Sunday 18th August 2019

Sydney Harbour Bridge. 2017.78.

Sydney Harbour Bridge. 2017.78.

Ever since the first time I crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a ten year old in my parents’ Holden I have been in love with it!

Living in Sydney Northern Beaches  from 1959-69 I often went across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on my way to Teachers’ College at Balmain sitting in the front seat of Dad’s car (he worked at Circular Quay). I sometimes caught the double decker bus into the city too. Many at time, I caught the Manly Ferry to Circular Quay and that view from the Harbour of the Bridge was amazing!

As a learner driver I drove across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and over the years it has never phased me at all to drive across the Bridge. Mind you, there have been several changes to the traffic patterns over the years. I still recall handing the coins into the man’s hand at the toll booths and then later, we got to chuck them into the receptacle and wait for the ‘bing’ to proceed.

Now, there are no toll booths but somehow our car’s toll thingy gets read (and debited from our account) and we keep on moving.

Recently we went across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on our way to The Lifehouse for my first but not last appointment to treat my cancer.

Even though I was incredibly worried about the consultation ahead, as my husband was driving, I whipped out the iPhone and captured my Sydney Harbour Bridge.

In the very early part of this century I was fortunate to be invited to do Bridge Climb with my brother, niece, nephew and my dad. It was a very special time and I did not have to pay for the privilege. It is costly that is for sure but well-worth it. I believe there are Bridge Climbs at night especially for the Vivid Festival which is a premier Sydney Winter event. Bridge climb info is here 

Do you like the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Have you walked/run across the Bridge? I confess I have not!

Have you climbed the Harbour Bridge via Bridge Climb?


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  1. I’ve never done the climb but I’ve walked across it once or twice.

  2. it is such an impressive sight and one many people (me inlcuded) who don’t see it often think is amazing.

  3. I still love seeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge when I visit the city too Denyse. For over 5 years I worked in the city, where my office window overlooked the Sydney Harbour bridge, Circular Quay and the Opera house it was the best seat in the house or office I should say. We watched the fireworks from our office floor when the Olympic flame arrived in Sydney, which was amazing. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful city.

    No I have never climbed the bridge, as someone who is afraid of heights I don’t think I could do it. Walk across it would be my preference 🙂 x

    • What great vantage points you had for such memorable occasions! My Dad worked in two buildings for over 20 years: both at Circular Quay and both with views of the Harbour and the Bridge. I was always fortunate to see the views when I visited and when as a teen I did some holiday work there. Such a vista!! My niece who did the walk was quite scared of the height thing too but with us all, she did it. I must admit, you don’t actually have to look down much because you are looking up to see where you are going next..

  4. I am a bit obsessed with the bridge. Even to this day I still love take a picture every time we drive over it! I have also done Bridgeclimb, been to the pylon lookout a few times (so awesome) and have travelled over it a trillion times (not exact) by train and bus. I have walked and run over it heaps of times and run right through the middle a few times at the Sydney Running Festival. That was so much fun! Like for you, it will always be magical for me.

    • I admit I wrote this post with you in my mind too. You know how much I love seeing your run photos when they feature this wonderful icon! You have certainly taken as many opportunities you can to enjoy the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

  5. I have to say, I am super critical of how Sydney is becoming a stressful, angsty and over-crowded place of late but I still love driving over the bridge. Sydney girl born and bred here…

    • Oh yes. Needing to return to Sydney now for my cancer appointments reminds us of why we left. However, I am grateful that the services are all there for me, even if it means 2 hours drive each way. The bridge IS the best!!

  6. Great memories and photos, Denyse. I’ve driven over the bridge and been under it, but never walked over it. My six year old is obsessed with seeing the Sydney Opera House, so I’m sure we’ll get there some time in the next couple of years.

    • Looks like a trip to Sydney will be most welcomed by your big girl. My daughter once sang solo with her school’s jazz group at the Opera House for a public schools’ event in 1989. Pretty darned special time to remember!

  7. Oooh bridge climb! I did that once with my youngest brother and it was lots of fun! I don’t think that I’ve walked across the bridge before. And I’ve only driven across twice I think. And caught the train over a couple of times. It’s very impressive though!

    • Goodness me, only driven across it twice! But you have climbed it. That’s a win for sure. I have been on the train too, but only from Waverton into the city I think.

  8. As much as I am tired of Sydney traffic, the bridge is always something uplifting. Hope all goes well with the cancer treatment. I missed that post earlier but have sent my wishes on there too. For now, just want you to know you’re in my thoughts

  9. I have never – and hope I never need to – drive in Sydney traffic, or over the Harbour Bridge, it scares the pants off me! I love all the symbols of Sydney, there is nothing like flying in to Sydney and seeing them from above after a trip overseas, really makes me proud to call Australia home 🙂

    • Agree it is a splendid view from a plane isn’t it? I think driving in the city is something that no-one likes much, given how many more people live there now too.

  10. I feel exactly the same way about the coat hanger! Originally from England – I am still in awe of the Bridge and Opera House every time I see them. When I used to work in the Rocks I’d get off in North Sydney and run across the Bridge at sunrise – just magnificent! Later when I worked in the city I’d catch the train through to Wynyard but I’d always give the Bridge a nod as we passed over it – marvelling at the other passengers acting like they were crossing any other street!

    • Thanks Bryony! I have walked under it, and over it but not the walk across. Over the years I have seen many changes to the road itself with lanes/markings etc. When I’ve walked under I have marvelled at the hard work put in by all those men in the 1930s. Such an achievement!