Monday 9th December 2019

Why I NEED To Blog Daily. 280/365.

Why I NEED To Blog Daily. 280/365.

I first decided to blog each day to note permanently the various happenings which occur during a life change such as we are having right now.

I thought it would be good to record events in both words and photographs.

Of course I also wanted to ‘connect’ in some way with the world in my new, and somewhat isolated lifestyle.

However, it has become more than that over the past 6 months.

I’ve been finding aspects of the change anxiety-producing at times. These periods of time last for days or even a few hours but they impact my thinking to a degree. The anxiety and stressors impact my physical health with concerns about IBS and its result.

Yes, I am being ably supported by many things I do and read and have great health professionals in my life as well as loving husband and an understanding family.

I am told, and I remain hopeful, that over time this will all get better and I will adjust with less stress.

However, it isn’t as fast as I would like (of course, because I am impatient!).

So, I write here about other matters and I post photographs and I tell stories and I show my art works. All to give me a purpose in each day…just to start. Usually just the starting is enough.

However, and I am saying that a bit in this post, it doesn’t come easily and I must do the one thing I said I would do each day at the beginning of 2015 and that is to do a daily blog post.

This is it for today. I am not feeling as well as I’d like to emotionally right now.

Yet, I know, as always, it will pass and I need to allow to do so. I continue to practise mindful meditation, walk and do the various courses that are helping but the tummy tightness is present and I don’t like it. No-one does.

In meditation I learn that despite the clouds in our thinking there is always blue sky above.

How do you deal with the ups and downs of life?

Denyse xx





  1. Lovely post Denyse and I completely understand. I’ve not been sharing a lot of personal stuff on my blog lately and I kinda miss my Diet Schmiet blog which I wrote in almost daily (when dieting and afterwards). Writing so often meant I was comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings and I did find it to be a huge support at times.

    Take care and keep writing whenever you need to!


    • Thank YOU dear Deb, this was written on a ‘low’ day but glad I did to be ‘true to me’. It will also help me as I review my year I am sure. Have you considered journalling anyway? I know when you write for a living it may feel too much on top of it all. Hope life is treating you well right now. Denyse x

  2. I write to deal with the ups and downs of life. I’ve always wrote about what I was feeling and thinking. It’s easier for me than to talk about things. Take Care! 🙂

    • Thank you Paula for your hearfelt response. I had some ‘trepidation’ about this post but I am glad I did. It shows me that we all need to connect! Warm wishes, Denyse

  3. My nana always used to say “better out than in .” How wonderful that you have created this beautiful space where you can express your thoughts and feelings, on good days and the not so good ones. You’re right, there is always blue sky above, and that’s why it’s always a good idea to look up, or at least keep your chin up 🙂 Thinking of you x

    • Hi Sammie, this is such a ‘late for me reply’. Oops. Thank you so much for your kind words. Your Nana was wise and we all need to remember that each day changes just as the weather. So, for me, almost 2 weeks later I can say that things are indeed better and I am learning that each day. Love, Denyse