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Denyse is A ‘Baby Boomer’ Who Blogs. 2017.120.

Denyse is A ‘Baby Boomer’ Who Blogs. 2017.120.

The point of this post is that I wish to be a blogger who connects all with age groups which includes those closer to mine. I am in my late 60s (a Baby Boomer for sure) and want my voice to be heard, and words to be read by a wide range of people. I am blessed to have many people come here to read and connect. I want to have more from the demographic of the over 60s and beyond. How I do that is something I am seeking advice about from you! I would be delighted if you could read this long post and add some wisdom for me to extend my words and pics into a bigger and broader community. I remain very happy where I am to date, but at almost 68 I would like more! Thank you, Denyse. xx

Why I started a blog.

In 2010, at 61, I started  this blog. It was after I had retired (again) from a part-time teaching role in a K-6 school as an English as  A Second Language Teacher. I was ready to be at home with my similarly-aged husband and to help care for some young grandchildren through the week.

I wanted to share my knowledge, skills and passions from education and living life in the senior years with an on-line readership.

It was important for me to connect as I no longer had a social group outside of home once I stopped work.

Twitter, back then, was a great place for conversations and ‘meeting’ people and as @denwise1 I loved it. I made REAL friends from this and as a commenter back then, on a great new site called mamamia, I got a clue that my writing of my life experiences may resonate to help others.

I can now be found on twitter here: @denysewhelan1

I’m also have an instagram account which is private as I was hacked: find me by this name and ask for the follow:  @denysewhelanblogs

The Facebook page for this blog is here.   I have conversations on Facebook as Denyse Whelan Blogs. Over 65 Sharing Stories About Life.

Denyse – post cancer surgery – Sept 2017.

Some history of blogging from me and about Australian blogging too.

In 2011 I went to the first Australian Blogging Conference, held in Sydney, and called Aussie Bloggers. Later in that year I went to 2 other blogging events. I met so many bloggers who remain on the top of my list of blogs now  and they have gone on to make businesses of their blogging: Mrs Woog from Woogsworld, Beth from Baby Mac, Nikki from Styling You, and writers/journalists such as Rick Morton, Donna Webeck, Bianca Wordley, Megan Blandford, Eden Riley and Lisa Mclean. Later at a book launch for Kerri Sackville, I met Lana Hirschowitz, Chantelle Ellem, Kylie Ladd and many more.

In my life as an educator I could never have met people such as these and so my world was widened as a result of blogging. In fact, in 2012 I was selected to Tell My Story at the Digital Parents Conference. The story has evolved somewhat since then, but the esssence of wanting to connect remains.

Why three blogs did not work for me. 

I was pumped in 2012 to mid- 2014 and wanted to be my usual enthusiastic and sharing self. I knew I had skills and knowledge AND experience for families with kids starting school and already at school. Families were letting me know at the meetings I held in pre schools that this was so helpful for them. I knew from my University teaching days interacting with pre-service K-6 teachers I had information and help for their future careers that they told me was great. I also knew I loved sharing both my life, and to an extent my family and back then grandchildren were not exempted by me or their parents. So the 3 blogs!

Ready Set School was one. Ready Set Teach was the second. Denyse Whelan was the third.

Was I busy? Heck yes. Did I have quality content? I thought so but as someone once told me, maybe much of what I wrote about would already be on MUCH bigger sites than mine such as kid spot. It was disappointing that the follow-through promised by the young teachers did not come through either. I had professionally designed and set up blogs, I had a newsletter each month, and I tweeted and facebooked for each blog. It turned out for MUCH more effort and little or no return. I attended Pro Blogger and other conferences. I commented on many people’s blogs and I joined in that was relevant.

When I began one blog, found new readers and got my own link-up.

With the interruptions of life for this now 67 year old called: selling a house, renting in a new area to your ‘home’, resigning and retiring from ALL paid work in education, becoming unwell with stress-based illness including IBS, leaving the family we love behind…I KNEW even back in late 2014 as all this was unfolding that I would need to connection and SOMETHING to do each day of my new life.

Back to the one blog along with each and every day and writing as if my life depended on it.

It actually did on some days in early 2015 when I was so sad and broken that the ONLY thing to choose to do was to blog.

I wrote a daily blog post from 1 January 2015 until sometime in November 2016 when it no longer seemed relevant to ‘post daily’. In fact it was freeing and the job of the blog connecting me to more people had been a success via Link Ups.

My link up, Life This Week on Mondays started in early September 2016 and has continued with only 2 weeks break (cancer surgery for me – see here to know more) and usually has about 16 bloggers link. It is a friendly space and I enjoy the interactions and blog reading. On Tuesdays I link an original post to I Blog on Tuesdays and repeat the post in another link up called Lovin Life & that is it for now

Why I want to reach more readers who are ‘baby boomers’.

