Tuesday 22nd May 2018

What Works Best For You? 2017.26.

What Works Best For You? 2017.26.

Everyone has some ideas for that work best for them.

In terms of being a school parent and being organised for what school terms bring I wondered what works best for you!

This is the Morning Routine version of what worked for me. Back in the 1980s and 90s.

I was a school parent well before the internet and daily access to schools and newsletters and the like. However, I always had a fridge calendar and a space for notes there too. I kept our family calendar updated with school and extra curricular items such as sport and group events listed.

I added meeting days where I would be late home, necessitating other arrangements for school pick up and when there were to be meetings at the kids’ schools such as ‘meet the teacher.’

I would love to have readers share.

My list that worked best for me included:

  • I made sure I was up before the kids…just for my sanity…and I could get in some breakfast too before waking the darlings.
  • kids did not get dressed until they ate their breakfast and there were limited choices: cereal and toast.
  • TV never went on in the mornings. Ever. It was hard enough getting kids to stay on track. At least there were no electronic devices back then.
  • school clothes (including mine, because I was a teacher going off to school too!) ready the night before and laid out, with socks & shoes so there were no delays in finding said items!
  • checking of the weather report the night before (and the morning) so that we were prepared for rain/heat whatever Australia’s changing weather systems had on offer.
  • school bags emptied the night before (or on the weekend, the Friday for preference!) so that filling was easy in the mornings. Actually not fully emptied. I was the person who made her kids always have a folded up raincoat lying in the bottom of the school bag.
  • lunches were made in advance and in my case, kids and mine were made in batches and frozen.Boring same ingredients and sometimes not eaten but they were ready to pop into lunch boxes.
  • a snack self-selection area in the pantry with a guide for how many and from which group to add to lunchbox.
  • frozen water bottles grabbed from the freezer and wrapped in a towel – it helped with insulation and a cooling thing on the very hot days anyway.

  • library bag at the ready if it was library day.
  • school hat either next to the bag OR kept in the car as the kids would be dropped off from the car.
  • homework folders/books ready to be returned on the day as requested by the teacher.
  • notes signed, money added (if needed) and put in a plastic zip bag because for sure, these items get messed up in kids’ bags.
  • everyone in the car, buckled up allowing for the school drop offs and for me to be at school on time!

So, I used to look forward to getting to school….for the break and a coffee after all that above..and then up to my classroom to be ready for teaching everyone else’s kids!

What works for you in the mornings before school?

Do tell me in the comments!


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  1. I wish I did all those things. But we do some. I try to get the kids to stick to the after school routine of immediately unpacking bag in full and bringing lunch bag and drink bottle to kitchen, uniform in dirty laundry basket in their rooms, put backpack, hat and laptop in the space we have in their rooms. If they do that 75% of the time our lives run easier.

    • I know what you mean. It’s partly because of organisational me/teacher me that this worked. I often spent part of the morning hurrying people up, and getting cross too! My mum (who never worked outside the home) used to say “you have to rush those kids too much”….sigh!

  2. Not and never have been a school mum but I know that following a routine in the mornings changes the colour of my day. How do I know that? Because I don’t always succeed!

    • Oh yes. I have become routine-resistant in many ways after HAVING to follow one for all of my working/teaching life. I know sometimes I am not doing myself any favours but I do like not having to clock-watch as much as I did. My husband on the other hand follows a routine and it annoys him a bit that I do not. He has a different sleeping pattern to me and so we keep somewhat different hours. It is what it is!

  3. We don’t have to have a strict routine now that the kids are all in high school, but when they were younger it was really similar to what you did too 🙂

  4. I liked to have my breakfast and shower in peace before the kids got up. I hated making lunches so that was the hubster’s job mostly! Lucky me 🙂

    • Ah yes, I was always up before the kids and my goal (every morning) was to at least have my toast and tea reading a part of the morning newspaper..it grounded me before I had to ‘take off’ so to speak!!

  5. I pretty much did all of those things, except the lunches. I made those in the early-morning quiet before the kids got up. No fighting in the kitchen and freshly made lunches – it worked for us.

    These days it’s only two of us going to school now. I leave around 7-7.30, having gotten ready in a silent house, and I wake Mr Busy before I go. He always ends up at school with everything he needs – that’s often where we say “good morning”! I have no idea what time he gets out of bed or whether he eats. He’s nearly 17, so he should be able to figure it out by now.

    • Oh that is lovely..he gets himself off to school! It sure is different as they get older. Some kids at that age cant even get out of bed! He’s doing well. As are you most certainly !!

  6. We’re lucky that I work from home some our mornings are pretty chill, and not a huge rush to get out the door. Kids are up at 6am so that gives up 2.5 hours to have brekky, get dressed for school and for me to get lunches etc ready. We’re all morning people too, so that helps!

    • Oh yes, it would be helpful to be morning people!! Working at home sounds ideal but still, I guess you have the ‘getting them to school etc” routine and then..boom! Suddenly it’s 3 pm. Where DID that day go!?

  7. No kids here but as a teacher, I always liked my bag packed, clothes laid out and lunch packed the night before because mornings were so busy every second counted!

    • Indeed I understand that well. Getting myself organised when I no longer had kids at home and had to get myself to school paid dividends in not feeling more stressed in the morning.

  8. Our mornings are very similar to how you described yours. My other thing is to deal with notes from school as soon as I see them.

  9. Our mornings are pretty much exactly like that. I run a pretty tight ship to ensure we get out the door with minimum stress. I allow some TV once everyone is dressed and if we have time to spare.

    • It is worth it to be organised. Getting yourself ready as well as ensuring the girls are is essential for a less stressed start to everyone’s day.

  10. Taking notes and committing to the memory bank, Denyse. I have it easy with daycare in a way because breakfast is provided and no school uniforms or sports gear. Going to be interesting next year.

    SSG xxx

    • Forewarned is forearmed! I have often been ‘surprised’ with some families when their child is going from a daycare/early childhood setting to school that parents realise there needs to be plans made for: before and after school as well as school holidays. You might find this the case from January 2018. I can imagine though, as an organised person yourself, you are already aware of this!!