Friday 6th December 2019

Melbourne Cup Time! #ltw8 366/305.

Melbourne Cup Time! #ltw8  366/305.

When I chose the {optional} prompts for my new Link Up here I was both ‘date oriented and of interest’ in the telling of stories. I guess that IS what “Life This Week” link up is for.

The telling of our stories.

Here’s mine about Melbourne Cup Time!

  • I am from a family that had a social interest in the Melbourne Cup. In other words, not a gambling one as such but a genuine interest in the day and in the spirit of being an Aussie. Remember, I am a baby boomer if you need to label me!
  • In early November, the time of the Melbourne Cup, it meant exams were about to start (yes I did an HSC one on Melbourne Cup day back in 1967) and it would be close to my parents’ wedding anniversary (2nd November).
  • Sweeps are the part of Melbourne Cup Time throughout Australia and I loved them and remember so well the fun of them.
  • At school as a teacher it would be a day with a bit of added fun with welcome relief at a very stressful time of the year as reports were being written, end of year concerts and presentations being rehearsed and preparations for next year made.
  • Melbourne Cup (In NSW) gave us (at school) a chance for a special luncheon and sometimes we even did a bit of dress up. It was about collegiality more than anything.
  • Over the years I got to organise the sweeps and what fun that was!
  • The race itself was not even viewed at school because we did not have access to TV nor was it on-line so I think in my last years at school someone had to make sure they listened to it to know the result.
  • It was a bit of fun and just about everyone enjoyed the spirit of the day which was great.


I once went to a Melbourne Cup luncheon when I was on leave from teaching and as a non-drinker and so NOT a ‘lady who lunches’ I found it quite boring really! My mum had always gone to event such as these with her friends and I had to give it a go. Last year I watched the Melbourne Cup at home with my husband with little interest until the last few furlongs when a young female jockey Michelle Payne won. It was a special moment to witness.


Screen shot from Channel 7.

There are opinions about gambling, the amount of money spent in this industry, the horses and much more I am sure that some may want to write about, but I have chose the simple memories of an Aussie tradition for me.

How about you?

What does Melbourne Cup time mean for you?


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  1. I can’t believe that you didn’t have a TV at school to watch it on!I think it used to start around 3.20pm so our bus driver would always have the radio cranked up on the way home.
    To be honest I’m not a massive fan of the Melbourne Cup now because of the whipping, but as a child it was always a fun day.

    • Schools only had TVs which played videos because you needed an aerial for some TV reception. Schools were also particular about which stations were watched. We were allowed to see Channel 2 in schools where there was an aerial for the kids’ education programs.
      Thanks for linking up today!

  2. It’s a family tradition for us! As in, we’ve made it a tradition because of our meet-a-versary.

  3. At school we have Melbourne Cup Sweeps. It is a bit of fun. Also we have a hat theme for the day for the teachers. The kids think we look funny in our hats, but they love it. We don’t usually watch The Cup at school, but it was momentus when Michelle Payne won it. I recall going home and watching the replays.Have never been to a luncheon yet, but I would like the social aspect, although also a non-drinker. I’d like to do it once.

    • Maria, that’s why I did the lunch thing but I was disappointed. I think as teachers we always think ‘we are missing out’ on things like that but in the end I didnt mind! I hear you on the fun of the day. The kids get a bit of a kick out of it too don’t they? Thanks for linking up! Denyse

  4. I much prefer doing Melbourne Cup now we are in Perth. It means it is at lunch time and I don’t need to miss the race for school pickup. Not that I’m actually doing school pickup these days with the girls older and getting themselves off to school.

    Speaking of which. Eldest two have year 11 and 12 exams this week. So stressful. Can’t wait till they are over.

    • Yes, the timing of the Melbourne Cup is not conducive for families who do the school pick up…and when they moved it from 3.20 to 3.00pm then, forget it! Glad there is an upside to Perth and Melb Cup! Thanks for linking up today too. Denyse

  5. I have never been interested in the Melbourne Cup, but I can see how others would enjoy it. To each their own! 🙂

    • Not everyone is and yes, I agree. It was part of my growing up life so I guess that is where my interest started! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Thanks for sharing your Cup memories. I have no plans but have the day off so who knows….

    SSG xxx

  7. I’m actually not really a fan of Melbourne Cup so linked up yesterday’s post.

    However my mum worked in a TAB for over 20yrs so Melbourne Cup was big in our family – not because anyone gambled (cos they didn’t) but because it was mum’s busiest time of the year.

    • Oh yes, the ladies at the TAB. For a few years I did have a bet on Cup Day and the places were full of people like me “wondering what to do”. Good on your mum! Thanks for linking up today, Deb!

  8. when I was in primary school (in country Victoria) we listened to the race over the PA. In high school (in Melbourne) we watched at home (because it was a day off)

    • Interesting to read that Cate because in NSW public schools we were not allowed to even let the kids know about the race..although we probably did. No way could we have broadcast it even if we had chosen to. Thanks for linking up today!

  9. When I was working it was so much fun but now it’s pick up time so it’s just a day where I feel like I’m missing out on all the grown up fun…but it’s just a day…

    • Yes, so true for me too. I did remember to watch the race on TV last year and my interest was piqued when Michelle Payne rode the winner. Thanks for linking up!

