Friday 20th April 2018

Water Views Then & Now. 366/92.

Water Views Then & Now. 366/92.

Regular readers here know that I love the water!

They also may realise we are now into our second year living near the water.

Today I have chosen 3 shots I took close to one year ago and 3 I took on Thursday of this week.



We Lived Near Here at Empire Bay for most of 2015.

MacMasters Beach. Last surf for the season 2015 for me.

MacMasters Beach. Last surf for the season 2015 for me.

'in the water' at MacMasters Beach looking towards Copacabana April 2015.

‘in the water’ at MacMasters Beach looking towards Copacabana April 2015.


Rough and wonderful seas at Soldiers Beach rock platform 31 March 2016. Near where we live now.


No-one is standing on these platforms waiting to jump in when it’s like this!


From Soldiers Beach top carpark looking towards Norah Head 31 March 2016.

What’s the water view near you?


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  1. WOW! When you put them altogether like that you are the luckiest person in the world. Such lovely views and pictures. I am at the beach at the moment and we have been blessed with amazing weather for the past week! It really is good for the soul. Have a great weekend!

    • I am delighted to be living close to water again Angela after waiting about 45 years to do so. I am ‘still’ getting used to many aspects of moving away from family and all that but nature is one heck of a good compensation. We think when we can afford to buy, it will be within ‘easy’ drive of beaches. Happy school hols! Denyse

  2. Lovely D.

    This is the only water view I get these days….


  3. I love going to the beach, and photos like these always make me smile as I imagine myself there.
    Nice shots! Thanks for sharing at

    • Thanks so much! I have been visiting the beach most days for the past 4 months of what seems like our ‘endless summer’ in Australia!

  4. Your photos are awesome ! It’s always uplifting to see the ocean. I always feel better when I can see the water breaking over the sand.

    • It is life-giving isn’t it? I use all of my senses when I watch those waves on the sand and it’s probably the only time I am truly ‘in the moment’.

  5. I would love to live by the sea, well, a vast expanse of water. It’s very calming. The closest I get where I live is a canal path and a lake. Haha! The last three pictures you shared are just stunning!

    • Yes we are fortunate to have landed in this lovely area which is still new to us and therefore I get to do a lot more exploration with my camera! We’ve lived near lakes (man made mostly) before but I have never lived near a canal. Thanks so much for popping over and commenting Jade! Denyse

  6. Great photos, D. I love MacMasters Beach. Some happy, precious memories for me.

    • Thank you Grace. MacMasters was a lovely beach to visit when we lived in the southern part of the Central Coast.

  7. Nothing beats the water. But preferably not from the sky. We are in Scotland at the moment and there is water from above and below 😉

    • Ah how wonderful to know you are reading and commenting from my ancestors’ Scotland! One day I said, one day I will get there but now I am not so sure. It is almost ready to rain here on the NSW Central Coast and I have to say it is needed! Enjoy what today brings you! Denyse

  8. My water view is the Macquarie River …usually on the water from a dragon boat.
    My favourite thing.
    Beautiful beaches , been to a few of them and they are spectacular.