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Introducing Telling My Story. 2017.60.

Introducing Telling My Story. 2017.60.

In the past few years my life has changed in many ways.

I could say it has happened from the time I turned 60 I guess and at 67 now, it’s been for longer than I imagined.

I am naming this part of my life a transition yet it is more than that.

Like all humans I am living my life and maybe unlike all humans I am trying to understand myself and my life journey better.

Blogging is going to be one of the ways in which I recount aspects of what I have been learning:

I am a life-long learner.

My story is what it is.

My story.

However, it may help me in writing more about it instead of alluding to part of it or directing readers to past posts.

It is quite hard to confess to finding aspects of life as I knew it have left me and I am needing to become used to what is now.

I will write from time to time and it may be about some strategies and resources I have found helpful.

It maybe necessary to tell  the truth of what it has been like for me. And how that has affected my relationships, with myself included for the past few years.

Like I said, I am telling My Story.

Today makes it the introduction. I do not know when the next one will be.

This work, Stop, from Jeff Foster, in his book: ‘The Way of Rest’ Finding the Courage to Hold Everything in Love is about mindfulness, stopping, staying present.

I would have to add this is one of my biggest challenges. I wrote about ‘uncertainty’ here last week.


Whatever is happening in the circumstances of your life, stop. Just for a moment.

Bring your attention toward the here and now. Let the moment become fascinating. Gently begin to acknowledge what is actually happening where you are. Come out of your conclusions about life, your dreams about past and future, and being to notice the sensations, feelings, thoughts that are present, right here and right now.

Let your present experience – sights and sounds and smells – become the most curious dance in all the universe. You are seeing, tasting, touching, hearing the world as if for the first time. This is your Garden of Eden, your messy, intense, joyous, and heartbreaking Garden of Eden and you are awake to it at last.

Stop trying to figure everything out. Give in. Give up. Give all to the moment’s embrace.

Fall into not knowing…


I hope that you will find My Story of interest and that it will be something that speaks to you to help you in some way. I do not think we have spoken enough nor even considered what it means to become older, to stop work, to find yourself adrift in some ways where you thought there was security. I write to help me as I look back and move forward into whatever is to come.

Thank you for reading!


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Daylight Saving Is OVER. #LifeThisWeek 14/52. 2017.50.

Daylight Saving Is OVER. #LifeThisWeek 13/52. 2017.50.

In Australia the 6 month daylight saving period is over as of 2 April 2017.

Not all parts of Australia take part and not everyone is a fan of it. I used to find the four month period of it better way back. I guess a lot of how we feel about daylight saving is personal and circumstantial .

I did write about it 6 months ago here. 

Hot days which stretch longer than necessary I find personally challenging and then I also do not like the darker mornings as it comes to a close. Nevertheless I understand that its purpose is for energy saving and using what natural light there is available. I am old enough to remember when it started in the early 1970s and I also recall daylight saving starting earlier in 2000 when Sydney hosted the Olympics.

I did some research too about the history of daylight saving in Australia and add it here for you!

How and when did Daylight Saving Time get started in Australia?

Daylight Saving Time (DST) had its beginning in Australia during World War I. The Commonwealth used its wartime powers to require all Australian states and territories to put into place DST. 1917 was officially the first year DST was used across the country. It was in force between 1 January and 25 March (late summer in Australia). It was discontinued after the war, but World War II saw its return for three consecutive summers.

It began with a late summer start on 1 January 1942 followed by a full summer (September – March) later that year. Tasmania may be our smallest state, but they had great influence on why we have DST in Australia today. The Tasmanian state government implemented Daylight Savings in the summer of 1967 to save power which saved water. A severe drought in the state made it imperative that DST be used to help the situation. As it turned out, they liked having DST in Tasmania so much so that they have continued it ever since. Because it was such a success, the Tasmanian state government pushed to get Daylight Saving Time used Australia-wide.

By 1971 legislation was passed by all states, except the Northern Territory and Western Australia, to run a trial period. Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia made it permanent in 1972. Currently Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia do not have Daylight Savings. Often confusing dates and changes although efforts have been made to unify DST dates across Australia, the Federal Government has kept it the responsibility of individual state and territory governments to decide when and if Daylight Savings will be implemented locally.

As a result, DST has varied at times depending on local issues. For example New South Wales extended DST in 1981-2 because of power shortages. During the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games special Daylight Savings Times were observed by some, but not all. This lack of uniformity is blamed for the serious problems in scheduling and reduced hours available to work with others across state lines. Daylight Saving Time also means Australia has 5 time zones when in effect.

I posted a photo on Saturday as a reminder to my Instagram and Facebook followers that it was the night to remember to put the clocks back and saw that not everyone was happy for it to be over. So, are you a fan or not? How much does your life change when daylight saving begins or ends?