  10. Hi Denyse!

    Each year I “ignore” the Melbourne Cup and attend an event here in Adelaide called “Not The Melbourne Cup” which raises funds for racehorse rescue charities. I still get to dress up and have bubbles! One year I went to the Melbourne Cup – before my current stance – and saw 3 racehorses destroyed right in front of me during the course of the day. All the women in the crowd were hysterical. It was awful. Will never forget it. Still, each to their own!

    Was great to find your blog via the Mummy Mondays Linky!


    Louise @

    • Oh yes, I remember that too and it was awful…of course. Look, I am a ‘to each his/her own’ person and I know that if I truly engaged with half the things the Melbourne Cup seems to promote, then I would be anti it. However in terms of light-hearted memories, here I am with mine. Thank you so much for finding me and the link up! It’s here each Monday! Look forward to seeing you again and thanks for visiting for the first time. I hope your day goes well tomorrow. Denyse

  11. It’s not as near as exciting for me as I get older, I am finding. I remember celebrating the day over the years with much gusto (and alcohol!), and still do like to take in an interest in the horses and the race, but havent this year. Tomorrow I’ll be off to clean the holiday house as someone stayed there on the weekend, so pretty boring.

    • Ah yes, the ‘joys’ of getting older. Bit like Christmas!! I guess then it was good news that you had people stay at the holiday house! The cleaning not so much. Thanks for linking up! Denyse x

  12. I’ve linked up my views on the Melbourne Cup (from a confession from this time last year!) I’m not a fan but I’m not interested in gambling, dressing up or getting drunk so that’s no real surprise. I remember watching it on TV at school when I was young and when it started earlier (I think it used to be on at 2.40pm). And I went to a Catholic school too!!!

    • I think if I really went deeply into it, I probably would wonder …’what the..’ but for now, I will keep my memories. Funny isn’t it? Hard to let them go. I think you were right about the time..I think they’ve changed the time of the cup a few times. I recall, the ‘catholics’ got to watch it at school but not us ‘publics’ Go figure that one! Thanks for linking up today Kirsty!

  13. I’m not really into it, but I do remember my parents having a bit of a flutter and some fun with it as a child. And I don’t really begrudge anyone their silly hats and a bit of bubbles, but the way the horses are treated is a turn off. Glad you have some happy memories, though. Thanks for sharing.

    • I know that it is not a ‘fun’ event in reality and I am almost feeling like apologising for my post now…but my life was my life then and I wrote about the memories! Thanks for joining in and your views too. Denyse

  14. Melbourne Cup has almost always been the same for me, go into a couple of sweeps, pop down to the TAB, have a glass of bubbles, watch the race, cheer excitedly then forget about racing for the next year or so. I have been once, in the early 00s and had a great day. I love dressing up and fascinators so that’s also a plus!

    • It’s of great interest to me what this prompt has brought up for commenters. Thanks for sharing your experiences and I can see that the social aspects play a part for you. It is ‘the race that stops a nation’ for so many isn’t it!

  15. It’s never really been my thing. Professionally I always have to do the setup work for everyone else to watch it so it kind of takes the shine off hahaha

  16. I love the Melbourne Cup, but these days feel guilty about doing so. Do I enjoy the sweeps? Yep. Do I have a bet? Yep. Do I get dressed up? Nope- very little will get me into heels and a fascinator. Knowing a number of racing families, I feel as though I should shout from the skies how much those families & stables care about their animals, but can I be faffed with the fallout from Facebook? Nope.

    • I watched Australian Story tonight about Black Caviar and I had tears in my eyes knowing just how much that horse did for so many and how much loved she is! My grandson who was about 3or4 when she was at her peak so loved her I bought him the story of her. Yes, there are always more sides to the stories. Thanks so much for sharing yours too!! PS over on your blog, I wrote about our connection to the Hills District. Lived there for 35 years!!

  17. I dearly love horses, and I’ve always loved the Melbourne Cup. We watch it at school, have a staff luncheon and 4 sweeps going. But… as the years go on I’m more and more disillusioned. I remember back to the cups where horses have been destroyed and I feel so deeply for those horses (who can’t choose what they do). The last 2 years have seen 3 horses die in total as a result of the cup one way or another, and I have to say this year I’m really feeling strange about it. Each year I now wait with baited breath just hoping they all make it through okay, and I don’t think I’ll even watch it live tomorrow.

    • Oh I know it was and can be most distressing. I think we see so much more these days and are made aware of more thanks to media coverage. I completely understand your viewpoint. Thank you for sharing today and visiting the blog. I hope tomorrow is all good in terms of welfare and safety for both animals and people. Denyse x

  18. When I was at high school at the beginning of the 80’s, we had an extra long lunch and they used to broadcast the race over the PA system that was used for parade.

    • What a great time that must have been…the teachers obviously had a long lunch too. Nothing like that would happen now! Great memory, Janet. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I’ve always enjoy the social aspect of Melbourne Cup Day in the workplace too Denyse. It’s one thing I’ve missed since I started working from home 8 years ago. Last year I suggested to some other Family Day Care ladies that we dress up and bring a plate for morning tea at a regular play session that many of us attend. They all jumped at it and did it again this year so it’s been a lot of fun and looks like the becoming an annual event. Anything that brings people together to enjoy good food and company is a good thing I reckon. 🙂

    • Yes indeed, that is what I have missed since I stopped all of my work roles..the socialising! As teachers we mostly mixed with each other rather than have friends outside the profession. Now I am retired, and living in a new area it will be something to explore when I am feeling more settled. It will be a challenge! I love your idea. Hope it was just fab! So glad you visited here and linked up too!