Wednesday 27th September 2017

P is for Pansies. 2017.106.

P is for Pansies. 2017.106.

I love taking photos of flowers and even though this past Autumn and Winter we were very distracted in our household by my cancer diagnosis in May, we still managed to put in some pansies in pots.

Oh how I love their colours.

I adore their patterns.

They look like cute little faces in some ways.

They also remind me of Mum. I think we must have grown them when I was a kid. And Mum always said ‘put yellow flowers near purple as it brings out the purple’ and I do that! Thanks Mum.

Here is the selection from photos I took recently, just using the iPhone..of the pansies in our little backdeck garden. I am hoping that soon I can also take photos of the sweetpeas as they are almost ready to flower.

Do you grow any flowers?

What are your thoughts on pansies?


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Winter in the Garden. 2017.85.

Winter in the Garden. 2017.85.

In June the garden here took on a different look.

Whilst there are some blooms happening, much more is about the ‘sleeping’ side of the plants which need to time to renew.

There is none more apparent than the frangipani.

Last winter was my first experience with a large frangipani shedding its leaves and I had no idea of whether I had ‘killed it’ or it was part of its normal cycle.

Checking various frangipanis around the local area I was relieved to see it was perfectly fine.

In late spring everything began the wonderful renewal of the leaves and the blooms!

That’s winter in this garden.










Which one is your favourite?

What about yours?

What do you see coming up and what is going away, so to speak?


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Flourishing Flowers. 2017.61.

Flourishing Flowers. 2017.61.

This week the little flowers in the garden pots have been flourishing.

In fact so much so they called out for a ‘photo please’!

I took these shots and showed my Dad when I visited as I know he misses having a garden (but not the work!).


Do you have flowers growing anywhere  at the moment?

It’s Autumn here and I hope these last for a while. The frangipani is losing lots of leaves and getting ready to hibernate over Winter.


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Garden Snapshots. 366/290.

Garden Snapshots. 366/290.

I posted last week about the garden here and how I am enjoying the beauty and don’t even mind the maintenance!

I have re-visited some of my photos from this garden at different times of the year and share them again.


Nothing like nature is there?












I hope your world is wonderful where you are right now too!


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Love Close-Ups! 366/261.

Love Close-Ups! 366/261.

I looked outside and I grabbed the good camera with the macro lens.

These flowers were not only blooming but awaiting their….




I knew about the fly but still had to capture this!



These are small daisies in a pot but close-up ‘wow’



In the raindrop, you can see the reflection of the garden!



This is part of a creeper we cut back! Now look at it!



A simple, single pansy in a pot. Glorious!

Do you ever just stop for a moment and check out flowers and go “wow, look at that”?


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Seeing Beauty Everywhere. 366/220.

Seeing Beauty Everywhere. 366/220.

When I am feeling a little down or need to ‘get outside’ I go for a walk or a drive.

Yesterday with the weather being ‘bleurgh’ and wintery and me being a ‘little bit missing family’…

Our DD was 45! I know! We did call her, sent her a card and gift card and her dad will deliver her some home made cupcakes and freezer meals next week (that’s what this mum likes to do) but it’s still another marker of time passing…sigh.

I took myself to a new place around here to check it out…there are a lot of places here on The Central Coast which ‘could’ be home one day. Then I drove back to the Wyong River and watched a locomotive stop and start. I gazed at the grey river but noticed..

the beauty around me.

Here is what I captured via the iPhone:


Lantana Bush. Noxious weed I believe. But pretty flowers!


Budding flower


I don’t know the name of this tree but they are all along the river bank. The RED is such a standout on a dull day.


Despite the dull day, and muddy water, the trees are serene by the river.

Do you notice the beauty around you?


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How To Create A Floral Mandala. 366/198.

How To Create A Floral Mandala. 366/198.

I’ve become fascinated by mandalas and even though I have not researched anything relating to ‘meaning’ yet I do know they are helping me become more mindful, creative and peaceful.

When I set myself a challenge of creating 100 mandalas in 100 days it was not as obvious then that my left hand, particularly my left index finger would protest a bit. I have hands which are succumbing to arthritis (wear and tear!) and when you are left-handed then the index finger gets quite the workout with my ventures in art, creating and more.

So, on Monday I decided on a new way to add a mandala to the collection.

Using nature. In fact, specifically from some of the plants which are very well-established here and from our little garden of pretty flowers in pots.

Here’s how it went.

Leaves 'cut to size to fit' the circle

Leaves ‘cut to size to fit’ the circle


Added little heads from daisies for the spaces. Alternated ‘light’ & ‘dark’ pink.


Detail of added line of fronds from palm, which had more texture turned over, so left them that way. Added red poinsettia from our plant for focus in middle.

I enjoyed this so much I went on to make some more. It was incredibly joyful and so engaging to do this. I hope you give it a go one day too.


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I Saw Purple! 366/80.

I Saw Purple! 366/80.

Are you someone who notices colour?

I probably always have.

I am attracted to bright colours in particular.

I am so ‘not a beige or wishy/washy colour’ person.

I notice shades and tones of colour too.

Whilst it totally fascinates me how colour even is made or evolves I do know what I like and notice.

Here’s a collage of the colour PURPLE I noticed just in our very small garden.

So many shades and hues. Red and blue within purple.



What colour is one you find fascinating?


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