Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Wonderful Water Views. 2017.27.

Wonderful Water Views. 2017.27.

I know in Australia we have had too much of HEAT, DROUGHT and FLOODING…and FIRES…and it has been incredibly stressful for so many.


It certainly was for us in some ways as there was a threat of power outages and we NEEDED to run the Air Conditioning as the outside temperatures went to well over 40 degrees celsius (over 105degrees F) That is wayyyy hot. We survived. Phew.

So, just a few days later…it has cooled down to around 30 degrees C in the day and that’s awesome! I went for a drive on Wednesday just to be in nature once more.

In the morning I went along the road which follows The Wyong River.

In the afternoon I visited my favourite walking beach, Lakes Beach.

The weather was warm (yay), gentle breezes abounded and the sea was calm.

One little video was made on the banks of the Wyong River at high tide.

I walked and recorded the next two little videos at Lakes Beach Budgewoi at low tide.


How is the weather where you are right now?


Joining photography friends here:

Trish: Jen: Steph: Sue

On the weekend I link here with Sammie for the Ultimate Rabbit Hole.




  1. I can almost feel the sand between my toes! Those videos brought the beach to me! I actually planned a trip to the beach at Half Moon Bay last weekend but got side tracked by life. And now it’s raining 🙁
    Oh well, Summer is coming!

    • That’s lovely to know Kat! I liked being there for sure. I hadn’t visited for a while thanks to the heat so this was a treat for me too. I hope you get some sun/beach time soon.

  2. Oh, you’re so lucky to be so near to the water and the beach! I do love city living but oh how I miss coastal walks and that sea fresh air! Pleased you survived the heat, here’s hoping that a cool change comes and stays!

    • Yes I know we are but already take it a bit for granted! We are now in our third year of living away from the city and LIFE takes over here too. We don’t go over to the beach as frequently as we did when it was so new but I need to remind myself that the beach is my place to re-fresh my soul! I hope you get some beach walks soon. Trouble with where you live is that you still need to beat the traffic to do so and that is NOT pleasant.

  3. The weather here in Tennessee is pretty warm for winter. Not that I’m complaining! I hate the cold! And your videos really made me wish I was at the beach!