It’s back again on 1 October 2017 by the way!

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Trees In My Street. 2017.49.

Trees In My Street. 2017.49.

In this part of Australia we have been waiting for signs of Autumn to arrive. So far, not many.

However as I write this, the weather is on the turn so to speak but before then we are in for a pile of rain and wind thanks to the recent Cyclone Debbie and a cold front meeting it as the rains come down the coast to where we are.

Yesterday morning, Thursday, I went to a walk in our street to notice the changes in the trees. Finally! A few changes could be seen.

Here they are:

What are you noticing about the trees near you?

Which season are you in?


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Three Month Review. #LifeThisWeek 13/52. 2017.47.

Three Month Review. #LifeThisWeek 13/52. 2017.47.

Recently I was asked what this prompt might mean and I responded that any kind of review would be fine. It is always up to bloggers to take the prompt and interpret as they wish. However, I am not even sure that I knew what I would write about when I chose it. It became clear last week when I wrote this here:

I have chosen to reduce my blogging output as of this week so as to be more mindful of my self-care and self-kindness. I am not making any further intentions at this point. My life has been on a learning curve as part of ageing and transition to living with both a chronic condition (IBS and its accompanying limitations) and the stress which is part of my inner being. I am wanting to feel less inward pressure on myself and needing to care for myself more. Blogging has been a part of my life for more than 6 years and will continue to be but I am blogging now for when and if I choose to. I know that regular readers will completely understand my new(er) direction as of today! Thank you!

So. That’s out there now.

Yes, Monday link ups will continue. Yes, so will the prompts. I will write fewer posts on a timetabled weekly basis as I did. Tuesdays at I Blog On Tuesdays here with Kylie Purtell required me to have new content each week. For over 100 posts this has been possible but I have made the choice now to blog less on Tuesdays. There will be a post tomorrow! If you know anyone who is wanting to teach or get some work teaching casually this post is must!

It’s been a really interesting three months. I have taken two posts from each of the months and highlighted them for the mix of content and how the year has gone for me and what has changed, if at all.


I made the decision on 1 January that each Sunday I would consider an INTENTION to match my needs at the time and then to write about how that progressed the following week. I linked these posts to Leanne’s Link Up each week. After last week, there will be no more. I actually felt too much pressure on me to keep up!

The year always seems to start somewhere in blogging land and beyond with a word of the year. So, I was original (not!) and did this for the 2nd link up for #lifethisweek for KINDNESS. Here it is. What I have learned from this is to be KIND to me first is a challenge but in looking after myself better (see above about cutting back on blogging) it seems I am remembering my word!


I do love writing about education and schooling and in particular to help families with young children going to school for the first time and in the primary school years. I combined my now-regular practice of MEDITATION along with what’s happening in schools for this post. 

Regular readers and commenters know how much creative pursuits such as ART & MANDALAS are now part of my retired-life. Each weekend I link up with Sammie – The Annoyed Thyroid – for The Ultimate Rabbit Hole and this was a creative life catch up.


On Fridays I join up with a number of photography link ups and I admit I do not comment on anyone’s posts in general others than the hosts. I am not naming the link ups because lately there have been fewer appearing. However, I did love this one I made as a tribute to the planet and knowing we live in a WONDERFUL WORLD.  What is interesting for me is that THIS time, I used other people’s photos!

Recently I wrote a post about LEARNING for the Tuesday education blog post. This time however, it was about my learning and I asked readers about their learning. We are lifelong learners in my opinion.

My three month review is done. Well, not quite. I am humbled and delighted to have so many supportive blogging friends (met or not yet met) and this is why this space and its community will always be important to me. I do hope that you too find the world of blogging to connect as I do. I blog to connect. I said that day one 2015 and that remains. I do not blog for fame, money, sponsors nor stats. 

I blog for me and for you to connect with me whenever you can.

Thank you! Let’s hope our Monday link up community continues and that you are here too!


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Tips For Living In A Shared Household. #LifeThisWeek 4/52. 2017.13.

Tips For Living In A Shared Household. #LifeThisWeek 4/52. 2017.13.

This week, 47 years ago, my parents drove the 6 hours from Sydney to Barraba with 20 year old me, my luggage, teaching needs and more to check out where I would be teaching and where I might live!

I was more excited than nervous. This was me, getting ready for what I couldn’t wait to do! Teach. The school was located about 30 minutes drive from where my boyfriend of 3 years had just started his new job after graduating with his Ag Science degree, and we would likely meet up most weekends! Even though I didn’t have a car.

Sweet! But, where would I live? In those days single teachers often found accommodation in a person’s house as a boarder but I was not 100% taken with that notion. The school was open and that I got to meet the DP who was getting ready for school starting that week and asked him about accommodation. He mentioned the teacher share house just down the road from school where there was a vacancy. We drove to the house (see photo from screen shot!) met the already arrived 2 teachers (one was yet to come) and I was offered the place. All in the space of an afternoon.

