Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Week 11 Intention. Recognise ‘It’s In Me’. 2017.40.

Week 11 Intention. Recognise It’s In Me’. 2017.40.

Every time I turn around to look for an answer to what life is dishing up to me now I see that it’s up to me how I address it and how I react/respond.

Until recently I thought that meant “ME” alone. However, with good advice and a cooler head helping me, I realise it means that I can see and seek how to act and solve issues for with tools at my disposal.

These might be professionals. taking my own advice and getting outside, reading an article, doing an on-line course and the like.

I just need to remember to find them and ask for the help from others where it’s useful.

But what I know is that it is all within me.

The poem from Mary Oliver captures the essence of what it is for me. Thanks for my husband (my wonderful confidante, friend and life guide) for this.

Last week, and continuing on, the Gratitude Journal app is having entries almost daily. That’s a win!

My Week 11 Intention.

To recognise that all I need is in me. I need to take into account the ‘in-built guide of my mind’ and the tools I have external to me that can also help me as need be.

I wish you a wonderful week ahead too. It will likely have bumps and scrapes but will have YOU to guide you too.



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  1. Denyse the one great thing about being older (and wiser) is that where I used to over react to every situation that challenged me, I now take my time and look for resolutions rather than knee jerk reactions. This poem certainly captures the essence of becoming more attuned with yourself and finding resolutions and your own voice. Lovely! Thanks for this. 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  2. What a beautiful poem Denyse. Kathy says basically everything I am thinking. I’m hobbling along with quite a few bumps and scrapes along the way but I am grateful that I am at a phase of life where the stress and pressures on me have lessened so that I have more time to focus on myself and find resolutions to the bumps and scrapes as I encounter them. Have a wonderful day! xo #TeamLovinLife

    • That sound pretty right on as an observation too Min! Happy to know you are getting there too. Life is this famous journey and I still think that IS the best word for it.

  3. It is DEFINITELY about how you choose to react to situations that determines how you cope with them. I’m learning slowly but surely to hold my own – to be authentic, to not be bull-dozed, to not over-think and over-react. Plenty of times I need to sternly remind myself of this, but my attitude is the key every time.

    • I think it might also be linked to having slightly less on our plates now and bit more space for thinking time. I am pretty sure half of my outbursts were related to me trying to respond to many needs of others – work and family. Life is slower now and I am more reflective as I have time to consider how to live in a more kindly relationship with myself.

  4. Never feel you are alone Denise and that you can’t ask for help and support. Have a beautiful weekend with your hubby and enjoy!

    • Thanks Sue. Lots happening in our life that is a challenge to a worrier like me but my hub and I have the best relationship so I am blessed. I also have been growing my ‘own’ support…me! I am calling it an internal toolbox. It’s an interesting journey alright for someone who has been used to having many roles in her life and now it’s ‘just about me’. Your kindness is always appreciated. Denyse

  5. I actually recommend some form of personal development every day for my clients going through changes, health issues or periods of low resilience. Whether it be an online seminar or a motivational You Tube Video, reading a chapter of a self help book or an inspiring autobiography, going for a nature walk and looking at the simplicity of life in nature, having a media ban (because the news is always shite). I feel for you Denyse. Keep building that internal tool box! I look forward to you sharing the toolbox from time to time so that others can add your blog to their personal development reading. 🙂

    • Thanks Leanne, I always appreciate your kindness and support. I will eventually get the resources I use into a blog post. In some ways I have but it would be good to have them in one place.

  6. Love this one. I think there’s something to be said for recognising ‘we had the power / knowledge / ability all of the time’ (to quote Wizard of Oz, kinda) but knowing when to seek help from others is also important and something I’m still grappling with.