Friday 28th August 2015

Things I Know About. #TIKA149/365.


Things I Know About. #TIKA 149/365. Things I Know About. This will be a series of posts. I will post them each THURSDAY. Starting 4 June —– should I work it all out properly! The series might contain certain numbers of items I believe I “know about”. For instance, next week will be: 10 Things […]

My Role As a Mentor. 125/365.


My Role As a Mentor. 125/365. I’ve always liked helping people. I now want to help those who’d like to have a confidential chat about their career. Specifically in education. This is a role where I can help people look at their career path in a way which may help them unlock new ways of […]

Is Your Child Ready To Start School in 2016? 118/365.

dreamstime_m_15940586 kids sch

Is Your Child Ready To Start School in 2016? 118/365. This title is not unfamiliar to my long-term readers! However it is ‘timely’ for new readers and those who may wish to consider this for their pre-school aged children. I am a retired K-6 principal and I spent decades of my career devoted to the […]

Excited. At Last. 5/365.


Excited. At Last. 5/365. Whenever someone has heard that we are moving to the coast for a ¬†lifestyle change and time for us, the response is often: “how exciting”. And until today, 9 days before we leave, I have politely smiled, and nodded and inwardly thought “not excited, more terrified and sad all at once”. […]