Friday 20th April 2018

Little Fishies. 2017.35.

Little Fishies. 2017.35.

On Monday I drove to The Entrance for a haircut. Beforehand I did my favourite thing which was to take a look at The Entrance waterway and see what was happening. Not many people were there as school is back and holidays are over for most. However, the water was freshly running and just under the surface SCHOOL was in for Little Fishies!

Here’s what I saw.

After the haircut I drove back over the bridge in the photo and stopped off at Pelican Wharf where I took these pics standing on a little jetty. Look at the camouflage!

Do you ever just stop and notice nature like this?

It was a very mindful experience for me during a pretty stressful time. Life is like that for me right now.


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  1. I feel blessed living in a place where we are surrounded by nature. I promised myself when we moved here that I would never take our view for granted. It is such a refreshing, and as you say mindful, thing to connect with the natural environment, to take some time to rest your eyes on it.

    • It is something I cannot miss if I want to remain balanced and well. Glad you find the blessings of nature something wonderful too.

  2. What well-camouflaged fish! I went to a new part of town to pick up some Thai food last weekend and it happened to be across the road from a walk along the bay, so after I got the food I stopped for a little looksie at the flowers and the water.

    • Not a bad idea is it? I try to remember this kind of thing more as well. Surprising how many ‘fishies’ are in the water too!

  3. Yes, a lot of times, I stop to contemplate nature. On a “regular” day, there is nothing like a walk around the beach or spending time watching the sunset.

    • I am so glad you do. I did not realise how much I needed to be more in the natural environment until the past 5 years of so.

  4. I’ve recently been trying to be more mindful and instead of rushing along at a fast pace constantly I’ve been going slower and I’ve been stopping to admire flowers and nature a lot more! The other day I sat on Mona Vale headland for over 20 minutes looking out to sea and enjoying the sea breeze and I felt so much better for it! I need to do more of this even when I’m feeling better!


    • That’s so good to know and to make the change from fast to slow…even in the minutes it’s wonderful. You sure chose a great spot to look from. My late Mum and Dad often drove out there for the view many years ago. Dad tells me he made a major work choice with Mum sitting out there..not to move to NZ so he could spend more time with his then young grandchild. She’s now a mum herself!

  5. The Entrance is such a great spot. There really is so much to see, if we just stop and look around, even here in the city. I agree, it’s such a mindful experience. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend x

    • Thank you Sammie, the weekend has been good for mindfulness inside with the rainy conditions. The Entrance is a lovely spot and probably got us interested in the Central Coast as a place to settle before we even realised we would be doing that.

  6. I don’t think there is anything better then just stopping to take in your gorgeous surroundings. We are so busy with life that I don’t think we do it often enough. Being near the water is my favourite place to be and yet I don’t spend as much time there as I should. This week I am going to make the time to go and take in my favourite places and just enjoy where I live.