Saturday 26th May 2018

P is for Pansies. 2017.106.

P is for Pansies. 2017.106.

I love taking photos of flowers and even though this past Autumn and Winter we were very distracted in our household by my cancer diagnosis in May, we still managed to put in some pansies in pots.

Oh how I love their colours.

I adore their patterns.

They look like cute little faces in some ways.

They also remind me of Mum. I think we must have grown them when I was a kid. And Mum always said ‘put yellow flowers near purple as it brings out the purple’ and I do that! Thanks Mum.

Here is the selection from photos I took recently, just using the iPhone..of the pansies in our little backdeck garden. I am hoping that soon I can also take photos of the sweetpeas as they are almost ready to flower.

Do you grow any flowers?

What are your thoughts on pansies?


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  1. I love flowers but only from the shops. If I try to grow anything, I seem to either completely forget about it and it dies or I over think it and then over water and it dies. I love natives at the moment.

    • You cannot go wrong with natives! We are renting here and the previous owners put a lot of plants in and we keep them trimmed and going. What we did to introduce floral colours in small pots as I LOVE colour and they bring seasonal joy year round. Cheers, Denyse x

  2. I LOVE flowers out this time of year. Purple and yellow do go together. We tend to plant certain flowers near our veggie garden.

    • Oh that sounds good!! I am so hanging out for the sweet peas I so lovingly tended from March and then when I went to hospital HOPED they would survive and hub made sure they did. They should be flowering any day now!! Your idea sounds really cool, mixing the veggies and the flowers! Clever! D xx

  3. I love pansies too Denyse! We have pansies growing in hanging baskets on our back deck, which we planted last month. They are loving the sun there. I love the purple & mauve ones best. 🙂

    • Oh that would be super. I did buy some that were flowering and hanging in pots last year and they were a joy for ages. I too love the purple! D xx

  4. Now that’s something I’ve never grown! At the moment I have violas and African daisies for a bit of spring colour, and the azaleas are still blooming lovely too 🙂

    • Sounds like you have a wonderful range of colours there Janet! Pansies are good for these pots which I can tend and enjoy up on the deck. They have really taken off this year. D xx

  5. I don’t have green fingers, I have black thumbs. That’s sad because I can’t grow my own, but it means I’m so happy to see your beautiful pansies. Look at those beautiful colours!

    • They have happy little faces don’t they? I am pretty chuffed with this lot. I tried to cut some to take to Dad’s today but their stems are very short. Instead he got a small bunch of the daisies which are also doing well. Come on, I was not a green thumb either at your age…I think it turns green by my age!! D xx

  6. Oh my, these are lovely. I love a bit of potted colour, & am a fan of the daisy. I used to love this time of year in Castle Hill as my garden was full of daisies, lavender & rosemary. We haven’t touched the garden here yet, but will need to as there’s no colour at all.

    • Such good growing in north west Sydney! We had daisies too around the pool. I miss them but we have a few here. The pansies are cute and they are a little bit nostalgia. You have done so much since moving..see how Summer treats the garden!

  7. Tulips are my favourite flower and then perhaps lilies or wildflowers – I can’t remember what they’re called…. but the ones that last for a while! (Proteas?)

    I don’t have many flowering plants but have a frangipani tree near my front door. It’s devoid of leaves and flowers at the moment but I know they grew after I moved in last year so suspect the same will happen soon. #teamlovinlife

    • I so love tulips too but they droop a bit! When I went to Floriade in Canberra the garden beds full of tulips were my fave! Such rich colours. Yes we have the flowerless and leafless Frangipani too. Wont be long before the leaves will appear again.

  8. Great photo’s of the pansies Denyse! I love them! I have some petunia’s in a pot out the front – love them too. 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • Oh yes, petunias were another of Mum’s favourites too and we grew them earlier this year. There has been less garden care recently and more care for the flowers we have are really doing well!

  9. I have no idea what they are called but some bright yellow flowers have started sprouting on a tree that I love seeing each year!

    • Next time take a pic and ask someone on IG. I find if I do not know the name of a plant/flower there is always someone who does. It is a delight seeing nature come to life with colour.

  10. I do love flowers! My Dad was an avid gardener (prize winning too), and our garden was always filled with blossoms, including pansies. Sadly, I did not inherit his green thumb and have had little success with growing flowering plants. I do enjoy admiring them in other people’s gardens 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • That is lovely to read about your Dad. I too had not much interest as all nor success with much in the garden until this last 2 years. It may be an ‘age’ thing or it might be that I have the time to care for and check on the garden’s little blooms.

  11. We are flower twins! #teamlovinlife