Saturday 21st October 2017

Random September Pics. 366/274.

Random September Pics. 366/274.

I tell many of my stories in photos and today on the blog, I picked a few from 3 years of September which are part of our story since deciding to sell up in Sydney and move to the Central Coast.

Do you have photos that tell the stories of your life too?

Photos taken in the month of September 2014, 2015 and 2016 shared:


Time to sell our grandkids’ play equipment and onto another family for this! Sept 2014.



Pool garden surrounds looking great in preparation for house going on the market in November. Sept 2014.



An example of the creative ventures of mine in Sept. 2015.



Purple Pigface at Ocean Beach in Sept. 2015.



Along The Bay Where We Lived in Sept. 2015.



Country Spring Fair at Yarramalong near where we live now. Sept. 2016.



The back deck and mini-garden where we live now. Sept. 2016.

Have a lovely Friday! It’s the beginning of a long weekend here in NSW Australia and it’s the weekend when daylight saving starts. I am writing about that on Monday!

Do you link up on Mondays here?

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Optional Prompt for Monday 3 Oct: Daylight Saving. Like or Loathe?


photos 150

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Auld Lang Syne. 365/365.

Auld Lang Syne. 365/365.

Dear 2015,

You have been a gift to me and a challenge to bear.

I have been up, down and all around the place as I learn to become more content and settled within a new environment, with a different lifestyle and more.

Thank you to my readers and especially my commenters who have been my link to other places and spaces.

My 2015 has been richer for being a blogger, and for joining in with new and familiar blogs both here in Australia and overseas.

So, thank you 2015 where I blogged every day..Ok, I also blogged twice on one day and that did throw out my numbers…LOL.

I will be back in 2016. That’s tomorrow folks!

And I have some different ideas for you to see.

On an occasion like this, it is timely to recall those who are no longer with us and with whom we may have shared many good times.

In 1999 just as the clock and calendar turned to the new millennium, my parents shared the event with us in our place in Sydney. I recall the fun, laughter, and some popping of champagne. My late mum enjoyed it immensely.

Dad will celebrate with friends where he now lives at Dee Why. We might view the fireworks on TV from Sydney Harbour from bed! That’s my photo of the celebration taken by B.

Happy New Year!

Love, Denyse xx


Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.




Photo Faves. 364/365.

Photo Faves. 364/365.

It’s hard for me to delete photos let alone choose some favourites for this second last day (and post) of 2015 but I will give it a go.

I love my photos …are you like that with photos too?

I do hope you enjoy these ones.

Thanks for viewing!

Denyse xx


Kildare Beach. My Favourite Place.


Bottle Brush in Spring


Local Pelican at The Bay

IMG_1922 2

We Have Been Married For Almost 45 years.


Ducks Off Home At Dusk


Frame A Gift from Our Daughter and Photo from First Day Living on the Central Coast.


Miss GD visits the beach with me


Planted a Poppy for My late Grandfather who fought in WW 1.


I love her and she loves me. GD born in 2015.


Winter Morning Mist. The Bay.

Terrigal Skillion, on right, looking to North Avoca and Avoca

Terrigal Skillion, on right, looking to North Avoca and Avoca


Long Jetty – Central Coast NSW

Joining Jen here for Photo Friday. Happy New Year!

Photo Friday – 2015


Settling In. 355/365.

Settling In. 355/365.

Three hundred and fifty three posts ago…..I wrote this.

Then about 50 days into the journey of US

….from Sydney and working life and family life…to the Central Coast, with no more work (by choice) and leaving those we love….I wrote this post

Regular readers, who do not all comment (I know, that’s cool too) will recall that I have found the moving and more very stressful on some days and it’s affected my general well-being for days at a time. It’s not been helped by some IBS at times which has complicated my goals to be independent and drive to Sydney and other places more….

Yes, I wrote about this from time to time too…here.

But today, 355 days into this year of blogging every day, and just about 3 weeks away from the anniversary of the physical move to the coast, I am starting to feel I am settling in.

How do I know?