Looking back, and speaking to Dad only recently about this whole experience, apparently Mum found it all pretty traumatic leaving her daughter behind. I recall her helping me get the bedroom sorted (my part of it as it was a shared one – the front room seen in the pic) and just being ‘Mum’ about it all. She cried on the way home Dad tells me. Oh. I found the truth of how that feels when my daughter left home aged 21.

This post one year ago is about my first school as a teacher.

Back to the topic! I had NO idea what it would be like to live in a shared household with 3 somewhat older women. We were all on the same staff of the K-12 school. However, I was the spoiled only daughter who had a social life as her priority rather than anything else to do with chores so I think, over time, I did not do well as a contributor to the house.

I learned to cook spaghetti bolognaise as we did have a cooking roster and I got some help there.
I did keep my room tidy. I used to save up my washing and take it home to Mum’s when I drove down to Sydney for a weekend every fortnight or so with the DP who would make me drive part of the way (and back) as he was visiting his fiancee.

My relationship with the boyfriend fizzled in Term One, so I became much more interested in socialising and holding Saturday night parties! The other housemates were generally away on the weekends. Once I met my now-husband in the final term, I did nothing. Except be lovelorn when he wasnt there and we married by the following year. I learned that I was a NOT a good household sharer. Marriage though was a BIG lesson!!

Thanks for my Facebook friends for their tips!

Tips for Living In A Shared Household.

  1. Don’t live with Denyse when she is young and in love (my tip)
  2. Work out from the outset whether you’re going to do shared meals or fend for yourself.
  3. Allocate cupboard and fridge space accordingly. If doing shared meals, allocate a budget and draft meal plan.
  4. Use your words. Literally.Don’t get in a huff with your house mates when they don’t do things your way.
  5. Spoons in the sink when there’s a dishwasher two feet away can drive you mental.
  6. Hold regular house meetings.
  7. Work out who is an introvert and who is an extrovert. Make plans accordingly. In one share house I lived in, where people were incredibly busy and social, we instituted a weekly no guests night.
  8. Live alone.
  9. Some people suck at grocery shopping. Train them.
  10. If you own anything precious, don’t keep it in shared areas. It will likely get broken.
  11. Oh God, just don’t. The stories I could tell about my nightmare 4 months.
  12. Set ground rules – who does what, and what items are shared and which are your own.I think talking about things as they come up is great, so they don’t become bigger problems.
  13. And do fun things together – like house dinners and nights out, because they’re your new family. I loved my share house experiences for the most part!
  14. If you find yourself house sharing in middle age, as I have, share with a man. Living with another woman was too stressful and it’s never fair when both are set in their ways. The dramas were awful. Never again. My last two housemates have been men and it’s worked really well for all of us.
  15. Make them clean. Don’t just clean because no one else is doing it and it’s driving you slightly mental. You’ll just get resentful that you’re the only one who cleans anything.

So, have you ever lived in a shared household?

How was it for you?

What tips would you add?

Thanks for sharing!


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Educated As a Blogger. 366/339.

Educated As a Blogger. 366/339.

It takes a community to educate a blogger so I found out.

I used to think that I would write something of interest on the blog, publish it and some people out there would read what I wrote.And comment. Of course! Blogger gold!

Oh no, it does not work that way…well for me it certainly did not.

From pressing publish in December 201o to today, I know that the only way I learned about blogging was to be educated by others who blog.

Before I go further, I did attend courses and conferences and I met up with lots of bloggers too. I read some books, got some insights from blogging experts and gave my readers what I thought would be posts of interest.

It worked. Somewhat.

What made my blogging education better was discovering LINK-UPs …where bloggers invite others who blog to add their post and then others may see the blog too. I commenced doing this in 2011-12 and found link ups some of which have now ended. But my blogging education continued thanks to this one!

One which has been a consistent, vibrant and really inclusive LINK UP called IBOT. I blog on Tuesdays. It began when Jess blogged as Diary of a SAHM and then changed title to Essentially Jess.

But things are changing there too! Jess, who continues to be a writer, and a tertiary student along with raising a family of 4,  is finishing up by the end of the year and handing her link-up to Kylie permanently. I wrote a thank you here to Jess and one over at Kylie’s blog today too.


Thank you Jess for being a pioneering blogger and seeing a gap in the Aussie link-ups all those years ago to create “IBOT”. You know when I first came upon “IBOT” I was taken aback in 2012 ! I had no idea what it meant until I took a thorough look at your blog…which wasn’t even called Essentially Jess then, to get to know more!