I love connecting with my current audience of readers, many of whom are also bloggers. These people are in the thirties and forties and I can relate to their lives from my long ago experiences ( I guess) and from what I see happening in my own children’s and grandchildren’s lives. I also connect with those who are blogging about entering the middle years. Those from the over fifties and up. I like what I read there too but still, I have moved past this age as well. What to do? I am not one to sit and wait nor to give up an idea so what I am going to do is post on another day each week about life as someone in the ‘over 65s’ group.


Born in 1949 I am a Baby Boomer and this is but one collage from babyhood to this year. Before my mouth cancer surgery.

There is much to say. There may not be a large audience to read nor share but maybe I am calling that prematurely. I am hoping that bloggers who are already part of the link up each Thursday with Leanne here might have some advice after reading this introduction as a linked post.

I would be happy to hear what people (over the age or under it) are interested in reading more about. I do have a lot to add to society and conversations here from an Australian Baby Boomer Blogger (that’s me!) may be the ideal way to do this.

Self-set Challenge to have a photo every day until I turn 68. Making the effort to co-ordinate my clothes even though I go nowhere much at all these days

I hope that this post has made some sense and that you may have some advice for me too.

Thank you for reading!


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I Am Back! 2017.89.

I Am Back! 2017.89.

Ok, I am home from hospital and that is good news!
My very brief post today is to let my lovely blogging friends know that #LifeThisWeek Linky will re-commence next:

Monday 24 July.

I intend to publish the future prompts on Thursday when I link up a post for Leanne’s Loving’ Life here.

I also hope to use some time tomorrow to prepare a photo-centred post for Kylie Purtell’s linky here called I Blog On Tuesdays.

In this pic I am 10 days post-op, outside, dressed in going-home clothes  and mobile for the first time. Pretty cool, even if not a pretty face!!

See you all again soon!


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Introducing Telling My Story. 2017.60.

Introducing Telling My Story. 2017.60.

In the past few years my life has changed in many ways.

I could say it has happened from the time I turned 60 I guess and at 67 now, it’s been for longer than I imagined.

I am naming this part of my life a transition yet it is more than that.

Like all humans I am living my life and maybe unlike all humans I am trying to understand myself and my life journey better.

Blogging is going to be one of the ways in which I recount aspects of what I have been learning:

I am a life-long learner.

My story is what it is.

My story.

However, it may help me in writing more about it instead of alluding to part of it or directing readers to past posts.

It is quite hard to confess to finding aspects of life as I knew it have left me and I am needing to become used to what is now.

I will write from time to time and it may be about some strategies and resources I have found helpful.

It maybe necessary to tell  the truth of what it has been like for me. And how that has affected my relationships, with myself included for the past few years.

Like I said, I am telling My Story.

Today makes it the introduction. I do not know when the next one will be.

This work, Stop, from Jeff Foster, in his book: ‘The Way of Rest’ Finding the Courage to Hold Everything in Love is about mindfulness, stopping, staying present.

I would have to add this is one of my biggest challenges. I wrote about ‘uncertainty’ here last week.


Whatever is happening in the circumstances of your life, stop. Just for a moment.

Bring your attention toward the here and now. Let the moment become fascinating. Gently begin to acknowledge what is actually happening where you are. Come out of your conclusions about life, your dreams about past and future, and being to notice the sensations, feelings, thoughts that are present, right here and right now.

Let your present experience – sights and sounds and smells – become the most curious dance in all the universe. You are seeing, tasting, touching, hearing the world as if for the first time. This is your Garden of Eden, your messy, intense, joyous, and heartbreaking Garden of Eden and you are awake to it at last.

Stop trying to figure everything out. Give in. Give up. Give all to the moment’s embrace.

Fall into not knowing…


I hope that you will find My Story of interest and that it will be something that speaks to you to help you in some way. I do not think we have spoken enough nor even considered what it means to become older, to stop work, to find yourself adrift in some ways where you thought there was security. I write to help me as I look back and move forward into whatever is to come.

Thank you for reading!


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Education & Schooling. 2017.6.

Education & Schooling. 2017.6.

Welcome back to my Tuesday posts which focus on education and schooling!

I have been officially retired from education since 2015 but I will always have a lifetime love of education and learning and here on the blog, I can write and share to help others.

For those readers who may not know much about why I write here on these topics, here is information from my page Denyse Whelan B.Ed. M.Ed.

Denyse Whelan is a now-retired K-6 Australian school educator who has been a K-6 teacher, deputy principal and school principal, university tutor, and ESL teacher of children and adults.

She has more than 4 decades of experience as both an educator and parent in the Australian schooling system, specifically N.S.W. Public Schools. She has worked in schools including the small 2 teacher schools in remote NSW, Central Schools K-12 in NSW, large Western Sydney K-6 Schools.