It’s a feeling of greater physical connection to what we always thought we would like about the coast…the waterways, the temperate climate (not always) and the slower pace of life.

I am also becoming more at ease with the no-working, no easy family connection thing too. I have had to ‘adjust’ to what is my new (very!) normal.

So, I am settling in.

Have you made major life changes?

What were they?

How did you go?

Take care, everyone!

Denyse xx



The BLOG Report 2015.348/365.

The BLOG Report. 348/365.

It’s time to review the almost year of blogging every day here.

Whilst it isn’t quite the end of the year, today is the last link up for I Blog On Tuesdays over at Essentially Jess’ blog until after the festive season, so I wanted to make the occasion one of reflection and fact.

With photos!

Do I think my idea of blogging every day for the year of major transition worked out for me?

What a good question! Yes and No. Ok, Yes. In fact, there were some days the ideas and words flowed easily and I was encouraged by the responses to my blog’s posts and then there were the ‘other days’. I will admit, as I have in a few posts, that my emotional health (and sometime physical reactions to said condition) which was a direct result of the MANY changes we made (that I became affected by more than I ever realised) made it imperative for me to have a ‘reason to do something’ every day. This last sentence shames me and I do hope Emily Hawker does not read such poorly constructed one.

Do I think that I appealed to a wide range of interests on the blog this year?

Maybe and yes. This year was about a ‘blog post a day’ keeps Denyse OK year and I trusted myself enough to write what interested me. In the beginning of the year there was a LOT of silence from any (no?) readers until I got back into my familiar bloggy rhythm and sought out some ‘old friends’ links and some new friends’ links then I started to get readers who commented! My favourite thing about blogging.

What did I learn about myself as a blogger and the blogging community?

I’m glad you asked that! I learned that I love to connect. In fact, that IS what blogging is about for me and why my blog’s title contains that word ‘connect’. Life gets lonely in the retired from the busy professional life category, especially when you add moving house and leaving family and all you know behind. My blogging mates, and those who’ve become regular commenters (even if I have never met them) have really helped me engage most days and I LOVE that. I am hooked on connecting every day…which leads me to my last question.

Will I be blogging every day again in 2016?

yes I will! However, I really need to review how I number my posts. Maths was never a strong point and it turns out, I will not end the year on the correct number /365 because I blogged twice on 10 April!! Next year I intend to shake up the categories somewhat and add some. I will also be blogging day specific for categories for 5 days of the week with some freedom for weekends. I am going to consider and plan this soon. Watch this space!


I make a promise that I read every comment and always respond. I do!

So, in counting up the comments keep in mind they include one from me and one from the commenter. That’s why I call them a conversation!

From 347 posts to date this year, the posts received:

Zero Comments: 114 posts…all quiet.

Two Comments: 61 posts = 122 conversations!

Four Comments: 37 posts = 74 conversations!

Six Comments: 39 posts = 78 conversations!

Eight Comments: 33 posts = 66 conversations!

Ten Comments: 22 posts = 44 conversations!

Twelve Comments: 20 posts = 40 conversations!

More than Twelve Comments: 22 posts = too many  conversations to calculate as these went as high as 18 comments.

What great conversations!


I knew things were going to change for me in 2015…this taken at end of 2014 as I said goodbye to my ‘home town’ Sydney.


So, dear readers and those who comment…THANK YOU so much for your kind and caring support this year. I am happy to have suggestions made for topics and categories in your comments which will help me in my planning.

Almost a year later, here I am celebrating my birthday with the youngest GD who, along with all my grandkids 'make me Grandma I love to be'

Almost a year later, here I am celebrating my birthday with the youngest GD who, along with all my grandkids ‘make me Grandma I love to be’

I’d like to thank Jess again and the wonderful world of IBOT for welcoming me back and here we are again! It’s Tuesday.

Love to you all. Denyse xx



Christmas Will Be Different. 347/365.

Christmas Will Be Different. 347/365.

In 2014 we celebrated our final Christmas Day in Sydney, as residents of Sydney and with our grown kids and our grandchildren.

There were 7 grandchildren in 2014 and one ‘waiting’ inside mummy’s tummy for her 2015 arrival.

