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Meditations for Back to School. 2017.22.

Meditations for Back to School. 2017.22.

I wonder what you thought when you saw this title?

In fact it IS about meditation and it IS for kids…yes!

From my experience of the past two years, meditation is helpful. I use it for helping me stay in the moment more and for being mindful. I’ve written about it here.

More and more though, it is found that a few minutes of meditation, slowing down to focus on the ‘here and now’ and the breath is an excellent strategy for us all. It is not about clearing the mind nor about going to sleep.

Smiling Mind is an Australian-based company producing apps and meditations on-line. The app is free. I have used this app a few times. I like the Australian accent too. Here’s the link to Smiling Mind to find out more.

What caught my eye recently from the ABC in Australia is this:

Meditations for Back to School.*

There are meditations for kids and teachers. I tried the kid one and that’s why I am sharing it here. I would suggest having a go with your children.

I would also try it with a class if I was still teaching!


Here from ABC and Smiling Mind. From their website:

Our vision is to see mindfulness meditation on the Australian National Curriculum by 2020.

This hopeful statement from the Dalai Lama provides food for thought.

*Not a sponsored post..I just like to share what I think is helpful for families and education.

Have you tried meditation?

Do your children meditate?

Tell me more!







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  1. I need to introduce my youngest to meditation. She is an extrovert creative in a heavily introverted academic environment thanks to her being accepted into the gifted and talented program (her choice) at a selective high school.

    I think mediation would help her immensely at school, especially in terms of being more centered and focused.

    • Smiling mind is an app and brilliant. It is Australian and free and would be a good place to start. I wish her well. I’m interested in her choices. Sounds like she has plans for much in her life! I was not someone who could put my head down and just study I liked the variety of school social life too.

  2. Meditation is on my list of things to try – I must check out Smiling Mind, I’ve heard great things about it. When I was teaching, I got my class of 5 and 6 year olds doing yoga and they loved it. I can really see how the meditation would be beneficial at school, at home and of course in the wider community. I think the Dalai Lama is really on to something!

    • Sammie, even though I am totally taken with Headspace and the lovely voice of Pommie Andy Puddicombe, I think the bite-sized pieces of meditation via Smiling Mind would be great. To be honest, it’s nothing like ‘oh, I have to clear my mind’ at all…it’s just learning to stay and breathe. Try the short 2-5 minute ones… D x

  3. I worked in an industry where meditation was a big thing and I tried several types, but could never really connect with it. I don’t mind the guided meditation style practices but I can’t imagine my school age son being able to sit still long enough to try it (his nickname is The Energiser Bunny).

    • Yeah, I cannot do the ones with no-one there …I need guidance even if it’s every so often. Your son sounds fun!! However, would he try (with you) the 2 minute one I linked to? Bless him! X

  4. I like this idea! We used to do meditation at school camps and retreats sometimes and I always loved it. Maybe because everyone had their eyes closed and I didn’t feel like I was being watched.

    • I know I have always liked that time too but never become consistent until 2015. It does help me even though I had high expectations of a ‘cure’ from anxiety/IBS attached initially. I now realise it is a grounding type of thing and helps me that way.

  5. I love doing meditation for myself and have tried it a few times with the boys (usually combined with a game of sleeping lions) and it certainly does seem to help ground them. Thanks for the great find!

    • That’s good to hear Lauren! I like the sound of Sleeping Lions and can guess it would appeal enormously to boys & active ones of either sex…in particular.

  6. Thank you for this Denyse, I am definitely going to give this a go with Punky. I expected her to be falling asleep easily since starting school, owing to being out of the house by a certain time every day and all that learning, but nope! If anything she’s even more awake at bed time than before she started school. She’s very much like me, a night owl, and I’ve been thinking that maybe some kind of relaxation/meditation is something that might be worth a try with her before bed time. We’ve started reading George’s Marvellous Medicine together and that’s been working a bit to get her to start to calm down because she has to really concentrate and listen to the words because there aren’t many pictures, but it’s no good for Zoe coz she is too little to be able to follow all of it. So something like this could be good to do with both girls after their short picture book before lights out (or just after lights out for that matter!).

  7. i like guided meditations and use apps sometimes – for the kids i used to read to them a sort of guided meditation from a book book was Buddha at bedtime. another great book was relax for kids. using stories as a way to lead kids in meditation works so well.

  8. Thanks for sharing Denyse! This sounds really useful for my 8 year old daughter. For the past couple years she has been finding it difficult to get to sleep at night. We have tried letting her stay up a little later or to read before going to sleep. I’ll have to get her to try some meditation to slow down her mind (which is always asking questions!), and help her relax, she might find it easier to get to sleep 🙂 x