Saturday 26th May 2018

Mandalas For Fun! 366/288.

Mandalas For Fun! 366/288.

During my 100 days Mandalas Challenge I did not always paint nor draw mandalas.

Here’s a selection of those! Some were not used in the challenge but it just goes to show, how many mandalas are out there once we look!



Greenery in local park.



One of my first floral mandalas from our garden.



Found in the grass near my car.



Kaleidoscope made into mandala from a snap shot in my house.



Sand and beach finds mandala made by me.



Simple beach mandala by me, created into more via a photo app.



Wooden post noted by me as I walked back from the beach.



Nature makes its own mandalas every day!



a 3D Mandala from our garden.



Not only juicy inside but mandalas too!


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Thanks to these blogging friends for Photo Link Ups!

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  1. Incredible how these photos are so different and similar in the same way. I have to look for my own mandalas!

  2. There’s no doubt that nature has underlying threads that connect just about everything. These are some great shots.

  3. BTW, I can’t get to your blog from your comments to me. In my email notices, I click on your name for your profile, but it says your profile is private. So the only way I can find you is when you join other linkups that I am in. Just saying….

    • Oh I see. It could be the email address I use when I comment. Sorry for the inconvenience bettyl. If you wanted to keep up to date with my blog, I have a bloglovin sign-up for updates and I also a FB page, which if you follow, sends out the updates. I will check which email I use next time too. Thanks for letting me know. Denyse

  4. Beautiful! I love seeing patterns like this in nature.