Tuesday 21st January 2020

Which Anniversaries Are Special? #ltw6 366/291.

Which Anniversaries Are Special? #ltw6. 366/291.

The optional prompt for week 6 of Life This Week is: Which Anniversaries Are Special and I have chosen ONE!

The one that is most special to me (and my husband) is not when we married, nor is it a wedding anniversary with significant numbers.

I chose Monday 17 October 2016 for this prompt and the title because today is the 46th anniversary of meeting my (now) husband.

It is the date of 17th October 1970. It was a Saturday. We met around 6.30 p.m. at a Tamworth Club. It was the dinner dance for the NSW Teachers Federation Annual Conference held in the country for the first time. I was a first year teacher at Barraba (around an hour’s drive from Tamworth and my two friends/colleagues spent the day at the Conference and then looked forward to the party afterwards. I have to confess our motivation to attend the conference was social rather than political!! We’d booked to stay in town and after the conference headed back to get ourselves ready.

I recall I wore a blue and white dress. When we got to the club, the dinner part was underway and we had to find a table. One table had a few guys down one end, and enough seats for us at the other. We asked, as you do, ‘is anyone sitting here?’ No they were not, and the smiling young man at the end of the table looked pretty nice! I sat at the other end. These men were ‘one-teacher schoolies’ from another part of the North West who’d attended the conference and whilst they admitted they too were there for the social part, only one, I found out later was single. Can you guess?

After our dinner, I was asked to dance by the smiling, dark-haired tall man in the blue suit and I said yes. I was up to his shoulder! I also managed to tread on his foot as we danced. But that did not matter. We liked each other and we continued to laugh and dance, and then later talk. I was smitten. Very! Towards the end of the night, he came and said he had to leave as he was going back to where they all lived and taught and wasnt staying in town like we were. I was sorry that we couldnt keep talking but my friends were longing to go as well. He knew my name and my school. I hoped I would hear from him.

That night I could not sleep. The next day, Sunday, I could not stop thinking about him. On the Monday morning at school I was on playground duty and my boss came and said there is a man on the phone for you. What? Yes, it was him. Schools had phones. Houses that are rented often did not back then. He asked if he could come over on the next weekend and see me. We lived a good two hours from each other, via the Great Dividing Range. I said “sorry, I am going back to Sydney that weekend”. We made the time for the following weekend. That, dear readers, was that. In LOVE. Both of us. And here are some very young people, so in love, in those early heady days of November and December 1970.

What is your special anniversary or anniversaries?

I hope you enjoyed my short story!


NEXT WEEK’S optional prompt: #ltw7  Two Months Till Christmas Eve! 

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  1. How special! Such a lovely story.
    Really enjoyed seeing the photos.
    I love how you remember what you were wearing. I always remember what I was wearing to major events. I may not remember the specifics of the event, or the date, or the people, but I always remember what I was wearing.
    My husband and I met on Melbourne Cup day. I was thinking I might write about that on Melbourne Cup day. Combine the two post prompts.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Denyse! What a beautiful story and thank you for sharing your photo memories too!

    SSG xxx

  3. Such a beautiful story Denyse! And thanks for adding the photos. I feel like it just doesn’t happen like that anymore… but I loved reading every word of your anniversary story xx

    • I guess it doesn’t happen like that any more since the advent of on-line dating sites and all that. I am so glad you enjoyed reading it and the pics. And, for linking up!! Yay.

  4. Oh that’s lovely. I ended up using an old post for today as I realised I didn’t really have much to offer by way of anniversaries I celebrate….

    Instead I’ve talked a bit about my dad’s passing (5yrs ago next Monday) and why I don’t go to the cemetery to visit.

    • I think you make a good point. Not all anniversaries are for celebrating but they are about remembering. Thank you for sharing your story about your Dad….and I appreciate your kind support of this link up every week and via social media! Thanks Deborah.

  5. Loved your story! Happy first time you met anniversary! I honestly don’t remember the date Mick and I first met. Also, we made no impression on each other because we didn’t start going out until a year later! Funny how things work out. Great prompt.

    • I think that it’s funny how things work out even when we think we ‘control’ stuff in our lives, we don’t! Thanks for linking up again and for your support of the link-up and prompts when they have some meaning for you, Ness.

  6. Oh I do love a good love story – thanks for sharing Denyse!

  7. I love that you remember what your wore! I met my partner when he was travelling our oz so we had to travel long distances to see each other!

    • It’s funny what the brain recalls of significant events! We would have continued travelling over the Great Dividing Range of NSW if we hadn’t married before school went back in January 1971!

  8. I love that you know so many details. It’s funny, I have a photo of my husband before we technically met!!

    • I am a details person, Vanessa!! That is interesting about your hub. Something like that with mine too actually. In the winter before we ‘actually met’ my friends and I travelled to watch a Rugby Union game between the team of the town we lived and Narrabri. I recalled seeing a Narrabri player hurt his knee and being taken off the field. Much later, of course, I found out it was my now husband!!

  9. I got goosebumps when I realised it was a happily ever after story and love at first site. Happy Anniversary!!

  10. Sorry sight.

  11. That’s a beautiful story. We weren’t love at first sight- in fact, I hated him, then I liked him, then we were friends…but the very first time I saw him, I knew he’d be Important…if you know what I mean. I’ve ignored the prompt (sorry), but finally linking up!

  12. inthegoodbooksblog says:

    Oh, I loved reading this post Denyse!!
    I am a sucker for a good love story, and I really enjoyed reading about how you first met your husband. Happy Anniversary!!
    On Saturday, we will be celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary! I am so happy for them, and have organised dinner, cake, and more! I can’t wait to celebrate with them.
    Next week, my husband and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. So as you can see, it’s a big week for us!

    • Oh how lovely for your parents! Big Congratulations to them. They will be celebrating a very special time with you. And, for you too! It is so awesome seeing people happy about their relationships and anniversaries. Thank you for sharing and linking up this week. Glad you enjoyed ‘our story’.

  13. That is a fabulously gorgeous story. I loved reading it and the old photos.

  14. I loved reading this D – what a gorgeous story and an anniversary well worth celebrating! I hope you had a lovely day together x

    • Thank you very much Kirsty!! We had our usual day together…in retirement these are most days here at home..but it’s always special to remember 17 October!