Her roles as principal  saw her manage and lead two schools in low-socio economic areas of Western Sydney as relieving principal over the decade of the 1990s. Into the 21st century, her substantive school principal role in another area was where she was selected by merit to lead a large school  with mainstream students, a special education support unit, 2 ‘opportunity classes’ (GAT) and an Autism Spectrum Satellite Class.

Denyse believes in life-long learning and that learning takes place formally and informally in our lives every day.

In 2015 I wrote posts about schooling, teaching and all the matters in between that seemed to engage the readers who are, in the main, those who have kids at school or getting ready to start school. In 2016 I added to the mix by asking readers for topics they’d like to know more about and I have been happy to help.

In 2017 I will continue to evolve the purpose of the Tuesday posts, which are always part of I Blog On Tuesdays, and may again be asking for readers to give me ideas about what they want to know more about!

As an educator and parent I always liked knowing when the breaks from the education life would occur and here in Australia we have these at different times of the year. In fact it makes sense because if all the holidays were held at the same time, I can imagine there would be even greater difficulty with getting into popular places for vacations.

So, here, thanks to the friendliest and sharing blogger friend Maxabella is HER post from 2016 which lists ALL of the Australian School. Holidays. Thank you Bron for ALL that research and giving me permission to use it! And this is the full post here

Have you any children who are already in school?

Do you have kids who are not yet in school?

Perhaps you too have a teaching background!

Tell me a bit about you in the comments for this first post back in 2017!


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I am part of the commenting team called #teamIBOT and enjoy visiting as many blogs as possible on Tuesdays!


Who Are YOU dear Readers? 366/46.

Who Are YOU dear Readers? 366/46.

Readers who visit here…… Hello! Glad you came over!

Readers who visit and comment…..Good day and thank you!

Sometime a blogger gets a little lonely….and can also be more than curious.

I write these words, and as you know I add a photo or 3.

I also get to share parts of me with you. News and views and all that too.

But today I wonder,

  • Who are you?…tell me a little about you!
  • Where are you reading ‘me’?, place…
  • How did you find my blog? ..facebook…subscribe via bloglovin…twitter…linkups..other?
  • How do you get the updates when I post?...see above…
  • What’s the best thing I can learn from you, dear reader? Tell me!

So, my post today is short and asks more questions than gives answers.

I await your responses in the comments!

I’m excited!

Thank you everyone.



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This Blogger’s Etiquette Checklist*. 366/42.

This Blogger’s Etiquette Checklist*. 366/42.

I blog to connect. Each of us who blogs does so for many reasons. This post is not about content, nor getting stats up, finding out how often bloggers need to post…no, this is about my ideal blogging behaviour*!

My reason for writing this checklist is two-fold.

Being a blogger is a responsibility I take seriously.

Being a blog commentator is a role I believe needs to be consistent.


I write to connect. Connection in my version of definition is a two-way process.

Hence, my blogging etiquette checklist*…just for me* but happy for you to share!

denyse whelan facebook profile picture

Here she is…This Blogger

  • this blogger will write a blog post and carefully check for accuracies and add necessary links and photos
  • this blogger will ensure all is ready to publish, and press ‘publish’ or ‘schedule’ according to plan
  • this blogger will have links to various social media ready to also distribute the blog post
  • when readers come to visit and COMMENT, this blogger will respond.
  • the response by this blogger can be on the day, but no later than a day or two.
  • the comments made by this blogger will be engaging and ensure appreciation and encourage the readers to return
  • when adding blog to linky parties, this blogger always, always comment on the host’s post and make an effort to return to comment on at least 3 posts of other linkers
  • when hosting a linky party, if I ever do, I will ensure that I comment to each of the bloggers who join the linky
  • If my linky (hasn’t ever happened!) became huge, this blogger would ask for help from her blogging community.


Do you agree with my list*?

*this is all about me being me. I made the list up. Whether anyone chooses to follow My Blogging Etiquette Checklist is completely optional!


stories 150

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6 Secrets of School Day Success. 366/19.

6 Secrets of School Day Success. 366/19.

This post is sponsored by “insider knowledge and a reality check” to enable families with kids to prepare for ‘back to school.’

  • Two school hats (labelled inside with large print in texta!) will pay for themselves each morning and afternoon when one cannot be found. Or it has been left outside, in the car, at a friend’s house…you see what I mean? Why is it important? Because ‘no hat no play’ rules are IN and you do want your child to let off all that pent up energy do you not?


  • Wearing the school’s recommended uniform is vital. I know it may seem ‘unimportant’ in the overall scheme of things, but kids especially want to be the ‘same’ as their peers. If cost is an issue (and I hear you on this!) there are wonderful second-hand uniform pools at every school. Check with the front office staff who will know all about it.


  • Pack a small snack that’s easily eaten and unwrapped for ‘recess, morning tea, little lunch’ or whatever it is called at your child’s school. Emphasis is on ‘small’ because during the break time there may be 10 minutes or less for the supervised eating time, and then the children play under supervision in the playground.


