Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Am I A Winter Person? 366/158.

Am I A Winter Person? 366/158.

Yesterday I would have said generally, yes.

Until this…the great (and latest) East Coast Low. This was earlier on Sunday 5 June. We live between Wyong and Norah Head. Top of photo.


I am writing this and scheduling the post ‘just in case we lose power’ so…here is a link to what has been happening in the local area called The Central Coast of NSW. The east coast low went from Queensland, down through northern NSW, here then onto Sydney and inner parts of the metropolitan area, south coast and further. It remains a menacing and awful event. Let’s hope by the time this is published tomorrow it’s gone!

I have horrid memories of the last #eastcoastlow and that wasn’t even in Winter! Remember this?


So, I guess I am more of a winter person as I am more physically comfortable being cool. I love a temperate time of year, like most people, and so I dislike the extremes of summer. I could live in a colder clime – I think – but my hub endured too many Armidale winters to want to do that again.

We will stick to the more temperate climes in our older age and keep comfy with a jacket or jumper and the heater set at about 23 degrees when it gets too cold even here.

I like the comfort foods of winter, but I have to cook them still. I also like the warm cosy nights in bed but then again, the nights are pretty long aren’t they? I enjoy being at home on a winter’s day with sunshine pouring in through the windows but keeping wind and rain at bay.

What about you?

Are you a winter person?


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UPDATE: We did not lose power. Phew. So many people I know living in areas majorly affected by this east coast low system and I feel for them. Many have had house damage, cannot get to work or school and some schools and businesses are closed. Take care, everyone. Hope all is well wherever you are. 



Weather Nerd. 366/157.

Weather Nerd. 366/157.

Are you a wee bit obsessed with the weather as I am?

I have only realised this in the past couple of years.

Maybe earlier.

Actually a lot earlier.

The weather affects my mood and my comfort level and I am constant in my view that I need to be both happy and comfy…aren’t you?


To this end, I know I am a weather nerd for these reasons:

  • the local news’ detailed weather report (with Gavin Morris for those who also get NBN news) is my highlight of the 6pm-7pm evening timeslot.
  • I have at least 5 apps on my iPhone which help me understand/forecast/get sad/be worried/be pleased…about the weather.
  • I look at our thermometer and barometer every single day. Even though I do not know really about how a barometer works, I do know about temperature!
  • I check the rain gauge. Well, I look at the findings from the rain guage that is part of our ‘weather station’ that hub has and as long as I haven’t accidentally put water from the hose near it, I know the rain we’ve had
  • we have lived in a number areas in Australia with climate extremes:- for example

have been isolated for 10 weeks thanks to floods, when we lived and taught near the NSW/Qld Border

and another occasion we got out in time from our little house on a property at Narrabri to go to Tamworth to have our daughter and hub navigated flooded dirt tracks in a sedan. 

and of course, last year’s rotten East Coast Low here in NSW where we had no power or phones for 5 days.

oh, and I hate the HOT weather and its continuation  over summer so I am always checking IG feeds from my friends in the south to see when the weather is likely to change.

Taking photographs relating to the weather of all kinds makes me very happy and so I look for opportunities where I can and the weather is often a great topic. I did these yesterday when I drove (in safe conditions!) to Soldiers Beach Carpark and Lookout where the weather was definitely showing who was boss!






Are you a weather nerd?


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One Year Ago. 366/115.

One Year Ago. 366/115.

One year ago the east coast of Australia, a super cell of storms appeared and stayed…as a slow moving East Coast Low brought horrific winds, torrential rains and destroyed homes, livelihoods and more. The areas affected were (from my memory!) from Sydney, up to the Central Coast, the Hunter and inland to areas such as Maitland, Raymond Terrace and Dungog.

We had moved the Empire Bay on the Central Coast some 3 months before this time one year ago and we were caught up in it. Powerful winds brought down power lines all around the area and we had no electricity for almost 4 days. We “managed” thanks to some ingenuity and resourcefulness of our own and we were never “in danger”.

I never want to experience anything like it again and I know that it took me a while to get used to what life at the edge of the elements can do.

I wrote about it here which won’t link (thanks slow internet) :

Surviving Stormaggedon. 113/365.

From Monday 20 April 2015 until today, Thursday 23 April 2015 we have been living in a place and area which has been battered & blown & flooded out from a “low cell” group of storms off NSW Coast.

We are still without power & good internet but in keeping with my post every day” goal here’s a snapshot of our current means of “survival”.

How have the storms affected you and yours?

Denyse xx

UPDATE: Power restored early Friday morning. Landline phone and internet ADSL will be back (I hope) early next week. We are so fortunate. Not everyone has been.

Now I am sharing some of the photos as they have all been appearing in my TimeHop as ‘this happened a year ago.’

I am glad it’s not now.

Do you recall this time? Were you affected? Did you know of anyone who was?

1. View from our place. 2. Map of areas affected 3. More view 4. Survival essentials for stay connected - 4G dongle and portable phone charger

1. View from our place. 2. Map of areas affected 3. More view 4. Survival essentials for stay connected – 4G dongle and portable phone charger

Surviving with candles for light.

Surviving with candles for light.


Local public school was closed for students for more than a week thanks to fallen trees and overhead wires.

After 3 days I drove to local shops in hope of finding something warm to eat. I got a toasted sandwich but at Coles all fresh/frozen areas were empty. Found milk at a garage.

After 3 days I drove to local shops in hope of finding something warm to eat. I got a toasted sandwich but at Coles all fresh/frozen areas were empty. Found milk at a garage.


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