Friday 20th April 2018

What Art Has Taught Me. 2017.53.

What Art Has Taught Me. 2017.53.

In 2013 I was searching for more in my life to help me through the bumps and trials.

A friend suggested an art-based group in U.S. where there was an annual challenge.

I’ve written about this a few times on the blog.

Today I am listing what Art has taught me from that mid-point in 2013 until the present.

And it’s not always about Art!!

  • I can be patient
  • I can see the world from different perspectives
  • I can select what I want to do with my art materials with confidence
  • I now know the process is more important to me than the product
  • I find that I prefer to share my art, imperfect as it is, with many and am happy to give it away when people express an interest in it
  • I find it interesting that others see different things in my artistic pursuits than I do at times
  • I enjoy the way in which I became at one with the now when I’m engaged in a creative process be it writing, photography, art or gardening

In general, Art has taught me to allow my mindfulness to be part of who I am. I am no longer striving as much nor wanting to do the next thing. It is teaching me to slow down. 

This is a good lesson to be learned!

Have you learned lessons from life?


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  1. I have never enjoyed art as such, too much of a perfectionist to enjoy the process of it. That said, I do love craft and as I have just said on another blog comment, I have not made time or had space, but it is about time I made time, and created the space. I love the feeling of accomplishment.

    • I used to be accomplishment driven (and it’s a hard thing to beat) but slowing down and enjoying the process helps me with calming my mind and just ‘doing for the sake of it’. It’s hard to change from the product-purpose of something you do to ‘the doing for its sake’. Have you come across Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic yet? It is something that helped me. I hope you do get back to your craft!!

  2. I love that you have found so much within and about yourself through your art. I feel the same when I write. Also, since making a conscious decision to slow down and simplify life, I have really enjoyed getting back into baking and teaching myself crochet and sewing. It’s amazing how even small activities can bring about great change if you let them. #teamIBOT

    • That sounds so good Erika. Time out (in its own way doing things you love) is awesome. And it is a great example for others I believe. For too long we mums put ourselves last. No more!!

  3. I love your art but not something that I could do. I love to sit and do a jigsaw puzzle and have just realised I haven’t done one in over a year. Not good is it?

    • No it is not good when you are trying to practise self-care..but I also understand. My hub is the jigsaw fan and he has a 1000 piece one on the go all the time. He made a purpose-built tray with a frame so it can be lifted from the dining table if we need to space. The thing with jigsaws is they need to be ‘out’ for you to dabble in. It is a very mindful activity for sure.

  4. Love this Denyse. I feel the same way- art and creativity is teaching me about myself and the world every day xx

  5. I find art calming, I enjoy watching something that I create come to life. I love this post Denyse. Art can teach us so much about ourselves and our surroundings

    • It is a very mindful activity when we become ‘lost’ in it and then we regain our sense of all being well. Love that you too enjoy this!

  6. I love your art, Denyse and in it I can see the peace and pleasure that it brings you. I learned that important life lesson about not always looking to the next thing, but I didn’t learn it through art, I learned it from a cucumber sandwich. True story – I even blogged about it once!

    • Ah ha! I think it maybe in the sensing and the experiencing of all we do with a mindful and attentive stance that helps us learn lessons. Must check out your post!! Thanks for letting me know. Love it.

  7. Those are beautiful lessons, Denyse. I’ve never been very artistic, but I am taking an art at the pub class next week. I’m looking forward to seeing how I go with painting. I just love your mandalas. They must be so soothing to create.

    • Thank you for your kind words!! I think if we change the way we believe we are/were about creativity then we can just immerse ourselves and get as much out the experience as we can. I have surprised myself with what I come up with. It really has been a delight to discover something I like doing at a time when I have been feeling ‘lost and a bit sad’ at this stage of life. I LOVE the idea of an art at the pub class! Have FUN!

  8. Art is a mindful activity — something I still haven’t done because I’m not artistic.Lovely to hear about what you are getting from it

    • Thanks so much. I do believe, however, that there is something ‘artistic’ in each of us. Maybe from the way in which we colour our houses, choose items of clothing, see the shapes and colours in nature. There is much to be said for ‘not labelling’ these days! Your words are much appreciated. Denyse