Thursday 12th December 2019

My Birthday. #LTW12. 366/325.

My Birthday. #LTW12. 366/325.

The first title I used for this week’s prompt was: My Birthday is Nigh. Sigh.

Then I decided, that’s a bit of a negative so deleted it.

I am proud to say it’s my birthday soon.

In fact it is on Wednesday.

The last day of November, the end of southern hemisphere’s Spring, the late Winston Churchill’s birthday and the end of the Financial Year in NSW Public Schools. I did NOT look forward to the often difficult day of the last event. To have it on my birthday as a principal meant I was certainly not the centre of attention. Making sure the financial and other statements of the school’s resources ‘added’ up and were squared way was the goal. As I preferred anyway!

There was one very interesting 30 November birthday though.

In 1999 I was 50 and in my first year as principal of a school. Unbelievably it was also the 50th for Β my assistant principal. Exactly the same age. I remember a 50th Cake each and the staff enjoyed some morning tea celebrations. Nice one.

I wrote about some of my birthday views last week for Lovin Life Linky here.

When I checked some of my photos I was able to select some memorable birthdays and milestones for today.

My First Birthday.

Dad and I talked about this photo and his memories last week. Mum would have made this cake, and I am in the backyard of our Gwynneville house. For most of the year 1950 Dad had to work in Melbourne meaning he was away from home (and Mum & me) for many months and he told his employer he ‘had to be home by my daughter’s first birthday’ and indeed he was!


My 21st Birthday.

What a spoiled daughter I was for my 21st! Here I am with Mum and a cake she would have made. I had come home to Balgowlah Heights for the weekend from my life as a new teacher in Barraba. My almost fiance (now Hub!) drove me to the airport at Tamworth to fly home (alone) for family lunch (this one) and a friends from Sydney celebration that Saturday evening. What I had no idea about was a car which was waiting for me and that I would drive it back to Barraba the next day. Long story, the car was for me to part-pay back but it was awesome to have my first car. There WAS more (as my now husband was quite shocked to see the amount of what he calls ‘indulgence’) because my parents came to Tamworth on the Monday night and hosted a dinner party at a club for all of the staff from the school in Barraba and yes, my now husband was there. I was very spoiled… and grateful too. But by the time the next birthday came around…I was already a mum, and the car had to be sold to make way for a family-sized car.


My 65th Birthday.

This was a watershed birthday I guess. It was my last one in Sydney where we could have our children and grandchildren with us too. I am glad we celebrated then as birthdays are different now. This was taken at my daughter’s house with some of lovely grandkids in the background. My cake was made by my daughter and it was lovely (and somewhat sad) to be together with everyone I love…for the last time. Much has changed within our extended family as their families grow and change and that is life!



There are fewer pictures of me than anyone else on their birthdays as I am usually the family snapper. This of course means, not too much attention to moi!

How do I like my ideal birthday to be celebrated these days?

  1. To have my family remember it is my birthday and to have some kind of contact with them on the day – a card, a phone call is cool because we live away from them now.
  2. To have some shout-outs on social media – that is nice when you no longer see many people in a work or social setting

That’s it really. I will be spending the day quietly at home and I am fine with that. I do not need a cake and my hub will make sure I have a special card with loving words. We tend not to do presents any more as we buy what we need during the year. I must add, a voucher for iTunes is always appreciated!! Seriously thought, it is enough, these days, for me to be remembered on my birthday.

And I will be 67.

How did that happen?

What about you, are you a fuss-free birthday person or do you like all the ‘celebrations, cakes, food, wine and gifts’?

Thanks for joining in and I hope you linked up.

Joining Alicia here for Open Slather and Kell here for Mummy Mondays.


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  1. When it comes to my own birthday I tend to be a bit more fuss free. Except for my 40th. That was a big birthday bash and I expect my 50th will be the same. When it comes to celebrating the birthdays of others I am all about the party, the cake, the matching decorations and the gifts. Every year. And birthdays last a week in our house. A day is just not long enough …

    • I expect it will be too Leanne. I see that you and your lovely family do birthdays very well and your influence would have a LOT to do with that! Thank you for linking up. Denyse x

  2. I’ll be honest, I find birthdays a real hassle. What are we celebrating? That you were born (no skill on your part there!) or that you survived a year? I guess that needs some celebrating these days. My partner just threw himself the most lavish party – he hired a very crappy band that he LOVED in the ’80’s when they were famous (they’re not now and were overpriced in my opinion!) and booked a room and put on the bar. While I was aghast at the money (that we really coudn’t afford – my partner doesn’t seem to understand how much tax we need to pay!!), I will admit it was a really fun and fab thing to do, and a lot of people had a great night – so I think that was really worthwhile in that sense. We’re old, if we organise a thing it’s just sitting around in restaurants…old people need to kick their heels up more, I say….(it was a dream come true for him…now I just hope there’s money left for me to see the Northern Lights in 2018 – MY dream!

    • Interesting take Lydia. Yes I know what you mean about ‘what, why’ are we celebrating, however I thought a bit about that today and realised that my parents were delighted to have me and so I will consider that view too! I have no idea why, but your comments have come up 3x so I will delete the two others! I like your plan for 2018. WOW. I do like the memories your hub has made though as life goes on, memories can be important!

  3. Argh! Having trouble right now adding my post. Will try again later.

    In the meantime, Happy Birthday for Wednesday, Denyse and thanks for being a #ltw host.

