Saturday 26th May 2018

Words and Pics This Week. 2017.43.

Words and Pics This Week. 2017.43.

It’s been a blah week because of the weather and I have made some time, where I could, to get outside for capturing a snapshot or five. As I do.

Here are some of the pics I took this week…and some words in the captions.

Saturday morning. Driving along and saw how still the water was. I was rewarded with this capture and many others! How amazing is nature!


I’ve grown sweet peas successfully back at our former home so decided this year to give them a go here. Love the sweet pea flower. Memories of childhood and taking flowers to school to the teacher.


My view from our back verandah. The house at the back is unoccupied since it was sold (this is the garage) is very old, made of fibro/asbestos I guess..and this is my view…making it better with trellis added to back fence to coax the sweet peas up!


After a weekend at home because of awful weather I ventured out to see the big seas and high tide at Soldiers Beach.


A walk around the garden and this pattern of raindrops caught my eye.


This 8inx8in mandala on black was both meditative and creative to complete. I could not stop adding to it. It was such fun. Now off to a friend for her to frame to put in her new house!


I hope your week’s been a good one. Mind you, the weather…let’s not talk too much about it shall we?


I am linking to photography friends who host links: Sue and Jen on Friday and over the weekend with Sammie here for The Ultimate Rabbit Hole.




  1. Oh my gosh. For all these years I thought that Sweet Peas were sweet peas. Not flowers! The things you learn huh?
    I LOVE that mandala! Everything you do in black and white is totally gorgeous!

  2. Denyse your mandala is totally beautiful, you must be so patient to create all that lovely detail. I love your photos too.
    The weather hasn’t been as bad down here, just strong winds and a drizzle of rain.

    • Thank you Jan. Your kind words are appreciated. Creating art like this has been a change for me. I am impatient by nature and what I am learning is that to be in the moment as I create is actually better than the outcome. So, I am applying mindfulness as I make art and that’s a win! The wind here today has been very bad. We are protected from it in a pretty secure brick house and we are not right on the water, for which we are grateful! Happy weekend to you. Denyse

  3. Ohhh I used to grow sweet peas when I was a kid! Have a great weekend 🙂

  4. I’m so over this weather! Urgh! I’m pleased to see you still got out there with your camera and got some magic shots. As for that black and white mandala, it was love at first sight! What a lucky friend!

    • Thank you Sammie. The sun’s appearance today was a lovely surprise and I went over to the beach (again!) for some waves’ action and there was plenty of that. I hope you got outside too. My friend is going to enjoy the mandala in her new house!

  5. Loved these pics Denyse! 🙂 The weather had been bad here in Tennessee too so I feel your pain!

    • Thanks Paula, it sure has been crazy extremes here. I will be glad when it eventually settles into something more reasonable for sure!!