Sunday 30th April 2017

It IS a Wonderful World! 2017.39.

It IS a Wonderful World! 2017.39.

This Thursday before Easter…it is timely re-visit this post and  to link up here with Leanne and friends because we NEED to remember we live in a WONDERFUL WORLD. Peace, everyone, peace is what we need now.

If we spend our time on earth thinking about all that can and does go wrong then we are not living. I know that might sound glib to some. I am doing my best to remember this for myself with a chronic health condition I’ve noted before… but I cannot let that stop me from seeing beauty and noticing more. I love this song, the original singer and the version I show via YouTube.


The wonderful Louis Armstrong sang this & the lyrics and credits: BBC Four via YouTube Christophe Letecheur.

What A Wonderful World

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They’re really saying I love you

I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more than I’ll never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world

© Peermusic Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., CARLIN AMERICA INC, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC, IMAGEM MUSIC INC
For non-commercial use only.
Data from: LyricFind

Cowra Japanese Gardens. My photos.

Cowra Japanese Gardens. My photos.

I visited these gardens in early 2013 or 2014 and here is the link to the site. It is well worth the visit. It IS a wonderful world when you see here what came from the tragedy called World War 11.

Thank you David Attenborough, BBC One and David Daniel Wouters for this YouTube movie

How is your world today?


Each weekend I like to go down the Ultimate Rabbit Hole with Sammie here and friends.



Appreciation. #LTW16. 366/341.

Appreciation. #LTW16. 366/341.

This is the last post in the “Life This Week” LINK UP series for 2016.

It’s been great having so many blogging friends, old and new, join in each week.

I appreciate you all very much!

Today’s post is about my appreciation for the man I met in 1970 and married in 1971.

He is a modest person so I did have to ask him if it would be fine by him for me to write this and he agreed.

Our long marriage has seen us deal with many wins, struggles and more. Most do! However, I am concentrating on more recent times.

From the time in early 2014 he could see I was no longer wanting to work, through to selling the house at year’s end 2014, moving away from Sydney in early 2015, renting a place we hated for 10 months in 2015, and moving again in late 2015 to where we are more settled now…even though we are renting. One day we will buy!

These last three years have challenged me emotionally and have given me cause to feel more stressed about my life. Over time it has affected me and of course, my relationship. Major life shifts and changes can do that to a person. Especially one like me who needs her security and her sense of who she is and what she does.

Throughout all of the time, there has been one person here for me and ready to listen, advise and offer his love and security. I am a tough person to like when I am feeling insecure and sad. I push away because I am embarrassed by how upset I become.  I lost a sense of independence for a while and the notion of who I am.

So my list of appreciation for my dear husband B comprises:

  • his gentle patience displayed no matter how many times I ‘lose’ it over whatever emotional issue I am dwelling on
  • the ready cuddle or hug IF I need solace after my tears..sometimes I have even rejected that because I am actually mad with myself
  • his reminders that I have the skills and energy inside me to keep on keeping on
  • his kind and listening ear and he gets what I mean and then helps me see the ways in which I can get through this
  • words of encouragement  as he senses how well I am doing now compared to how I was doing
  • shared chats, laughter and repeated viewing of my old favourite Downton Abbey to enjoy the experience together
  • his understanding that there are some days/nights where I still need reassurance I am doing OK in my healthy life change
  • and when he agrees to an annual photo of the two of us then I am even more appreciative of his warm hug, gentle smile and loving demeanour.


The Two of Us. December 2016.

The Two of Us. January 1971.

Thank you B. I love you!

That’s my post on appreciation.

Did you write a post this week or are you linking up an older one?

As it’s Summer and Christmas Holidays in Australia I do not expect many bloggers to link up this Boxing Day!

Those who do, thank you!


Alicia is having a break today but Kell is running her link up here.

The ” Life This Week” prompt list from 2 January 2017- 27 February 2017 is on the Home Page and listed here too.


Educated As a Blogger. 366/339.

Educated As a Blogger. 366/339.

It takes a community to educate a blogger so I found out.

I used to think that I would write something of interest on the blog, publish it and some people out there would read what I wrote.And comment. Of course! Blogger gold!

