Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Denyse’s Memoir: Telling My Story.

Denyse’s Memoir: Telling My Story.

In early 2017 I finally decided it was “time to tell my story”. I have been employed  in education for decades and lived in different areas of New South Wales with my family and then went on to marry and become even more familiar with other parts of N.S.W. beyond the Great Dividing Range. There are stories to tell. However, as time goes on, to keep aspects of the writing and photos private details are likely to be fewer.

The best advice I had was to write my memoir as a blog post each time.


Where to start?

At the beginning of my life and in chronological order to continue to write and publish here on the blog.

It started well:

Photo (#1) For Telling My Story.

In April the first post of introduction was published. Yay.


Telling My Story. Introduction. 2017.60.

Then, on the day before I knew I had cancer, the first chapter was published.

Telling My Story.Chapter One. My Parents. 2017.69.

On May 17th a life-altering event happened. I was diagnosed with cancer. There is a page devoted to the posts about that here.

This meant a LONG gap between ‘chapters’ but finally I did resume.

I needed a new photo: here it is:

Photo (#2) post major cancer surgeries.

I posted again, with many months’ gap here.

Telling My Story. Chapter Two. 1954-67 Schooling. 2018.26.


Telling My Story. Chapter Two. 2018.54.

Then  it became somewhat more regular to post as I did here.

Telling My Story. Chapter Three. 2018.68.

Here’s the next one…with a different photo.

Telling My Story: Chapter Four. 2018. 79.

Photo #3 after my new upper prosthesis was fitted

Telling My Story. Chapter Five. 2018.100.

Telling My Story. Chapter Six. 2018.112.

Telling My Story. Chapter Seven. 2018.124.