Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Creative Catch Up. 2017.31.

Creative Catch Up. 2017.31.

I’ve been creating some different pieces lately.

I do many of my more intricate art works with details when I am feeling stressed. It is a great way for me to be mindful and being ‘in the moment’ rather than ‘past or future’ thinking.

Mandalas still fun.

But it was time to shake things up a bit.

Here is some of the art that I’ve not shared before.

A3 Mandala – the challenge I made based on light/dark shades of reds and purples.


A series of 4×6 ‘postcards’ I painted in gouache and added to a photo frame.


This is a large grid with each square a painting within its own space. All in gouache paint.


600 1 cm squares. Coloured with Zig Clean Paint Markers.


A5 size canvas, my design, using acrylic paint.


A3 Mandala and I haven’t counted the little spaces! Copic markers to colour.


What do you enjoy creatively? It isn’t always about art!


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Love BIG Mandalas! 366/309.

Love BIG Mandalas! 366/309.

I’ve continued creating mandalas and LOVE doing them. I’ve been attracted to making the BIG ones in my A3 Art Book.

They keep me engaged and mindful and it might sound a bit odd but in some ways a mandala creates itself…as long as I listen!

I do hope you enjoy the update.

Oh, if you haven’t caught up with my blogging news, I am no longer posting daily. It became a chore rather than a pleasure over the past few weeks, so now I post when I choose! It’s been 5 times this week and it feels good. Each day/week I will do as I need and want to.

Monday, for my link-up is always a given…do you link up for Life This Week? I hope more bloggers will become aware of this link -up. New or old posts, off or on prompt. This Monday’s is Flowers Around You. I suspect it will be heavily pictorial from me!!








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Creative Steps. 366/296.

Creative Steps. 366/296.

When I begin one of my art projects including creating a mandala there are steps I take.

Firstly is to decide what size I may want the work to be.

Then it’s which materials I may choose to use.

After that it’s a case of gathering them together.

Then I pause.

I actually notice now how much I need to stop and consider what next.

I have only really found this is something I do since I began creating mandalas.

It is said “the mandala comes from within” and I am beginning to believe that!

Here are my recent steps towards making one of the A3 mandalas.






Whilst I do not copy others’ work I do absorb ideas and designs I have seen over the years and they may be part of  the beginning of some of my work.

Do you take steps in your creative endeavours too?

Thanks for sharing what you do.


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Creating While I Watch TV. 366/149.

Creating While I Watch TV. 366/149.

I rarely concentrate on TV alone.

Am I alone in this??

I know some people can. Just not this person.

So, I do try to knit. Mostly unsuccessfully as my skills are very limited but there is a little blankie for a granddaughter’s baby doll collection coming up.

I do patterns in ink or pen and they are most soothing and fun to create.

Later I colour them and again, it’s the same outcome.

These all give my brain a rest from the ‘thinking’ that can be not helpful AND I get joy from the process.

Here’s the few I have created over the past weeks.


Are you someone who also has to do something (other than scroll through social media*) while watching TV?

*I do this too more than I should but I choose the art over the iPhone scrolling for at least 30 minutes a night!!


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The ART of Happiness. 366/114.

The ART of Happiness. 366/114.

Regular readers who follow my art and creative journey know that it started properly back in mid 2013 with a challenge called Index Card a Day on Daisy Yellow Art and that led me to many different ways in which to explore my latent art talents.

Recently, Tammy Garcia added a set of prompts to her page called Daisy Yellow Art called #muse30. There is a word then ideas on how it may be interpreted and then those who wish to, create ‘something.’

#muse30 Prompt 14 was #happiness.

I mulled this one over. And, over time, here is what I said and added as my art creation.

Happiness. Such an overused word these days as a personal goal and always sought after.

To me, it’s an “experience” not a state because we are always changing in moods & satisfaction.

So: when I seek solace in art it’s sometimes because I’m not happy.

Yet, the mere addition of a pencil or brush to paper moves me to a “happier” state! Here’s my “go to” page: A3 paper, masses of drawn triangles (my fav) added colours in water colour.. This is a W.I.P. Because I like the process!

The creation…is here:


As I said, it is done over time and remains something to do and to inspire me. I love triangles and colour in case it wasn’t obvious!

Happy long weekend Australia….and on Monday 25 April I will be posting about the Poppy Project in Terrigal NSW. I visited there today prior to A.N.Z.A.C. Day. Sneak peek pic:



What’s your ‘take’ on happiness?


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I Wish Someone Told Me. 366/73.

I Wish Someone Told Me. 366/73.

I am doing an art course with Tracey Fletcher King called Delicious Paint. I did this in 2015 and I am coming back for more ‘deliciousness’ in 2016. See here for more details. The good news about this year’s class is that the content, videos and more sharing via the Facebook group and pintersest is that its a life time access one. No more ‘having to get it done by’ in this year’s course.

Tracey is a most encouraging and talented artist who is the first to agree with the notion that teachers are still learners. That’s my philosophy too Trace!

She mentions this wonderful quote and provides a link here.

The person who made this is Ira Glass. Tracey says on the intro video that she has no idea who Ira Glass is… but his name rang a bell for me as a sometime listener to a lot of podcasts! I let Tracey know that I’d  be writing here once I realised!

He is a contributor to This American Life.

I “knew” I knew him from somewhere.

Here’s his quote in words…and via you tube here:


This is so very helpful in ‘this creative process’ and I am pleased that I can share with you too!


What do you think about what he has to say here?

Can we be too quick to ‘give up’?

I like to think I have persistence but I also know …from this experience….that the creative process has to engage me as well.


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Art Update. 366/58.

Art Update. 366/58.

I’ve been enjoying art more recently and I know it’s doing me good!

I find when I need to ‘express myself’ or ‘let some stress go’ that wielding the paint brush and getting lost in the moments is very healing. I also like using colour too.

This example is one from my participation in the Colour Me Positive Challenge which I have written about before here.

IMG_1861 (1)

I did this as a fun way to start using some of my new colours in gouache paint purchased recently. It’s on heavy duty water colour paper and is A4 in size.




Last and definitely not least is my first example of interpretation for the new DaisyYellowArt theme called #muse30. See here for more about this prompt series.


I hope you also get to have fun sometimes with art.

I have also enjoyed seeing some of my friends’ responses to the Original Painted Postcards I made and sent recently. We sometimes need to do more about connecting via mail don’t we?

Enjoy Saturday. It’s my hub’s birthday and he’s not here! He’s doing some more of his training as Lifeline counsellor. Love him!


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Colour Me Positive. Week 5. 366/37.

Colour Me Positive. Week 5. 366/37.

It’s been a revelation to me over the past 3 years just how much I like to create. Much of the time I enjoy the process even more than the final product.

I’ve been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic this week as I have created and her words make SO MUCH SENSE. Her website is here. 

To this end, every time I need some space, or I feel a little restless or stressed, I go to where I can create. Magic. Not always big, but my magic! With paint, words and more.

The challenge in Week 5/52 on Colour Me Positive found here was exactly about this:

5/52. Dream Big.

I’ve been dreaming big in a number of ways since late last year, so this prompt came easily to me. I used a prepped BRIGHTly painted page I’d made earlier & this was ideal! Added stamps, gellyroll pen & more “brights” in paint. Loved doing this! Left hand side: the dreams.. Moving towards the right hand side.. coming to fruition.

Below is my interpretation of the prompt.

Do you dream big?

I am learning to do so, I have always been a details person.



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