Then I read what it stood for and why. You wanted to have a place for bloggers to add posts on a Tuesday that were created for the Tuesday – a quiet day in blogging then… I Blog On Tuesdays. Ahh! I got it. I loved gathering there and catching up and getting to know new to me bloggers and commenting too.

One day though you decided IBOT was becoming so popular that you were needing some help with comments. You put a call out for a “new to blogging concept” of having a Team IBOT. I do think that was another first! See, I told you about being a pioneer!  Warm wishes and THANK you, Denyse xx


It’s not often we get to meet bloggers in real life and I was fortunate enough to do that. I lived in Sydney when Jess flew in from Darwin for the Digital Parents’ Conference in 2013 and I did the airport pick-up and quick trip around places in Sydney before leaving her with our mutual friends to attend the conference.

Here’s a few pics of that morning way back Jess. I note you are not in these…as being a blogger, we tend to focus not on ourselves when it comes to images!!

Manly Beach. We had a walk around here after breakfast.

The walk from Manly Beach to Shelly Beach.

Early Morning Surfers at Manly Beach. We had breakfast in Manly.

The view from North Head back to Sydney and South Head. I enjoyed showing Jess where I used to live!

Now, it’s enough from me. I am looking forward to being educated more in 2017 and remaining part of #TeamIBOT each Tuesday as Kylie assumes responsiblity and we are joined by other bloggers who also love IBOT as much as I do!

Blogging on Tuesdays (and always a NEW previously unpublished post) is one blogging habit I will not break!

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Making Changes. 366/304.

Making Changes. 366/304.

Most of the time change is inevitable.

For example, I cannot stop my aging process!

I also have not been able to change the weather (yet) either!!

However inevitable as it might be, for me, change is a bit scary (sometimes a LOT) as I really like the familiar.

Paradoxically I also like the new and exciting!

Go figure.

The changes I am writing about today are about making changes to my blogging practice.

You see, on January 1st 2015 I promised myself to blog D A I L Y as a way of helping me manage the changes of:

  • moving from Sydney,
  • retiring from work
  • being away from family and the familiar
  • selling our house and needing to rent one for an indefinite time

If anyone wants to read more about that, then here is one post and then here is another.

This year, 2016, I shook the practice of blogging up a notch when I made the decision to go to topics/categories on each day of the week because:





and I LOVED connecting here every single day!

In recent weeks I started asking myself “do I want to continue the daily blogging practice into 2017?”

The answer was no, but I still want to blog!


What will I do?

I will make some further announcements via this blog this Tuesday where I have a plan to:

make changes…

So, do pop over then and see what I am up to!

Warm wishes,


My Monday Link-Up called Life This Week is not changing!!

Tomorrow’s {optional} prompt is

Melbourne Cup Time! Hope to see you link up! 

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How Do You Shop? 366/56.

How Do You Shop? 366/56.

I think of myself as a planner.

I like to also believe I am organised.

What it was like for me, then.

As a parent with kids and working full-time…back in the 1970s-1990s…I was both.

I had a routine for grocery shopping based on when we were paid.

As teachers we had fortnightly pay. Still is the same system.

I did some meal planning and shopped around those.

Supermarkets for the big items, sometimes a speciality fruit and vegetable place and maybe a delicatessen. I recall doing this in some of the bigger shopping centres that were being built in the Hills District at the time.

I did not really enjoy ‘doing the groceries’ and would sometimes do it as quickly as I could before picking up one child from long day care. Of course I disliked ‘getting the groceries inside and unpacking. Does anyone like this? Oh and I once tried to on-line shopping in the early 2000s. No. Did not like the time nor the substitution made by the store. I am definitely a ‘hands-on’ shopper.

Onto now. When we are a couple again. No grandkids coming each week or having visitors much at all.


What has changed?

I got slack I suppose. I tended to ‘shop as needed’ and one reason for this since we moved to the Central Coast is the lack of proximity to larger stores and centres for the first year we were here. I actually felt a bit lost with some of my planning going by the wayside and often cooking for one. My hub’s health means, from time to time, that he doesn’t not eat much other than some basics.

What has happened now?

We are more settled. We are very close to a large regional shopping centre with a choice of 3 large supermarkets and…no excuses not to get into the shopping organisation and meal planning again. We are starting to enjoy up to 2-3 meals a week together again and I need to have items on hand! In fact, the cupboard that was bare is now looking better. The freezer has staples again and the fridge is not sadly depleted of fresh food.

We are now meal planning for two. Sure, some days are just very basic and we do not eat heartily but it is feeling good to be shopping for fresh foods and doing some cooking again. For us. For two.

It’s good! That’s how I shop now. With a list! With a plan! It works (again!)

How do you shop?


stories 150

I am wondering how Anne from Domesblissity organises her shopping.

And, how do you do this too Alicia, over at One Mother Hen?

Grace, how much do you meal plan and shop? Joining in here for Flog My Blog Friday.