Even though I knew it would be the ‘final Christmas’ with us all together it was fine. I was not too sad and I was very, very glad that my lovely daughter had offered to host it.

We were in ‘packing mode’ at our place.

My Christmases with kids and then grandkids have always been a heady mix of my memories and enthusiasm, singing along to Christmas kids’ songs and decorating inside and out to show our festive spirit. We did the lights outside thing a lot, and the house at Glenwood always looked festive. Grandkids LOVED the fun of it and I did too.

This Christmas Day we will be a two-some. We have never spent Christmas Day this way but it is a fact of life changing, time and distance which brings us to this point after sharing Christmas Day with close and extended family since 1970.

The house here is a rented one but I did have the foresight not to give away ALL of our Christmas treasures. So it looks good!

The front of the house has some decorations and the front room has a smaller, sparkly tree erected when two eldest granddaughters visited in late November. We have the nativity set up with a few characters missing. And, I bought 8 stars for a display wall here to represent each of the grandchildren.

Our daughter and her family have our huge Christmas tree bought in 1994 to celebrate being in a new house in Bella Vista. Before we left Sydney, each of the grandchildren was given a box of their own Christmas tree decorations which had been part of our tree for each year of their birth. One granddaughter, aged almost 19, has the most! One little new granddaughter is yet to have one. Memo to self: better remedy that!

There will be a visit from our families sometime after Christmas we are pretty certain, and as we are no longer a gift-sharing family except for the grandchildren, that is when we will give the grandkids their gifts and share a festive meal with them all.

Christmas will be different in 2015 but that is what life is about. Changing and evolving.

What does Christmas bring for you this year?

Joining Kirsty at My Home Truths for I Confess. I know your Christmas will be majorly different, Kirsty, since your Dad’s passing and I hope the family is Ok.

Denyse xx


Christmas 2012 at Glenwood. 6 Grandkids then!


A Photo A Month. 342/365.

A Photo A Month. 342/365.

This Aussie Wordless Wednesday I am reviewing my photos taken from January to December 2015.

Here’s one photo from each month.

Enjoy! I certainly did taking them.

Do you take photos a lot as I do?

Denyse xx

PS so far over 33,000 in my photo file here on my computer. And I though I’d culled last year to around 17,000. Oops.

Joining Trish here…My Little Drummer Boys
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One Perfect Moment. 277/365.

One Perfect Moment. 277/365.

For the past months I’ve been posting about “one perfect moment” as a theme. I got the idea from Kylie Purtell over here and have continued. Today, as I contemplated finding ‘one perfect moment’ again as a theme, I really had no personal ones.

But, on reviewing a wondrous ending to the National Rugby League Grand Final last night I decided to go with that.


I’ve been following the story of Jonathan Thurston, co-captain of the North Queensland Cowboys and veteran player (3 times Dally M winner) and when I saw the ‘almost fairy tale’ ending last night in the clash of the Queenslanders I felt for him.

Then in one of those ‘miracle’ times in sport, ONE PERFECT MOMENT, occurred via a golden point field goal by JT meant that the trophy was theirs.

I snapped screenshots.

Some were meaningful to me.

A little bit of background is that I was 13 years old, and at the St George vs Wests Grand Final of 1963 where the inspiration for the ‘men of league’ on this trophy came from. It was a game played in MUD and by the time St George emerged as victors, no-one could tell which team was which. This trophy depicts two men – one short of stature, Arthur Summons (Wests) and one very tall captain victor (Saints) Norm Proven.

Did you watch last night’s Grand Final?

Denyse xx

'bloodied' JT after his team's amazing win

‘bloodied’ JT after his team’s amazing win

Churchill Man of The Match and so much more for JT

Churchill Man of The Match and so much more for JT

NQ player with trophy depicting the GF of 1963.

NQ player with trophy depicting the GF of 1963.

Most tender of all. Jonathan Thurston shares his victory with his daughter.

Most tender of all. Jonathan Thurston shares his victory with his daughter.

Joining The Multitasking Mummy and I Must Confess at Home Truths.