  • A drink bottle of water that is cool and can be kept cool is essential as nowadays schools recognise the value of regular access to water during lesson time and as school returns in Summer months, your child will need water. Water helps the brain too. Thinking and learning time!


  • It may be contradictory to your need for your child to display independence for his/her belongings but it is advisable to check the school bag’s contents at the end of each day. I know schools have apps and reminders and email systems but there will still be ‘notes, letters, invitations and more.’ You will also get the so-called advantage of seeing what food was actually eaten that day.. which leads to the last point:


  • Lunch. It is not like at home. It is usually a 10 minute eating time, under the supervision of the class teacher or within a group of classes. Children are encouraged to do their eating then and once the bell goes, it’s time for play. Sometimes the children can take their lunch boxes with them to finish the contents or they may choose to grab the piece of fruit or one last item. This is why I advise parents not to supply the  ‘perfect packed lunch’ some sites show as suggestions because it may remain uneaten despite it being prepared with love and goodness in mind. The basic need is a sandwich (or equivalent) a drink (water is fine) and a piece of fruit/vegetable and maybe one small treat. More than that for little ones is too much.

Do you have any secrets to add from your experience?


dreamstime_xs_8495872 copy.jpg school in playdoh copy


education 150

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The BLOG Report 2015.348/365.

The BLOG Report. 348/365.

It’s time to review the almost year of blogging every day here.

Whilst it isn’t quite the end of the year, today is the last link up for I Blog On Tuesdays over at Essentially Jess’ blog until after the festive season, so I wanted to make the occasion one of reflection and fact.

With photos!

Do I think my idea of blogging every day for the year of major transition worked out for me?

What a good question! Yes and No. Ok, Yes. In fact, there were some days the ideas and words flowed easily and I was encouraged by the responses to my blog’s posts and then there were the ‘other days’. I will admit, as I have in a few posts, that my emotional health (and sometime physical reactions to said condition) which was a direct result of the MANY changes we made (that I became affected by more than I ever realised) made it imperative for me to have a ‘reason to do something’ every day. This last sentence shames me and I do hope Emily Hawker does not read such poorly constructed one.

Do I think that I appealed to a wide range of interests on the blog this year?

Maybe and yes. This year was about a ‘blog post a day’ keeps Denyse OK year and I trusted myself enough to write what interested me. In the beginning of the year there was a LOT of silence from any (no?) readers until I got back into my familiar bloggy rhythm and sought out some ‘old friends’ links and some new friends’ links then I started to get readers who commented! My favourite thing about blogging.

What did I learn about myself as a blogger and the blogging community?

I’m glad you asked that! I learned that I love to connect. In fact, that IS what blogging is about for me and why my blog’s title contains that word ‘connect’. Life gets lonely in the retired from the busy professional life category, especially when you add moving house and leaving family and all you know behind. My blogging mates, and those who’ve become regular commenters (even if I have never met them) have really helped me engage most days and I LOVE that. I am hooked on connecting every day…which leads me to my last question.

Will I be blogging every day again in 2016?

yes I will! However, I really need to review how I number my posts. Maths was never a strong point and it turns out, I will not end the year on the correct number /365 because I blogged twice on 10 April!! Next year I intend to shake up the categories somewhat and add some. I will also be blogging day specific for categories for 5 days of the week with some freedom for weekends. I am going to consider and plan this soon. Watch this space!


I make a promise that I read every comment and always respond. I do!

So, in counting up the comments keep in mind they include one from me and one from the commenter. That’s why I call them a conversation!

From 347 posts to date this year, the posts received:

Zero Comments: 114 posts…all quiet.

Two Comments: 61 posts = 122 conversations!

Four Comments: 37 posts = 74 conversations!

Six Comments: 39 posts = 78 conversations!

Eight Comments: 33 posts = 66 conversations!

Ten Comments: 22 posts = 44 conversations!

Twelve Comments: 20 posts = 40 conversations!

More than Twelve Comments: 22 posts = too many  conversations to calculate as these went as high as 18 comments.

What great conversations!


I knew things were going to change for me in 2015…this taken at end of 2014 as I said goodbye to my ‘home town’ Sydney.


So, dear readers and those who comment…THANK YOU so much for your kind and caring support this year. I am happy to have suggestions made for topics and categories in your comments which will help me in my planning.

Almost a year later, here I am celebrating my birthday with the youngest GD who, along with all my grandkids 'make me Grandma I love to be'

Almost a year later, here I am celebrating my birthday with the youngest GD who, along with all my grandkids ‘make me Grandma I love to be’

I’d like to thank Jess again and the wonderful world of IBOT for welcoming me back and here we are again! It’s Tuesday.

Love to you all. Denyse xx