Wednesday 22nd February 2017

My Week 4 Intention. Savour The Positive Pt 1. 2017.12.

My Week 4 Intention. Savour The Positive Pt 1. 2017.12.

Last week I know I benefitted from my intention of kindness and it was brought home to me even more after a stressful time on Tuesday. I had to summon up the courage to drive a long way (45 minutes) on a super hot day to the periodontist who I HAD to see about my poor gums. I did it, but it was at a physical and emotional cost the next day when my IBS struck and I couldn’t go out. But, instead of my ‘old ways’ of talking to myself and thinking I had ‘failed’ I was able to be kindly towards myself in word and action and be a friend to myself!

Being a friend to yourself takes practice!

It was also lovingly helpful to have so many commenters who understood what I was writing about when they read my post last week. Thank you all! This kindness that is spreading around is GOOD!

Building upon this, and wanting to continue to learn more about how our thinking can distort our feelings (and vice versa) I have become a firm fan of the work of Rick Hanson PhD & his collaborator  Richard Mendius MD. He speaks from years of research about the ‘neurons which fire together wire together’ and how we CAN affect our health by too much of the negative messages,  self-talk and so on.

I have been listening to him speak with  Richard Mendius about  and in doing so, am beginning to make some subtle but helpful changes to my daily experiences.

My Intention Week 4/52. 

My intention this week is to ensure I am taking time to SAVOUR positive experiences of all kinds including these:

knowing I am loved and have a person who is my best friend to talk to, hug and be companion to every single day

that the world of nature just outside my house in the form of my small garden offers me opportunities to observe, smell and touch to let the memories flood my brain

I know this needs to be on-going so next week will be an update and more about what I have learned via the lessons and meditations from this CD program.

Have a good week everyone.


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My Week 3 Intention. Compassion. 2017.8.

Week 3 Intention. Compassion. 2017.8.

I am continuing my inward journey this week of intention by learning more about compassion. I have much to learn and firstly about myself. I guess I am tough on myself as many of us are. In fact, both my GP and Psychologist have told me that very thing. I am hearing the words of a very wise man, my husband who says “I expect too much of myself”. What I am doing…and learning…is ‘how to be more compassionate to myself’ as I begin the slow journey of being slightly more confident about how to accept Irritable Bowel Syndrome as it is now because the anxiety it brings can overwhelm me.

Here are some excerpts from an article I read yesterday. The link to the full article is at the end of this.

Compassion is the feeling that naturally arises when you learn of the suffering of another, and that motivates you to want to do something to help. Far from being just a social nicety, compassion has a great evolutionary purpose: Human offspring are the most dependent and vulnerable of any species, and need the most care from others to survive. This total dependence is why Charles Darwin said that sympathy is humanity’s strongest instinct. Simply put: Without compassion we wouldn’t survive.

If you find yourself feeling less moved than you’d like—or maybe your empathy muscle has grown a bit weak from lack of use—here are some ways to strengthen it. You, and every other living creature, will benefit from the results.

Be Kind to Yourself

Sometimes it’s easier to feel compassionate for another than for yourself. But true compassion doesn’t discriminate. The next time you’re having a difficult moment, see if you can offer yourself some kindness. You might be surprised at how much it helps—and helps you to feel kinder toward others.

Turn Values Into Verbs

When asked what they value most in the world, people will often say things like “peace,” “compassion,” or “connection.” But in order to make this real we have to turn these values into verbs, making them more specific and practical. If you value compassion, what does that look like daily? Take out a piece of paper, write “Compassion” at the top and create a list of actions, small to big, that you can start doing immediately.

This is how we live Gandhi’s words: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

This is the source of the full article by Elisha Goldstein.

My intention for Week 3 of 2017.

“dipping my toes” in the water – making small changes!

Each time I take the smallest steps in gaining some greater confidence about living with IBS I will give myself words of support and ensure I write down how it went for me as my psychologist and I planned.

Are you compassionate towards yourself?

Tell me more!



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Close To Nature. 2017.3.

Close To Nature. 2017.3.

One thing I have learned about me in the past two years is that I need to be close to nature.

I did not really appreciate the healing and wondrous aspects of nature until I was taken away from ALL of my life’s work, distractions and busy-ness!

There IS something about the negative being turned into a positive and with the anxiety which rose (and rises!) in me, I have found being close to nature helps me become more grounded and at one with myself.

Here are some of my recent forays into nature. Some are as close as walking outside to our back garden and others are 5-10 minutes drive away! Enjoy.

In keeping with my blogging practice from 2016 I will blog under categories but now, there may be more than one in a blog post such as today’s with covers both mindfulness and health and photography!

Have you tried being in nature to take away some of the head-oriented stuff that keeps us stressed and anxious?








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What We Resist Persists. 366/312.

What We Resist Persists. 366/312.

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I am blogging today because it’s Raychael’s last Wednesday link up here. I have been grateful for her support for this blog and blogging in general. So, pop over here and say g’day as I am linking up!

Today I HAVE to say more. Here’s why:

Today is Wednesday 9 November in Australia but it is still Tuesday 8 November in USA where voting for the next President is occurring. There is a world waiting with baited breath for the outcome. Neither candidate is preferred by me. I am however, much more concerned for the outcome dependent on who wins. All that aside, the other news is that:

My health and mindfulness journey* which I have explored each Wednesday has given me some great insights into human behaviour…mine in particular! I am seeing a psychologist who is helping me discover some issues which are pertinent to me and my goodness, something resonated when I found I have been resisting change or acceptance. It’s too long and personal for here now  but the following chapter from Pema Chodron nails it:

In the Buddha’s first teaching – called the four noble truths – he talked about suffering. The first noble truth says that it’s part of being human to feel discomfort. Nothing in its essence is one way or another.

