Thursday 24th October 2019

News I Will Never Forget. #LTW11. 366/320.

News I Will Never Forget. #LTW11.  366/320.

Last Thursday I wrote a post about this. But I did not write about the news below.

This prompt came to me when I noted the date that would be close to “Life This Week 11.”

22 November.

This post goes live on 21 November 2016 but on 22 November 1963 came the news that shocked me to the core….and the whole world I guess.

The death, by assassination, of President John F. Kennedy.

I was just about to turn 14. In ‘those days’ news came first by radio to Australia and as quickly as the technology of the time allowed to the television stations. There were 3 in Sydney, as I recall,  in 1963. The commercial ones were Channel 7 and 9. Channel 10 came later in the decade. Of course there was Channel 2. The Australian Broadcasting Commission (its name then). Black and white service only. Colour TV came in 1974.

I was in my bedroom and just stunned with the news. Everyone was. Time stood still for a while. How on earth could that happen? Happen it did, and then we saw, via black and white (and somewhat distorted images) on the TV news later what had occurred.


The world reeled.

This popular President, son of a career diplomat, who had a proud war service history, married to a beautiful woman, two delightful kids was DEAD. By bullets from an assassin.

There were days, weeks and then months of continued footage and more stories. The apparent gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, was assassinated by Jack Ruby as he was led by Texas Police from the courts (as my memory serves) and this act was filmed and shown around the world.

The event of John F Kennedy’s assassination has been the conjecture of so many theories and made into books, movies and mini-series and I offer no response nor answer.

All I can say, it is news I will never forget. 53 years ago this week.




What is news you will never forget?

Did you decide not to follow the prompt this week?

How about considering next week’s prompt: BIRTHDAYS! Actually it’s YOUR Birthday but any birthday will do…LOL

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  1. I’m in full Christmas and celebration mode at the moment, Denyse. Somehow I just couldn’t get into the right frame of mind to write about anything too serious this week so I’m off theme today!

    SSG xxx

    • I love that you are in full Christmas mode and I will share that vicariously seeing I have no little people around any more! Thanks for linking up. D xx

  2. I kind of distorted the prompt, as I sort of forget everything…but I do remember sitting at the kitchen table doing dux mentals and hearing that John Lennon had be shot over the radio and I remember waking up to feed the baby and seeing that the Americans were firing missiles on Iraq, as I sat there confused, the news then returned to the announcement that the planes had flown into the World Trade Centre and I pieced it all together.

    • Doing Dux Mentals…now THERE is a memory! Sigh. I like your various places and spaces for remembering. The twin towers was horrific news and yes we all remember that one. The world was never the same. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Wow, that would be news I’d remember forever too. I’ve written a few bits and pieces this week about the stuff that is really seared into my brain. The Twin Towers is probably the biggest news event of my lifetime …
    Thanks for providing the linky!

    • It was huge but interesting too in that news was so hard to come by ‘in the instant’ as we have expected it in recent decades. Given time difference too. Yes, twin towers is there as one I will never forget too. Thanks for linking up. Denyse x

  4. I’m way off theme this week. Re the news I’ll never forget? I’ll always remember where I was when the news came through about Princess Diana. I can also still picture the kitchen in Bombala when the news came through that John Lennon had been shot. The Twin Towers is another that’s deep in my brain. Great prompter…

    • I think you’ve been a busy girl with your trek. I read your post last night and felt for you…all the way! I will pop over to comment later. Interesting how we remember where we were when we hear news that is shocking. Thanks for linking up. D x

  5. Sorry no theme following from me ( sometimes I have trouble just writing a post!) but I will share the news I will never forget, the death of Princess Diana. I distinctly remember seeing the news on the TV while being with my hubby and kids at the markets. Very sad.
    Thanks for the link up!

    • I am glad you linked up…on or off prompt. Thank you. Princess Diana’s death and then her funeral consumed us at the time didnt it?

  6. For me the stand outs are Princess Diana’s death, and 9/11. I think those two events have really shaped the world we live in today.

    • You could be right Cate. I think we don’t need any more but I suspect this world of ours is incredibly volatile right now, particular in the US…sad to say. Thanks for linking up!

  7. I wasn’t quite born yet when JFK was assassinated. My partner is a JFK fanatic and has watched the footage and documentaries again and again. He has many books on the life of JFK as well. I do remember exactly where I was when John Lennon died (in a dress shop in Horsham), and when Princess Diana died (in my dining room at home in Ballarat). I also remember where I was during lots of great sporting moments. I was in my living room watching TV when the Twin Towers went down, and that was mesmerizing in its horror. I stayed up all night watching in disbelief.

    • You sound like me in the memory department! I guess that is lucky right? We are the memory keepers. Interesting about your husband too. I know we have watched many docos and being baby boomers we have also read many books on the Kennedys. Fascinating stuff. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing!

  8. I am the same it would have to be hearing about Princess Di and 9/11. I like your prompts, we have lots of birthdays in December and I am not organised for them let alone christmas!

    • Yes it is amazing how our memories work and seal in details of where we were. I am glad you like the prompts Anne! Thanks for joining in the link up.

