Saturday 26th May 2018

P is for Pansies. 2017.106.

P is for Pansies. 2017.106.

I love taking photos of flowers and even though this past Autumn and Winter we were very distracted in our household by my cancer diagnosis in May, we still managed to put in some pansies in pots.

Oh how I love their colours.

I adore their patterns.

They look like cute little faces in some ways.

They also remind me of Mum. I think we must have grown them when I was a kid. And Mum always said ‘put yellow flowers near purple as it brings out the purple’ and I do that! Thanks Mum.

Here is the selection from photos I took recently, just using the iPhone..of the pansies in our little backdeck garden. I am hoping that soon I can also take photos of the sweetpeas as they are almost ready to flower.

Do you grow any flowers?

What are your thoughts on pansies?


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Surprise Blooms! 2017.23.

Surprise Blooms! 2017.23.

I am not really an experienced gardener at all.

However, since moving to this rented house I have enjoyed putting together some plants into pots.

They bring colour and some joy to me every day as I care for them.

Recently, the path near where these pots had been placed started ‘growing’ some greenery,

Initially I thought weeds. Then I took a closer look.

Some of the little offshoots from one group of my plants had taken themselves (via birds or wind, I do not know) and planted into the cracks of the paved area.

Today, a very hot sunny one in NSW, I took pics of how they’ve surprised me with their blooms!

Thank you to two friends who reminded me of the name of these beauties: Portulacas


Are you surprised by nature?

I am.


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Fabulous Frangipanis. 2017.19.

Fabulous Frangipanis. 2017.19.

I declare that I love frangipanis ….on the tree.

They are delightful, smell sweetly and look a treat.

Then they fall…their fabulousness decays…and they become rubbish and need to be swept away before someone slips and falls. Life with frangipanis!

We used to live in a hotter area of Sydney around 45 minutes drive from the coast. We did end up buying and nurturing a frangipani back in 2011 when I renewed my love for them. It remained small but it did produce the lovely flowers. Not many but enough.

In my family’s house on the coast, Dad ended up with several frangipanis which ‘took off’ and were from cuttings from an old friend’s tree in Wollongong. So, it appears, in the right setting and climate they thrive!

We moved to this house on the NSW Central Coast late 2015. It has a HUGE old frangipani tree in the back garden. I am not sure, but it could be two trees in one. What I do know is that we had to cut in back a bit to enjoy what plants were hidden underneath! We took some of those cuttings and they’re in pots and in other garden spots now.

This summer I have notice more frangipanis that are different to ours around this local area.

I went for a walk for the purposes of this post to photograph them. The colour and size differences were interesting.

What was the same, however, was the mess they leave when they fall.

Frangipanis! Beauties which give and give while they’re on the trees.

They give me the reason to exercise when it’s time to sweep them up after they’ve fallen.

What’s your view about frangipanis?

Do you have them where you live?

Have you ever grown one?



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Garden Snapshots. 366/290.

Garden Snapshots. 366/290.

I posted last week about the garden here and how I am enjoying the beauty and don’t even mind the maintenance!

I have re-visited some of my photos from this garden at different times of the year and share them again.


Nothing like nature is there?












I hope your world is wonderful where you are right now too!


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I Love Patterns In Materials. 366/226.

I Love Patterns In Materials. 366/226.

A trip down memory lane here from November 2014 when I was ‘styling’ our house for sale on a very, very limited budget.

We bought no new furniture but we did use some decorating tips from Shaynna Blaze via Selling Houses Australia program.

Cushions were my go-to for helping lift the decor in a room and there was many a trip back and forth to Spotlight.


These cushions were placed on the blue recliner rockers we had and went well with the room and the print along with for flowers.

The ‘bargain of the year’ however, was the triangles print – large – on special at Reject Shop.


Its patterns and colours were ‘just right’ for the space and I have very fond memories of how well it helped the main family living area come up on-line.



The patterns in the table cloth on the outside room – closed in multi-purpose area – fitted well, as did the ‘in vogue, back then’ pineapple cushions.


What patterns do you like?

I love to create patterns in my art too, and it is very relaxing.


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Winter Garden. 366/211.

Winter Garden. 366/211.

It’s easy to love a spring, summer and autumn garden.

Winter gets the prize for last.

However, this winter, spent in a new area and house means I am learning more about winter in the garden here.

I took some shots this week:-

IMG_2886 (1)

The backyard (garden). Frangipani has shed almost all its leaves. Makes a huge difference to what else I can see in the garden. I added the little hanging baskets with pansies.


It’s a house we are renting so to personalise parts of it, flowers in pots on the verandah help cheer me up and give me some garden chores like watering most days.

IMG_2896 (1)

The original owners lived here from new for around 24 years. They planted a LOT of greenery for shade and privacy from the street.

IMG_2903 (1)

The owners put these no giant palms in and to be honest, they are a nuisance with how much they shed their fronds and we spend a lot of time trying to keep the place free of them! Lucky we have a regular vegetation pick up.


It is a pretty look at the entry to the house but a wee bit too shady for most of the winter’s day. This was around 3pm.

IMG_2910 (1)

I don’t know its name (and that is part of the fun of a garden we did not start) but it sure is pretty!

What does your garden look like in Winter?

Maybe you are viewing this from a ‘summer’ country…how is your garden growing?


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Flowers Brighten Our Home! 366/15.

Flowers Brighten Our Home! 366/15.

When we lived in Sydney we had a beautiful garden which was tended mostly by my husband but I did get a say in colours and plants. This is a collage from that garden from over a year ago.


Then our move to the coast to a rental house meant we did not have a ‘garden’ of our own and to be honest, the location right on the water was not conducive to plants. However, this popped up in Winter in a pot under the verandah. It was a bright surprise!


Now we are in other house and its garden is full of tropically hardy plants and the frangipani is magical.


But we both had a ‘longing’ to get some our favourite colours back in our life and as the back deck had an edge we wanted to ‘cover’ for safety sake it was time to do some shopping for more pots and plants. Here is the result.

Flowers are Brightening Our Home again!

Do you have a garden?

What’s in it right now?


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