes to 2-3 hours. Or More.

There is, of course, pre-planning. Making the menu, searching for the lost piece of paper with that one recipe I decided to cook TONIGHT. And adding the list to the iPhone notes.

Eating: Time: 10 minutes.

No matter how well I put this. We seem to inhale our meals here. Or is that most of us? Anyway…this, my readers is my issue:

The one thing that drives you absolutely crazy.

is that it is all over….and I will have spent at least ONE hour (minimum) on a meal that takes 10 minutes to eat.


Clearing away and loading the dishwasher. Not my job.

So, what is it about meals? Is it any wonder it is the question most of us hate…”what’s for dinner?”


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