Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Winter, Whales & Waves. 2017.86.

Winter, Whales & Waves. 2017.86.

It’s no secret how much I love living near the ocean. Winter, in particular, has an attraction for those of us living on the east coast of Australia. It is the time of the migrating whales who are headed north from the cold Southern Ocean to mate and bring offspring into the world in the warmer waters. So, winter isΒ whale watching time. It is somewhat challenging to see the whales without binoculars from where I stood for these pictures but rest assured I saw the large spouting fountain from a whale in the distance looking east. From October onwards, the whales will return heading back home to the south.

My photos are from a Friday afternoon in June. I am savouring these scenes as I will soon be away from seeing them live thanks to my hospitalisation for cancer and then the recovery period at home where I will have one leg in plaster/walking boot.

Here’s my winter collection for now:

Wonderful cloud formation at Soldiers Beach!


Whale spotted out ‘there’

Have you ever seen a whale?

Where was this?

Do you surf in Winter?

Thanks for enjoying the scenes!


P.S. I decided that as Leanne was whale watching recently it would be timely to link this post up for Lovin’ Life. I was going to publish tomorrow, then I thought..no! Do it on Thursday instead. Here is the link to Leanne’s Blog.

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  1. Denyse
    I hope the operation goes fantastically well and your recovery is swift and smooth. I know a bit how you feel as I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Take it easy and I will see you on the other side.

    • Thank you Shelley, that is very kind. I hope you are well too. It is ‘life-changing’ hearing the words ‘you have cancer’ isn’t it? Your warm wishes are appreciated. Denyse

  2. I’ll link up on Monday Denyse and I’ll be thinking of you….

    I love living near the beach as well, though I never used to set foot on it (and don’t go in the ocean). Your pictures are beautiful and I particularly love the beach in winter.

    I’m actually hoping to go whale watching this year – but I’ve said that each year since I moved back here! #teamlovinlife

    • Book it Deb!! You will be amazed and take camera. I went on an impulse when I was in Eden doing work for education in 2013 and it was breathtaking! As for the water and the beach..I must admit now that despite my thinking that moving close by meant I would swim/surf more, this past season I did not. Not sure why, probably it was too much trouble! Glad to see you back on the blog again and being a part of #teamlovinlife

  3. I’ve never seen whales in real life!

    Already planned my post for Monday’s Life This Week.

    SSG xxx

    • I hadnt either till a few years back and I went on a whale watching cruise when I was on the far south coast for work. Amazing. The trick with trying to spot the whales from Sydney and surrounds is to have binoculars and look for the movement and white wash that is not a wave. Then suddenly you may see the spouting of the water from the whale and occasionally the breaching whale. It is breathtaking!

  4. I really don’t like winter – being cold makes me angry – BUT I love this time of year for watching the whales. This year has been, by far the best I’ve seen, so many whales!!! I am so keen to go out on a whale watching cruise and get a bit closer, they just take my breath away.
    Thinking of you xx

    • It is cold for sure but the wonder of the winter ocean and the whales helps the pain! You are in an amazing place to see what you have already. A whale cruise for you and with your camera would be just the thing. It was amazing when I did it out of Eden in 2013. Thanks for your loving wishes. Denyse x

  5. I love anything to do with the ocean and seeing a whale just makes it even more special.

  6. My husband is a surfer and the waves are always best in winter. I’m not a great fan of the beach when it’s cold and blustery (although your pictures are beautiful!) I like sitting in the car eating fish and chips and looking at the wind and waves through the windscreen – it might be time to do that again soon! You could do something similar while you’re recovering Denyse – it might be a nice outing.

    • Yes winter at the beach can be bleak but if its not too windy it can be refreshing for sure. I am sure I will be nagging for a trip to view the sea once I am home. It will be hard not being independent for sure but I have a very understanding husband.

  7. Beautiful photo’s Denyse! Enjoy those walks while you can. You will get back to them though once you recover. Yes I have seen whales – last year at Hervey Bay in Queensland on a whale watching tour. I wrote a post about it. I’ll be thinking of you on 6 July. xo #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks Min. I imagine you would have enjoyed seeing the whales from a boat as I did. Hope your recovery continues to go well. There is a part of me that is not looking forward to mine of course but the surgery is vital, so I learn patience!!

  8. We see whales all the time just off the coastline and beaches of the Gold Coast. My husband sees them up close and personal when he is out fishing in his boat and they sometimes breech right near his boat and scare the daylights out of him. They are such amazing creatures to watch. I wish you well with your upcoming surgery and hope all goes well. πŸ™‚ #TeamLovinLife

    • OH wow. That would be amazing to see so close. It was fun on the cruise I did a few years back and the whales were almost ‘playing’ to the audience. Thanks so much for your good wishes. Denyse x

  9. Winter, waves & whales – are there 3 better w words? They haven’t got up this far yet, but I have my eye on the perfect place to go look out for them. Note to self: put binoculars in car. #TeamLovinLife

    • I so hope you get to see them. The trick is looking (via the binocs!) for disturbed water with white caps that are not waves. That’s a whale or two which could breach!

  10. A lovely collection of photos Denyse. When I lived in Kiama, we lived across from Easts Beach and a couple of times whales came in a little too close. Luckily they weren’t beached but the shout went up and it was like the whole of Kiama had come to the beach to see the whales. Such beautiful creatures. Hope you are keeping your spirits up. Sending hugs xx

    • Oh I know the spot. I was born in Wollongong and lived there till I was 10. My Dad spent some of his childhood in the depression years living with family in Kiama and even went to school there. I am going well. Wanting the surgery to happen as we hope this week. Thank you for asking. Denyse x

  11. We get whales around our local beaches here and there, but I am not lucky enough to have been in the right place at the right time. A whale beached itself near here during the week and wasn’t able to be saved and last year we saw a pilot whale washed up on our local beach. It is comfronting to see such a large beautiful animal so vulnerable. I’d love to go down to the beach, and I should, but it is so darn COLD here right now! Maybe on the weekend πŸ™‚

    • Always that way with whales. My Dad had tried a few times near where he lives by the sea and was still driving but each time they eluded him. Those whales which come up on the beach are sadly often dying and there was one up this way recently too. I think you might be indoors this weekend with the weather I am seeing on the map. Happy weekend! Denyse x

  12. Gorgeous photos of the ocean Denyse. I love it too – any time of the year, although I don’t usually swim in winter. I’ve seen whales off Port Stephens and locally, off the Tweed Coast – such majestic animals. Hope all goes well for you with the surgery and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Take care xox πŸ™‚ #TeamLovinLife

    • Thank you so much Lyndall. The coastal places have their advantage don’t they for this? I certainly no longer swim when it’s cold but those dedicated surfers in wetsuits do!

  13. Oh the whales. They make me so happy.

  14. Hi Denyse, all the very best for your surgery and recovery, hope you will be back whale watching in no time. We went on a whale watching cruise from Hervey Bay when the kids were little and it was absolutely magic, would love to do it again sometime soon.

    • Thank you Janet for your good wishes and I hope so too. Yes you must go and check out the whales again if you can. Such an amazing experience.