Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Finding This Place.178/365.

Finding This Place. 178/365.

I was determined to photograph sunrise during the week at a local beach. Despite getting up at 5.20 and to the beach in the dark, the sun decided to rise behind the clouds. Boo!

On the way back along the drive home on the scenic drive I took a look at this..it was a beautiful and mystical misty morning here and so glad I stopped.









The place is near MacMasters Beach on NSW Central Coast and is called Cockrone Lagoon Wetlands.

Do you find that sometimes a photo shoot can turn out better than you thought?

Denyse xx


In One Week. 120/365.

In One Week. 120/365.

Reflections from me. This time last week we were still without power, internet, landline phone and had no idea when we would be ‘back to normal.’

  • I thought I would never get over losing all of the cooked meals and frozen food being destroyed in the loss of power for more around 68 hours.
  • I had never seen a supermarket completely bereft of any fresh, cold or frozen foods because of the massive power outages in the region.
  • My eyes are constantly distracted when I am a passenger in our car, looking at the destruction of nature that occurred on every street, along every path and almost at or near ever house.
  • The local primary school was non-operational for 6 school days. Unheard of in recent years in a closely settled and populous area.
  • That there were and remain many opportunities for us to become better acquainted with our new neighbours and under difficult circumstance.
  • How much I rely on internet access for my life? A lot!

Some scenes for this ‘one week’ post.

So far this week, after throwing out all the meals I have shopped and begun making new freezer meals. The school has returned to ‘operational’ status as of yesterday. The internet (ADSL) is back but not the home phone. We got electricity back a week ago tomorrow morning. The weather continues to ‘misbehave’ and send us more rain.

But we are fortunate. We have each other, our health and shelter.

Denyse xx

Rewinding on the weekend…here:


Central Coast N.S.W.119/365.

Central Coast N.S.W.119/365.

When we decided to re-locate to the Central Coast of N.S.W. we could not have predicted so much beauty within our surrounds. It is truly a privilege to see.

Here’s some of my photos for this week’s Aussie Wordless Wednesday.

gentle waters...

gentle waters…


from the water


some people having fun


keeping watch


looking back to pittwater and killcare beach


macmasters beach

Do you know the Central Coast of N.S.W.?

Denyse xx


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