Oh no, it does not work that way…well for me it certainly did not.

From pressing publish in December 201o to today, I know that the only way I learned about blogging was to be educated by others who blog.

Before I go further, I did attend courses and conferences and I met up with lots of bloggers too. I read some books, got some insights from blogging experts and gave my readers what I thought would be posts of interest.

It worked. Somewhat.

What made my blogging education better was discovering LINK-UPs …where bloggers invite others who blog to add their post and then others may see the blog too. I commenced doing this in 2011-12 and found link ups some of which have now ended. But my blogging education continued thanks to this one!

One which has been a consistent, vibrant and really inclusive LINK UP called IBOT. I blog on Tuesdays. It began when Jess blogged as Diary of a SAHM and then changed title to Essentially Jess.

But things are changing there too! Jess, who continues to be a writer, and a tertiary student along with raising a family of 4,  is finishing up by the end of the year and handing her link-up to Kylie permanently. I wrote a thank you here to Jess and one over at Kylie’s blog today too.


Thank you Jess for being a pioneering blogger and seeing a gap in the Aussie link-ups all those years ago to create “IBOT”. You know when I first came upon “IBOT” I was taken aback in 2012 ! I had no idea what it meant until I took a thorough look at your blog…which wasn’t even called Essentially Jess then, to get to know more!

Then I read what it stood for and why. You wanted to have a place for bloggers to add posts on a Tuesday that were created for the Tuesday – a quiet day in blogging then… I Blog On Tuesdays. Ahh! I got it. I loved gathering there and catching up and getting to know new to me bloggers and commenting too.

One day though you decided IBOT was becoming so popular that you were needing some help with comments. You put a call out for a “new to blogging concept” of having a Team IBOT. I do think that was another first! See, I told you about being a pioneer!  Warm wishes and THANK you, Denyse xx


It’s not often we get to meet bloggers in real life and I was fortunate enough to do that. I lived in Sydney when Jess flew in from Darwin for the Digital Parents’ Conference in 2013 and I did the airport pick-up and quick trip around places in Sydney before leaving her with our mutual friends to attend the conference.

Here’s a few pics of that morning way back Jess. I note you are not in these…as being a blogger, we tend to focus not on ourselves when it comes to images!!

Manly Beach. We had a walk around here after breakfast.

The walk from Manly Beach to Shelly Beach.

Early Morning Surfers at Manly Beach. We had breakfast in Manly.

The view from North Head back to Sydney and South Head. I enjoyed showing Jess where I used to live!

Now, it’s enough from me. I am looking forward to being educated more in 2017 and remaining part of #TeamIBOT each Tuesday as Kylie assumes responsiblity and we are joined by other bloggers who also love IBOT as much as I do!

Blogging on Tuesdays (and always a NEW previously unpublished post) is one blogging habit I will not break!

Did you link up for IBOT today? Here is the link! 



Thank You For Being A Teacher. 366/335.

Thank You For Being A Teacher. 366/335.

It’s that time of year.

One where we are likely to be showing  appreciation for the teachers in our lives and that of our kids and grandkids.

Last week I wrote about Last Minute Gifts for Teachers.

This week, it’s a little something I have found in a book called:

Great Teachers Give Us Lifelong Gifts  by Blue Mountain Arts.

Thank you for being a teacher.

For the student who can’t sing a note but loves music…

For the student who struggles to read but loves the library…

For seeing their artistic visions and embracing them…

For seeing their lights shone and helping them burn brighter…

For your faith when failure was not an option…

For seeing the diamond in the rough…

For caring as if they were your own…

For your unwavering patience and tolerance…

For your dedication, which at times gets taken for granted…

For sharing your life and letting us be a part of it…

Thank you for being a teacher!


Heidi Beemsterboer.

I will add my thanks to all teachers I have worked alongside. Thank you!

Have you thanked a teacher recently?


Joining the second last I Blog On Tuesdays for the year…over with Kylie Purtell and bloggers here.


Last Minute Gift Ideas For Teachers. 366/331.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Teachers. 366/331.

