Tuesday 22nd May 2018

What A Difference! 366/8.

What A Difference! 366/8.

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Aussie Wordless Wednesday with Trish at here 

Photo Friday with Jen here along with Image-In-Ing here.


Background To The Photographs Shared:

The Australian continent experiences many different ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of weather and recently it has seen bushfires (wildfires for US readers) destroy a huge number of houses along the Victorian surf coast, droughts ravage inland Queensland, temperatures over well over the ‘old 100degF’ and the current 37degC in South Australia and Western Australia.

The combinations of weather patterns all made for a ‘perfect storm’ called an East Coast Low this past few days on the New South Wales coast line and that’s where we live now. I’ve been out today (as I was yesterday) trying to capture some shots in the howling winds and driving rain. I only used the iPhone in the end as I could protect it against the elements.

Today’s group of photos is from the high tide and flooding of the local Tuggerah Lakes, contrasted with shots taken in a very similar spot about 8 weeks ago when we first moved here and the temperature was rising to over 40degC.

What a land we live in here in Australia!




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  1. Can we have your floods please? Western Australia is on fire today.

    You’ve got some beautiful leading lines in a couple of those shots.

    • Australia…we are in such a wide brown land..of droughts and flooding rains..and yes, I would love to send you some of that water. Terrible vision tonight of what’s been happening you way. I am very sorry! Thank you though, Stella Lee, you have brightened my day with your comment! Cheers, Denyse. PS do come back again soon!

  2. From bush fires to floodlands – Mother Nature is bringing it all to Australia right now.
    Amazing pics Denyse. Great captures.
    Claire x

    • Thank you so much Claire for visiting and commenting for the first time! Yes, we live in a country of many extremes. It is what makes Australia this land that’s where we live. It teaches us that we actually don’t own the land though! Warm wishes, Denyse

  3. Oh man! I hate hate that y’all are facing those kinds of adversity right now, although the difference in photos is amazing! A little closer to the Mississippi River, they are preparing for flooding. We got massive amounts of rain during the holidays & there has been more since (severe storms are supposed to come in tonight). The big rivers like the Mississippi are just now reaching flood stages. 🙁 We are far enough East that shouldn’t be much trouble, although our seafood industry is fixing to take a hit because of the fresh water intrusion. (They’re opening up the spillways to protect New Orleans from being innudated)

    Thanks so much for sharing with us at Photo Friday!

  4. It is a funny old world this one which connects us with our floods, rains, droughts and fires. The extremes of seasons are hard to take. In April last year we were adversely affected with no power for 5 days and endless rain. This time round no loss of electricity which makes me one happy person. I do feel for those who make their living from the land and the sea. They suffer at times. Thanks Jen for your care! Warm wishes back to you! Denyse

  5. Wow – that’s a crazy amount of water with the jetty and perches disappearing! Great photos! =)

    • Thanks so much Jen. It was only from my memory of where the pelicans had been hanging out last time I was there that I realised this one was still ‘perching’ on an underwater one! Appreciate you coming along and commenting too! Denyse

  6. It’s amazing the difference a week can make! New Year’s Day and we were down at the Lagoon, feeding the ducks & geese, a week later and it was under water! And now after another week it’s going to be 41 tomorrow! Crazy! Wonder what next week will be like?

    • Yes it sure is Kylie and the humidity is pretty crazy up here. Lots of stagnant water hanging around making great new house for mozzies to breed. I slather the aeroguard on when I’m headed outdoors. It’s Ok to stay inside with air con here, and I hope you have the same to beat these hot days. Two family members have birthdays coming up and I can recall some absolute shockers for the party days of way over 38deg. Stay cool! Denyse x

  7. Wow, that is a lot of water . I miss the Entrance and Long jetty -spent many a holiday there in my youth.

    • Yes it’s been quite the week of differences up here. Right now it’s over 38degC but change is on its way. The Entrance Beach, where we holidayed with our kids in 1980s/90s has been closed for ages due to rock exposure which makes it hard for anyone looking for a surf. Nature has its way of reclaiming what is hers! Denyse

  8. The weather is up and down and all over the place here too. 38 one day, 22 the next! It is very dry here though, it’s been a dry year all round. Not a puddle anywhere! Amazing to see the difference in your photos.

    • Oh dear Alicia I hope you get the much needed rain soon. Some areas cop too much and others never enough. Thanks for commenting! Denyse

  9. Oh my goodness. The jetty disappeared! that’s crazy