Tuesday 22nd May 2018

We Are All Teachers. 334/365.

We Are All Teachers. 334/365.

I believe we all can help each other in this world.

I’ve been a blogger since late 2010. Jess, from Essentially Jess became a blogging friend in 2011 as I met many new friends via blogging. When she asked about people to help her on Tuesdays with her phenomenally popular I Blog On Tuesdays link up (IBOT for short!) I was someone who put my hand up and my help was graciously accepted to be part of the first #teamIBOT. Now, over the years my life’s priorities changed for a while and I blogged a little (ok, a lot!) less and reluctantly handed back my status as a #teamIBOT member. This year things have resoundingly changed and I am a blogger every day! I am pleased to say that Jess has accepted my offer from a while back for me to come back on board should she ever need another #teamIBOT commenter. Today I am back! Thanks Jess!

I reviewed a post for today, Tuesday 1 December, which is one I wrote back in 2011. I was making the point about the fact that we are all teachers. What do you think?

  • YOU are a teacher, yes you are… we are all teachers.
  • Teachers of our children.
  • Teaching them about life, living their lives, and being learners so that they become teachers themselves.
  • We all are teachers.
  • What has a teacher taught you that you are grateful for?

My Dad taught me how to dance. It felt awkward ‘putting my hand in Dad’s’ as a teen but once I got the hang of it, it meant I could join in on social events. Remember, I am a child of the 50s and 60s. My Mum taught me about cooking. She wasn’t a strict measurer of ingredients, but she trusted me enough as a little kid to give me a go. The kitchen was not a forbidden place for me, and that has helped me be an instinctive cook too. My kids have become great family cooks themselves, so that is an aspect of teaching that has been passed on. My auntie taught me how to enjoy reading, Really get into it. She provided me with a range of materials that I devoured. My grandfather taught me how to go to the shops with the soft drink bottles, get some cash back then spend it on lollies. Gosh I loved that particular lesson!!! My grandmother taught me that life isn’t always fair and that you can make your life what you want it to be. In fact, she didn’t pay enough attention to this lesson, and was quite a sad and angry person once she’d been widowed at a young age. My granddaughter taught me that love is limitless. There is a loving bond between us which grows. They are but some of the lessons I learned from my teachers. My generations in my family.

Denyse xx




  1. So good to have you back in the team Denyse!

    I totally agree, I think we are all teachers, without even realising it. Right now Dave is an art teacher as he spends a bit of time almost every day teaching Punky how to draw new things and draw and colour in different ways. He wouldn’t call himself a teacher but it’s exactly what he is doing. Funnily enough, I’ve actually been told my the people in my Tafe class that I should be a teacher at Tafe. It’s definitely something to consider once I get some more professional photography experience under my belt. We’re actually organising a teaching session for the new year where I teach them about setting up websites and blogging and I’m actually kind of excited about it!

    • It’s good to be back!! Yay for your update here too. Why don’t you get your Cert IV in Training and Assessment if that would give you some quals without having to go down the path of a degree. I am unsure what you need these days but I got one of those so I could teach adults English as a second language. I have yet to update mine (because I am pretty sure I wont teach again but it’s always there as a standby). I would suggest you look at the various providors for training if you go ahead and investigate. There are HUGE price differences and there are on-line versions. You have had a tops year following this path Kylie and I am really pleased for you. Go Dave too! Denyse x

  2. Yay!! Go you!!! It’s funny how life evolves and so do the things you can focus on! Very exciting to be back. How awesome are blogging friends!

    • Thanks so much Lucy! This year has been one of major life transitions for me & my decision to use my blog as a daily focus was right! It’s helped me with venting, thinking, connecting & more! I’ve had “something to do” no matter what each day! I’m glad to be a blogger! Denyse x

  3. So glad to have such a distinguished alumni back on board! 😉

  4. She is back baby. I wasn’t part of the team when you were in IBOT last time so I am happy now to work with you. Yeah for teachers.

  5. What a beautiful post! I used to be a primary school teacher, then I went on to be a teacher for adults (course trainer) but yes, I agree we are all teachers in one way or another.

    • Thanks so much Mandy! I think once a teacher always a teacher! I’ve taught adults too- the most recent role was Uni tutor to Masters of Ed students in pre service years. Finally no longer work in paid teaching roles but I suspect I will volunteer at a local school here next year! Denyse

  6. I always believed that having kids was a continual teaching experience – and revelled in that aspect of it. Continually opening their eyes to new experiences – so important. Kids seem to live such indoor lives these days – possibly because it is easier for parents?

    • So with you on the continual teaching experience. I think some families have both limited time and space for outdoor play given block sizes of house becoming small(er). I taught in a community where the only chance to run around on grass and play cricket was at the school because of the McMansions built which took up almost all of the block!

  7. So happy to have you back Denyse!
    Just last night I was watching someone ignore their ringing phone because they were in the middle of a conversation. They didn’t even looked to see who it was. That was a teaching moment for me, because I felt honoured in a way that is quite rare these days. It’s made me want to replicate that behaviour.
    So yes, anyone can be a teacher, and we can learn from anyone as well.

    • Thanks Jess! I believe in time and place and readiness and I am so in that place to be back contributing more to the blogging community I love via your lovely site! Interesting example you give about teaching you something. We never stop learning. Great to be back on #teamIBOT!