The end of the school year is nigh. Can I hear a YAY?

Some states have already commenced end of year holidays. Other still remain at school or at least the public schools are still operating.

Are you looking forward to:

  • No more early mornings.
  • No school lunches to pack.
  • No searching for a lost shoe/library book

But wait, you also thought about getting a present for the class teacher or teachers didn’t you?


I know there have been gift guides galore but if you want something directly from teachers..I have some here.

  • card or note is a great way to show appreciation
  • it is never “expected” to give a teacher a gift
  • Parents and children may decide that there is no reason for a gift or message & that’s fine too
  • Teachers who are parents had these thoughts about chocolate..some loved this, others said no thanks!


  • personal notes, cards from parents and child ALWAYS a hit
  • gift vouchers up to $50 – NOT expected to be, UP to! There are limits for gifts under the Code of Conduct in NSW public schools. Check your school’s/system’s limits.
  • Popular ones include Myer, Target, Officeworks,Big W,ITunes, JB-HiFi…and more
  • homemade biscuits &  yummy treats.
  • stationery – many teachers are stationery-fans
  • A cup. A keep cup. Teachers are notorious cup-users. Maybe personalise it, but a lovely idea that gives and gives
  • I do not like alcohol being given to teachers but that is my view and I also do not  drink

So, do you have some ideas or have you already sorted out what you are doing..if indeed you are!


education 150

Joining Kylie Purtell here for I Blog On Tuesdays.



The Ultimate Rabbit Hole. 366/329.

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole. 366/329.

You know how there is someone you have never met in real-life but know that you would immediately get on with them and chatter away like crazy because of all the things you know about them and have in common.

Well, for me one such person is Sammie who has a wonderful sharing place on the internet called

The Annoyed Thyroid.

What is that title about?

That’s not my story to tell, but if you visit there you will soon find out.

Sammie and I have a couple of things in common. We are teachers. We like to chat. We blog.

Today though I want to add something to my post, which is being added to the link up….

I want to say a BIG

thank you

for Sammie and her initiative on Saturdays with a linky called

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole.

Sammie has other lovely bloggers who also share the ‘load’ of reading and commenting too but it is Sammie who got the ball rolling.

Every weekend since January 2015 I have linked up on Saturdays and without fail my blog post has been read and comments made.

This is the gold of connection in the land of blogging. Sammie you do an awesome job!


But this is not the end of my post….sadly…this photo of the rose in my yard is dedicated you and your family as I know you have received news of the recent passing of a much-loved person in your family. Much love to you.




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Joining my friends here for The Ultimate Rabbit Hole this weekend.






Hands. 366/286.

Hands. 366/286.

I sometimes look at my hands and I see my mum’s. Mostly because I cannot believe where time has gone!!


I see my gnarled joints on two of my fingers on my left hand (dominant hand) and I see very wrinkled skin on the backs of both of my hand. I also notice the scars from hand surgery x 5. All due to wear/tear and arthritis…. but mostly I think of what my hands have helped me :

care for children and babies in my family

teach others

learn via my typewriter and later my computer

feed myself and family

lovingly caress those I care for

paint and draw

write and type

and more..oh so much more…so here’s to hands!

This reminder about mindfulness is from Elisha Goldstein.

Take a moment right now to look at your hands.

Look at the lines that are uniquely yours, the knuckles, the fingernails, the palms of your hands.

Consider all the work your hands do for you, imbuing a moment of gratitude and priming your mind for good.

Feel these hands, you are alive!

Allow them to carry you today, mindful of their ever-supportive presence.

Have you ever thought about how important your hands are to you?



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True This. 366/87.

True This. 366/87.

It’s Easter Sunday where I am.

We are not doing anything special at all.

It is the ‘new’ way of life that I find both a challenge and a blessing.

Too much to write about here!

Today I leave you with this…I saw it and kept it for a time when it seemed I might need to remember it too.


Thanks for reading here today and always!

I appreciate the blog readers who comment more than they will ever know!


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Joining in here with Leanne at Deep Fried Fruit for her Sunday linky..and I am doubly grateful to my blogging friends who host links each week.