Saturday 26th May 2018

Service to Others. 366/66.

Service to Others. 366/66.

When you have worked for much or all of your life and you slow down to retire then you find there is ‘time on your hands’.

My husband is not someone who likes to remain inactive, despite his own physical health challenges, so he started as a volunteer this week with the Cancer Council.

He is part of team of volunteers who provide a service to take patients from around the Central Coast area to their cancer treatments.

Friday was his first shift. The hospital treatment centre was not far from our place, so once the person he transported was there, he popped home to show me what is known as ‘the Shirley Shuttle’ vehicle. He will be on a shift once a fortnight.

The Shirley Shuttle consists of a series of vehicles  to take people to Oncology Treatment in conjuction with the Cancer Transport Action Group including the Cancer Council NSW and Central Coast Local Health District.

More about the Shirley Shuttle:from a 2013 article:

The Shirley Shuttle service began with the donation of a mini-bus to the Cancer Council by Ms Galvin after her mother Shirley died of cancer in 2006.

She continues to raise funds and now two Shirley Shuttles provide transport for cancer patients to attend treatment centres and appointments.

This service is supported by Gosford and Wyong Community Transport, with volunteer drivers trained and provided by Cancer Council NSW, Erina.

Clients are able to negotiate a reasonable fare for the service, depending on their resources.



Thanks to all those who are of service to others as volunteers.


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  1. This is fantastic Denyse!
    I love the whole volunteering thing. My parents do so much volunteering now (they always have but it has increased since retirement). I’d actually like to write a book about volunteering … what it does for the giver as well as the receiver. What types of volunteering are out there. One day …

    • PS thanks so much for joining the Lovin Life Linky again this week Denyse.

    • Thanks Leanne. He is also a telephone crisis supporter for lifeline. And…doing training with them to become a face to face counsellor. I’ve been involved with education and teaching English as a volunteer. I’m having a sabbatical from volunteering! You know where to come when you want to write your book…after you’ve chatted to your parents of course! Denyse

  2. Well done to your husband. You are both such giving people.