    SSG xxx

  4. Happy birthday for Wednesday D! I like having my birthday on the weekend so I can share them with others. Now I’m not at work, there’s only me to celebrate with as everyone else is at work or school! I hope you have a lovely day on Wednesday x

    • Thanks so much Kirsty. I know what you mean about no-one to celebrate with but as time has gone by, I am OK with all of that. My lovely husband will spoil me a bit and I hope I hear from our kids and grandkids. Thanks for linking up. D xx

  5. I linked up my old post because it fits the prompt.

    LOVE those photos! I’ve also been spoiled by my parents for past birthdays. I got a beautiful amethyst ring for my 18th birthday… My Mum always picks nice jewellery. It’s more the costume variety these days, but still nice. Hope you have a wonderful day on Wednesday! And you must have a cakie!!

    • I love that you have special memories of birthdays Ness! I am making my own little cupcakes…because I love them and one cupcake is about a serve that works best for me these days!! Glad you linked up today too. D xx

  6. Love these Denyse. My biggest ‘thing’ about milestone birthdays (or ageing in general) is the stuff I haven’t done. My regrets. For me they’re beyond hope – love, partner, family etc…

    But there are other things I can strive for I guess.

    Happy birthday for Wednesday in case I forget!!!

    • I used to be a bit like that about regrets but on the other side of the balance sheet I can see what I have done/seen/been that matters to me and where i have contributed. I used to get caught up in that famous comparison trap (as you wrote about) but the past year or so and the learning I have done for myself to be better able to adjust to the what is has helped me greatly. I hope you too can achieve a sense of peace too. It will come…and I follow your journey with care, love and interest. Thanks for linking up. Denyse x

  7. It’s funny how birthdays change as you get older, my life at the moment is focused on others birthday, I find pleasure in that more then my own birthday.

  8. I’m fuss free. I like to do some simple things – like this year I took the day off work and had lunch by the beach from my favourite fish and chip shop. Happy birthday for Wednesday in case I forget!

  9. I like my birthday. I don’t need slavish attention and lavish gifts but a bit of something like a work lunch / pub meal and a glass of something nice alwyas goes over well!

  10. Happy birthday for Wednesday! I celebrate my birthday every year, although it’s often only at home with the kids, they’re all so young still that they want to celebrate, so it’s a bit more bout them than it is really about me. I like it that way.

    • Kids make it easy don’t they? As long as there is a cake and candles it is awesome. I like how you celebrate. Thank you for your good wishes, Cate.

  11. Happy birthday for Wednesday!

  12. inthegoodbooksblog says:

    Happy 67th Birthday for Wednesday, Denyse! I hope that you have a fantastic day xxx

  13. Happy Birthday for Wednesday. It’s lovely for family to make some sort of contact on your birthday or leading into. Also I love birthdays because it means another successful year above ground. Have a great week!

  14. Happy Birthday for Wednesday. Wishing you a fab day and year. I like quiet birthdays. There was a tradition in my family to have a cake for birthdays but after my dad passed away, it seemed I ended up being the only one eating it so no more cake – unless it’s a significant birthday. My mom turned 80 last month but we’ll be celebrating next month when all the family is together. Have a wonderful time on yours.
    dropping by from the open slather linkup

    • Thanks so much Suzy for the good wishes AND dropping by from Open Slather. I hear you on the birthday cake and why cake won’t always figure highly. Yesterday i made some cupcakes to put in the freezer for visitors and I will have one and so will hub and maybe a candle on mine tomorrow ! Cheers, Denyse

  15. first of all – happy birthday!

    My birthdays are generally pretty low key. I don’t make too much fuss about it. When I was a kid the best part was my mum making me crumbed sausages and caramel apple pie. I’m definitely all about the food πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Tory! We always got to pick our birthday dinner and mine was usually crumbed lamb cutlets. Mum’s cooking was the best. Caramel apple pie sounds delish!

  16. Happy birthday for tomorrow Denyse! I’ll be thinking of you!
    What a cute little one-year-old you were! And what a sweet Dad you’ve got too… that was a lovely story.
    I wouldn’t call your 21st birthday celebrations an indulgence… although maybe they were at the time? It sounds like you had two parents who adored you and wanted to make sure that you were being taken care of well.

    I don’t generally like to be the centre of attention except within my immediate family on my birthday. I have been guilty of annoying my brothers with month-long countdowns to the “big day”. To be honest it’s more about getting a rise out of them being annoyed that I remind them every day, than it is about my actual birthday. I know, I’m mean.

    • Dad and I getting into a lot of reminiscing lately because when I visit him for the hour or two I dont want it to be convos about everyone where he lives…and illnesses so I direct it to our shared memories! It’s also good to get his spin on life that was part of mine growing up because as a kid it seems so very different. I think my birthday became called an indulgence because I married a catholic..and he was one of 13 who never saw anything like the so-called spoiling in our family. Mind you, we ended up doing our fair share with our kids and grandkids too. Thank you for your kind words and good wishes!! Denyse xx

  17. Happy birthday for Wed, I love looking at photos and thank you for sharing your birthday images.

  18. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Denyse! I hope you have a great day. I wish I didn’t have such a shocking memory so that I could recall more of my childhood Birthdays.

  19. Happy birthday for today Denyse, I hope it’s filled with love and joy x

    I like some love and spoiling on my birthday, I have learnt not to expect too much though. A little is just enough. With social media these days, mostly facebook, the messages are lovely to see.

  20. Thank you Alicia! Today has been more special than I imagined as I have received beautiful cards and letters from all 8 of my grandchildren. Words of love and caring and what I mean to them…so fortunate to be blessed with these children in my life. And social media is always fun on birthdays too! D xx