Saturday 26th May 2018

Nature’s Close Ups. 2017.70.

Nature’s Close Ups. 2017.70.

This garden is amazing at the moment.

So I captured it recently in close-up form.

I love these shapes, colours and textures.

What about you?



Joining my friend Sammie and bloggers here for The Ultimate Rabbit Hole on the weekend.









  1. So pretty. Love it when the garden is full of colour.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! And you have pansies! They’re one of my favorites!

  3. Your garden is blooming beautiful! Birds of Paradise are my fave!

    • It is and it got a bit of a trim back today. The second bird of paradise has bloomed too. Lots to distract me outside which is wonderful. D xx

  4. Gorgeous Denyse! Pansies never fail to make me smile. 🙂 Xx