Saturday 26th May 2018

Winter in the Garden. 2017.85.

Winter in the Garden. 2017.85.

In June the garden here took on a different look.

Whilst there are some blooms happening, much more is about the ‘sleeping’ side of the plants which need to time to renew.

There is none more apparent than the frangipani.

Last winter was my first experience with a large frangipani shedding its leaves and I had no idea of whether I had ‘killed it’ or it was part of its normal cycle.

Checking various frangipanis around the local area I was relieved to see it was perfectly fine.

In late spring everything began the wonderful renewal of the leaves and the blooms!

That’s winter in this garden.










Which one is your favourite?

What about yours?

What do you see coming up and what is going away, so to speak?


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  1. Oh LOL I was just looking at my frangipani tree the other day and thinking how sad it was starting to look. From memory, it seemed to take a very long time to come back last year – I actually thought I must have brown-thumbed it. All in good time I guess!

    • Oh I am so glad it’s not just me! Last year I seriously thought we’d killed the big tree out the back of our rental place. Then as I drove around the area over the next month or so I saw it happening everywhere. You are right that they come back very very slowly!

  2. Lots of plants ‘sleeping’ in my garden at the moment, roses and deciduous trees. The jonquils are starting to flower, and camelias(one of my favourites I love the carpet they make on the ground). I’m about to pick broccoli, but the banana tree which has the fruit flower coming out is looking sad after the frost 🙁 Must get out there and take some photos to share 🙂

    • Do! I’d love to see them too. The flowers in pots here are dying off and I would replace them but with hospital stay looming and no ability to maintain them once I am home (with leg in walking boot) I will just wait for some of the garden offerings which have been dormant to pop up. The sweetness (some of them) are finally grabbing hold of the little trellis on the fence so they will be a nice surprise for me later in July with their growth. Happy gardening/photography!

  3. I love the last flower – that shade of purple is so good.

  4. So many plants look so sad during the winter months, but the Frangipani tops them all I think. That is why I love winter here in North QLD. Still so many beautiful plants in flower.

  5. Frangipanis do go through quite a transformation. We were thinking of getting one, but not sure if we like the winter look. I love camelias too. beautiful.

    • They are “ugly” when it off season! When we lived in Sydney we grew a small one & that was cool as is always wanted one near the pool. This one here is ages old & huge! So when it’s bare we see right into next door. If I was having another one I would have it near a path or walkway as the flowers drop & become squishy & slippery.

  6. You had me at frangipani!! We cant grow them at the farm – too much frost in the winter Gorgeous floral shots Denyse xx #teamIBOT xx

    • Indeed they are beauties but they do not like the colder/hotter/dry climates do they? We kind of got one going at our place in Western Sydney but there is no doubt they love the coast and the more temperate climes!