Thursday 24th October 2019

This Time Next Week. #LTW15. 366/338.

This Time Next Week. #LTW15. 366/338.

This time next week it will be Monday 26 December and for us in Australia (and elsewhere!) it’s Boxing Day.

The day after Christmas Day. Called Boxing Day because of one tradition I believe which stem from the English one where presents were in boxes and handed out on the day after the religious day that was 25 December.

The focus on Christmas Day was the gathering of family for church services recognising the birth of Jesus Christ and then eating a meal together at home.

So…what are some of the current and past Boxing Day traditions for me and many?


In no particular order they are:

  • waking to a quieter and less busy day than Christmas Day and knowing that the fridge is groaning with leftovers, yet funnily, you can still be hungry and you are glad you over-catered! But, eventually you tire of the ham and you seek this for help….


  • if you are a keen shopper (read: LOVE specials and crowds) then you will have jumped in the car, arrived in a closed up city to find the SALES are not only crazy but they are not always specials you want..but you enjoy it for the heck of it.


  • Around the middle of the day, it’s time to put the TV on…or to find a vantage spot around Sydney Harbour if you are a fan of the big sailing event called The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. It is serious stuff. The vessels come in all sizes and crewed by many men and women. Where I grew up we could walk to Dobroyd Head and watch the fleet leave Sydney harbour, and head south. To Hobart. Of course, the wind would determine a fast or slow race. A safe one too.



  • In THIS household here is what will be happening at around 10.00 a.m. The comfy recliner chair will be occupied by my husband. The TV will be on to Channel 9. The announcers will welcome everyone to the Boxing Day test in Melbourne. Then for the next 4-5 days this will be the custom for all cricket fans and it’s meant to be good for the refreshing of the soul and the body after a BUSY year. I pop in and watch from time to time.

The Age Sport Cricket
Picture by WAYNE TAYLOR 26th December 2008
MCG boxing day test Australia v Sth Africa. Day 1.

  • Of course I cannot confirm that this is a true account of what happens everywhere on Boxing Day..but I had to include it!


So, what’s on the agenda for you, this time next week? Hope you have joined in the link up with this {optional} prompt.

From 2017 I am dropping the {optional} from the prompt because it was too wordy but the OPTIONAL bit remains by inference!

The first 9 prompts for 2017 will be up on Thursday…for those of you who are planners like me!

I hope the week ahead is not too busy and stressed.

For us it will be quiet but we are expecting 3 grown up grandkids to visit us for Early Christmas and I am doing to same by driving to Sydney to see my Dad before the crazy on the roads Day! We are a practical family.


P.S. The link up continues without a break for holidays…because I am not on holidays…I am retired.

Monday link ups I like and join are here: with Alicia, Kell and Sue! Thank you ladies.




  1. You’ll hear me groaning all the way at your house Denyse about the fact that the cricket will be taking over our TV screens for the next week.
    Happy Monday!
    Thanks for providing another great prompt and the linky.
    x o

    • I gave up the groaning ages ago..and like seeing my hub actually relaxing. I take a bit of interest in it but I choose to do a few other things around the house and out and about. Cricket means summer in our place! Thank you for joining in! Denyse x

  2. I can’t believe I forgot the sales!! Clearly I am not a regular at that commercial fetish. I thought Boxing day was because you boxed up the leftovers and gave them to the poor in ye olden days?
    Have a great xmas and I’ll see you in Feb if not before…

    • You may be right about the boxes and I am sure that is what we do in Australia anyway with our left overs!! I did check my facts and the presents (in boxes) seem to be part of olde English traditions. I once went to the city not for the sales but to check out what it was about. There was nothing open for coffee and just the major shops. I think it’s changing with legislation meaning more shops can open. Thanks so much for joining in the linky and when you get will be more than welcomed!! Denyse x

  3. Your Boxing Day sounds perfect, Denyse!

    Can’t believe it’s Christmas this Sunday!!!!! Taking this opportunity to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

    Looking forward to another year of #LTW in 2017.

    SSG xxx

    • It’s been social central at your place with your birthday boy…and now Christmas. I feel it can be a bit much when it all comes at once..but hey, we cant pick these birthdays! Our eldest GD will be 20 on 23 December! Thank you for your good wishes, and joining in here with such enthusiasm. Love D xx

  4. I’m regretting not having booked tickets on the ferry to view the Sydney to Hobart race start. We’ve done it every year for the past five years but this year I never quite got around to it! We’ll have to find a vantage point on land instead. It won’t be the same!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever had to look up how to use ham. I love it!

    • Ha! Glad to be of assistance. My typical use is to make a batch of fried rice. I also rarely had a proper ham but when we did…everyone went home on Christmas Day with a huge batch! Love Christmas ham though. It has a different taste. Thanks for joining in and see you in 2017, Vanessa! D x

  6. Much quieter day. Catching up with a couple of girlfriends for morning tea at one of their houses. Then back to the air con at my husband’s brother to chill out. Enjoy your day.