All around us the wind, the fire, the earth, the water are always taking on different qualities; they’re like magicians.

We also change like the weather. We ebb and flow like the tides, we wax and wane like the moon.

We fail to see like the weather, we are fluid, not solid. And so we suffer.

The second noble truth says that resistance is the fundamental operating mechanism of what we call ego, that resisting life causes suffering. Traditionally it’s said that the cause of suffering is clinging to our narrow view, which is to say, we are addicted to ME.

We resist that we change and flow like the water, that we have the same energy as all living things. When we resist, we dig in our heels. We make ourselves really solid.

Resisting is what’s called ego.

The third noble truth says that suffering ceases when we let go of trying to maintain the huge ME at any cost. This is what we practise in meditation. When we let go of the thinking and there story line, we’re left just sitting with the quality and the energy of whatever “weather” we’ve been trying to resist.

The essence of the fourth noble truth is that we can use everything we do to help us realised that we’re part of the energy that creates everything.

If we learn to sit like a mountain in a hurricane, unprotected from the truth and vividness and the immediacy of simply being parts of life, then we are not this separate being who has to have things turn out our way.

When we stop resisting and let the weather simply flow through use we can live our lives completely.

It’s up to us.

Chapter 13. Comfortable with Uncertainty. 108 Teachings on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion.

Pema Chodron. 2003. Shambhala Press.

I read a chapter from this book each night and last night was the ‘ah ha’ moment! I was in a place in my journey* for it all to ring so very true. It is up to me to understand the ways in which I have been resisting and causing myself such stress. This is a slow learning time and much needed. Mandalas are helping me greatly too. Here’s my most recent:


Have you read anything about Buddhism?

I’ve been more and more interested over time.

Pema Chodron’s work is one great place to start. Tara Brach’s podcasts and books are also helpful.

Here’s to a day and week ahead of letting the weather systems in ourselves be accepted and welcomed.



*journey. There is no better word for what I am going through. I am ‘owning’ this! It’s become passe (apparently) to write or speak of a journey but I am bucking the trend and sticking with what works!

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Words May Help. 366/300.

Words May Help. 366/300.

In recent years I have found help for understanding this ‘life’ thing via words.

Some words are in books, others from the mouths of people I talk with and more are quotes and sayings via many sources.

I am sharing a few with you today.

There are also two photos at the end with no words which may set you on a path of putting some words of meaning to the photo.

Let me know in the comments and I will add the words to the pics for another post!

How’s that for co-operating and creating?



img_7077 img_7080 img_7032

Here’s your chance to think of some words of inspiration for you…and others too.



Did you find any words that would fit these pics for you?

Thanks for joining in.



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Great Idea! 366/293.

Great Idea! 366/293.

In the last few years I have noticed a growing trend in supermarkets and fruit shops.

Within the area selling fruit and vegetables there are baskets of fruit on offer for CHILDREN.

The basket is at child-height and the fruit is small in size making it suitable for smaller hands and it is:


A great initiative for health and one which helps keeps the children ‘fed’ while shopping proceeds.

Have you seen anything like this lately?




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Hands. 366/286.

Hands. 366/286.

I sometimes look at my hands and I see my mum’s. Mostly because I cannot believe where time has gone!!


I see my gnarled joints on two of my fingers on my left hand (dominant hand) and I see very wrinkled skin on the backs of both of my hand. I also notice the scars from hand surgery x 5. All due to wear/tear and arthritis…. but mostly I think of what my hands have helped me :

care for children and babies in my family

teach others

learn via my typewriter and later my computer

feed myself and family

lovingly caress those I care for

paint and draw

write and type

and more..oh so much more…so here’s to hands!

This reminder about mindfulness is from Elisha Goldstein.

Take a moment right now to look at your hands.

Look at the lines that are uniquely yours, the knuckles, the fingernails, the palms of your hands.

Consider all the work your hands do for you, imbuing a moment of gratitude and priming your mind for good.

Feel these hands, you are alive!

Allow them to carry you today, mindful of their ever-supportive presence.

Have you ever thought about how important your hands are to you?



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Here’s A Site I Like. 366/279.

Here’s A Site I Like. 366/279.

In coming up with a weekly post on Health and Mindfulness I sometimes go back to what I have found helpful as a resource.

Here’s one that is just that!


The site is called Hey Sigmund and is found here.

Where the science of psychology meets the art of being human. 

Karen Young is the person who founded this and from her site, writes:

About Hey Sigmund.
Because sometimes the only diagnosis is ‘human’.

Every day there are stunning new insights into the human mind and the way we work, love, play, behave, relate, think and feel. We are learning more and more about what it means to be human, and how to master the art. Now more than ever, anybody who is any version of human has something to gain from the science of psychology.

This website contains the latest research and news in psychology. It attempts to bring psychology into the mainstream, unfolding the brilliance that happens within the scientific realm. We will explain what it all means and why it matters.

Some parts will be immediately relevant to your life, some parts less so but psychology is such a fascinating relevant science that at the very least you will have some excellent fodder for dinner table conversations.

The best of us is already in us, sometimes found, sometimes waiting to be. This website provides the tools to uncover what is waiting patiently beneath our skin to be discovered, or to make a life that is already beautiful, even more so. Bupa Finalist 2016

I hope you enjoy the readings and find courageous, daring and simple ways to incorporate them into your life.

Thank you for your wisdom, knowledge and sharing Karen!



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