  9. Just one year before my time Denyse. I’ve watched so many documentaries about JFK’s death I feel like I was there. Thanks so much for the party. Have a great week.

    Anne xx

  10. I’ve linked an old post where I shared news that rocked me but it wasn’t of the kind you’d read in the newspaper. Thanks for hosting #LifeThisWeek – I love being able to trawl through my archives and link up relevant posts from the past!

    • That is a ‘win’ for blogging isn’t it when you can give an old post some new reading time. I did that last week for Vanessa’s Archive Love. Thanks for linking up here too!

  11. I was born in 1967 so a bit before my time – though I do remember the moon landing in 1969, and being thoroughly ticked off that I couldn’t watch Play School as my mum and the neighbour from across the street were glued to the TV watching that!

    • Wow, that is an awesome memory for age 2. I was in my final (2nd) year at Teacher’s College and it was deemed significant enough for us to be able to watch it in its black and white and very blurry/fuzzy glory.

  12. It certainly would be news that sticks with you. I was watching a documentary on this a few months (weeks? I have no idea!) ago and the composure of Jackie Kennedy was almost too much. Though I expect that was a very, very deep level of shock.

    • I did look at the various pics to determine what I would use for the post but the news papers were most suitable. Oh yes, I can still see that pink suit of hers and how she dealt matters with such composure. It was a very big change in the world that day. Huge. And of course so many conspiracy theories. Thanks for visiting and commenting for the first time…or maybe you used a different email addy so I needed to approve the first comment!

  13. I’m sure everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing when JFK was shot. I wasn’t born yet, but I remember about Princess Di and 9/11 like everyone else has said.

    Thanks for sharing your memories of that day in history.

    • Yes to those two as well. I made this one the focus because I tend to plan my {optional}prompts around the dates/times of the year. I always remember this one. Thanks for linking up!

  14. inthegoodbooksblog says:

    I remember when Princess Diana passed away. I was sleeping over at my aunty’s place, and my cousin had the radio on when it was announced. It was very sad.
    I also will never forget the September 11 attack. I worked in a cake shop at the time, and saw it on the news when I was getting ready for work. It was devastating, and I couldn’t quite believe it. The cake shop was so eerily quiet that day.. Terrible memories that will haunt for a lifetime.

    • Yes Princess Diana dying was an extraordinary event because it seemed so unbelievable. The 9/11 attacks were something that none us will forget. And even seeing them again on TV there’s a sense of ‘how did that happen?’

  15. I linked and ran earlier… well, linked and went back to sleep and then woke with just enough time to get to yoga.

    I have these vague memories from school of Elvis Presley dying. Not really the moment I heard the news but of a school friend – whose mother was a huge fan – talking about it or hearing about it or something….

    Of course now with social media, we know everything almost immediately.

    • Ah Deb, but you came back to tell me this story. I remember him dying too but not as shocked as some. He had so many fans world wide! I did meet an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas and made sure I got a photo…LOL. So true about everything known instantly but now I am questionning news more with the so called fake news. Much of the news seems to have an element of it these days!

  16. I am too young for the Kennedy assassination but I have been to Dallas and visited the Texas School Book Repository and stood on the grassy knoll. It’s an eerie place and very moving, with an excellent museum and memorial. Have you seen the mini series 11.22.63? It’s based on a Stephen King book and explores the possibility of what might have happened to the world if the assassination was prevented. . .

    • Oh wow. What an honour to have been there and to, as you say, take it in from your personal experiences. I will try to track that series down. So many theories and so many views of conspiracy. Who knows who to believe any more. Thanks Beth!

  17. Same as Michelle from In The Good Books, I remember when Princess Diana died. I was so shocked, along with the rest of the world. It was just so sad, and it’s like a worldwide grief, too.

    • It was so sad, and I recall the funeral and watching those vehicles being covered with roses thrown by her adoring public. It seemed to be a watershed moment for the Royal Family too.

  18. Wow. I can’t imagine living through an event like that. I think for me it would probably be September 11. I remember I was at a job interview and we all stopped to watch the towers come down. It was horrifying.

  19. The day I remember is when Lady Diana passed. It was so surreal. I recall crying x10.

  20. That would have been numbing news.
    I remember visiting my neighbour, when the September 11 news came on the telly, it’s still vivid in my memory.
    We’ve had our own tragedy locally this week with a car accident that took four young peoples lives. So sad for all involved.

    • What a tragedy that was for your community. It’s gut-wrenching isn’t it? Yes, memories via the news stay with us forever because we can’t forget the images.

  21. That certainly was a big news event Denyse. I recall watching a documentary only recently about all of the conspiracy theories. It’s a bit the same with Princess Diana and all the conspiracy theories surrounding her death also. And Elvis too….that he is alive! We humans are a very suspicious lot!

    • Yes they do like their conspiracy theories around the world don’t they? We were far more likely to believe the news back then too. What have we become..cynics?!
      Well. that might be because of the current world leaders’ changes more likely!

  22. Gosh, your post reminded me of hearing about Princess Diana dying. I’m guessing it would have been a similar shock, even though it wasn’t an assassination.