  7. I avoid Boxing Day Sales Denyse too stressful for me! Yes the Sydney to Hobart and the Boxing Day Test are definitely part of our Boxing Day tradition. Growing up we would visit my Uncle on Boxing Day and it was so lovely catching up my Aunt, Uncle and all my cousins. Backyard cricket and cold meats and salads. I miss those days. Thanks for the link up and have a wonderful Christmas. I’m so happy to have made the connection with you and look forward to 2017.

    • Memories..we have lots of memories don’t we? I miss some of my family traditions but like life, things move on. I do wish you and yours a great holiday break and look forward to catching up with you blogging and IG wise in 2017. Thank you for your kind words! Denyse

  8. We always head to the beach on boxing day with all the Aunts, Uncles cousins etc. It it always a good day. Enjoy the holidays.

  9. I’ll have family staying this year but we usually have a quiet Boxing Day. I love the traditions you mention… I know my SIL’s father loves the cricket so suspect he’ll be glued to that at my mum’s.

    PS. I’m late joining today after a lengthy power outage and THEN no internet!

    • A stressful start to your week…and the storms looked very fierce in Qld. Thanks for sharing what you will be up to after Christmas. It will be different for you won’t it being in your new place! Thanks for your amazing and consistent support in 2016…and see you again in 2017 for sure! Denyse x

  10. My TV tradition has always been the Doctor Who Christmas special on Boxing Day – thank goodness my husband isn’t a cricket fan!

  11. I expect to be snacking on leftovers and watching the cricket in air conditioned comfort, perhaps we might stir ourselves enough to hit up the beach! Thanks for your link up this year Denyse, merry Christmas and look forward to joining in an again next year.

    • Thanks so much Beth. I loved leftovers on Boxing Day too! I hope your day and the rest of the holiday time is relaxing. It’s been great having you share here too and I look forward to more of the same in 2017. Denyse xx

  12. We normally do a massive cook up Christmas Eve and feast on left overs till Boxing Day. Then it’s a family BBQ boxing night and more left overs for days.

    • I love leftovers..but this year, as last year, there will be none. But that’s OK too as I said to my hub at least we no longer have the stress of buying, preparing and storing ‘all of the foods that are important to Christmas meals!’ Mind you, our family always shared the responsibilities over the years. Mum’s baked dinner remains the favourite memory for me. Thank you for commenting and posting today and for your support throughout the year of blogging and all! Denyse x

  13. We will be heading up to Toowoomba to visit the outlaws in the week after Christmas, possibly on Boxing Day. If not, we will all be breathing a deep sigh of relief that Christmas is done and dusted for another year!!!

    • I understand…and I am glad that it will soon be over for you Janet! Thanks for visiting the blog this year. I appreciate your support! Denyse x

  14. Boxing Day was my mum’s birthday so it always meant making her a cake since everything was closed and the fridge was full of turkey and salads. One year I made the WORST cheesecake known to man – she smiled right through it though 😉

    • Awww. Then Boxing Day is a bittersweet memory for you Kat. I loved your little story about your mum and her birthday. Tough times when you are away from family as I know you are missing Australia right now. I hope things work out for a break. Thank you so much for your support here on the blog and elsewhere in 2016! Denyse xx

  15. I have not been brave enough in all my 11 years here in Australia to brave the Boxing Day sales! I don’t get it. 😛 Instead, I’m sort of like your husband — the Boxing Day test is the best thing! And the beach of course! 🙂

    • They’re a bit misleading too. When my DD was at Uni she worked for one of the large stores and they got ‘sales’ stuff in the 2 days before and put it out. It was not always the products that customers thought. The other thing is…the sales go until the end of January anyway! What’s the rush!?! Yes, enjoy the beach. Because we have a very quiet day now we are going over to Soldiers Beach where Surfing Santa pops in to see the kids and there is a fun atmosphere …and that’s a bit different from our Sydney life. I hope you get more time to rest and get over the HUGE year and the move. Denyse x

  16. Oh yes, the boxing day test! This year I will be cleaning the holiday house on Boxing Day! We have renters leaving in the morning and another lot coming in the afternoon. No rest for the wicked 🙂

    • I am really pleased that you have your holiday place occupied. I hope it continues to be both a place of relaxation for you in the ‘off’ seasons and a source of income when it’s time for people to go on holidays. Have a great Christmas day..will think of you on Boxing Day. D x

  17. Hope you have a great Boxing Day. We will be spending the day with family.

    • Thank you so much Beverly. Ours will be quiet but that suits us well! Thanks for visiting and commenting for the first tine too. Merry Christmas. Denyse

  18. You describe our traditional Boxing day too. But this year we’ll be on the road travelling to visit family. So it may just be the cricket on in the car and updates on the race! Merry Christmas Denyse!

    • Oh yes, we too have travelled on that day and I must say it’s not my favourite past time in traffic. I hope your journey is a good one. Thank you for your support of my blog in 2016 and Merry Christmas to you and yours! D x