Wednesday 27th May 2015

My Role As a Mentor. 125/365.


My Role As a Mentor. 125/365. I’ve always liked helping people. I now want to help those who’d like to have a confidential chat about their career. Specifically in education. This is a role where I can help people look at their career path in a way which may help them unlock new ways of […]

Is Your Child Ready To Start School in 2016? 118/365.

dreamstime_m_15940586 kids sch

Is Your Child Ready To Start School in 2016? 118/365. This title is not unfamiliar to my long-term readers! However it is ‘timely’ for new readers and those who may wish to consider this for their pre-school aged children. I am a retired K-6 principal and I spent decades of my career devoted to the […]

Excited. At Last. 5/365.


Excited. At Last. 5/365. Whenever someone has heard that we are moving to the coast for a  lifestyle change and time for us, the response is often: “how exciting”. And until today, 9 days before we leave, I have politely smiled, and nodded and inwardly thought “not excited, more terrified and sad all at once”. […]

Bye ’14…Welcome 2015!


2014 thanks for the memories..of: ups, downs and all the in-betweens. 2015 is bringing a new lifestyle for us and for me a new(er) way to consider how I write here. I hope you will join me as I…. TAKE LIFE ONE DAY AT A TIME. This is new territory for me! I’ve even found a […]

Who Am I? The A-Z Version.


  Preamble: In reviewing blog posts from a few years back, I came upon this one. It’s been over 2 years since I wrote it and when I reviewed what I’d written then I realised some no longer apply (for good reasons) and others remain the same. Today, 29 March 2014 here is my…. ALPHABET […]

Seven Days.


Seven Days. Since last Sunday here’s where I’ve been and what I’ve done. In a week. Sometimes I shake my head and go ‘where did that time fly to?’ Oh, and I can’t recall whether different things occurred on which days so let me just make it about …the story. On Sunday I drove to […]

School Starts. New Experiences.


School Starts. New Experiences. Recently I heard from friend and writer Donna Webeck who has a son beginning school in a new city and state. The family moved around 4 months ago and Donna (who admits to being quite an ‘anxious’ mum) became concerned that her son, H, would not only be having a BIG […]

Happy New Year To YOU!


Happy New Year.   Happy New Year.   Happy New Year.   On new year’s eve in Sydney Australia, this bridge was very very pretty! She had fireworks and all kinds of fun sounds and sights.  The Sydney Harbour Bridge knows how to put on her party face. I didn’t see them in person, only on […]