Wednesday 23rd August 2017

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I only consider suitable guest post requests from fellow-bloggers.

I do not accept any from commercial organisations, charities and the like. Thank you.

I am always happy to supply a guest post for a blogger where my experience and content suits that person.


  • schooling and education – starting school and at school
  • life’s transitions – from teenage years to retirement
  • health and mindfulness
  • art and creative pursuits
  • enjoying outdoors taking photos – even on the iPhone!
  • your suggestions!

In October 2015 and January 2016 I wrote guest posts for The Organised Housewife. The topic of ‘preparing a child to start school’ and the ‘first days of starting school’ were very popular and much needed according to Kat who IS ‘The Organised Housewife.

October 2015

Part 1: Tips for your child starting school next year

January 2016

Part 2: Tips for your childs very first day of school

Tips On How To Engage Well With Your Child’s School

February 2016. Over here at Teacher Types.

Thanks Lauren Hunt!

September 2015

I wrote for Min over at Write of the Middle. It was about our ‘sea change’ in 2015.

The story of a sea change

January 2016.

My post for Grace at With Some Grace was part of her series called ‘Fears, Tears and Bellylaughs’.

Mine was about FEAR.

FYBF – Fears, Tears and Belly Laughs (Part 4)

Blogger at

In 2012-13 I wrote for this site as a K-6 Schooling Specialist via my blog then called ReadySetSchool. In 2016 I have been invited back to add to their posts for those families who want to know more about schools and schooling from a retired K-6 Principal.

Here is one of my posts from late 2012 for those families whose children were starting school in 2013.

January 2016 I wrote this for those families whose children are returning to school.

Here is the link.

This one in late January 2016 about “your child did not get the teacher you would have chosen”. Read more here. 

Who is starting school in 2013?