Friday 20th April 2018

Letter To My Child’s First Teacher. 366/12.

Letter To My Child’s First Teacher. 366/12.

It’s now.

Right now in the Australian calendar where pre-schools, daycare, early childhood learning centres are enrolling some of their children for the very first time.

Later in the month, Australian schools are returning for the year and for some of the children it will be their first year at school.

Some time ago I wrote this ‘letter to my child’s first teacher’ and it’s time to publish it again.

For you….first time parent….because it is from ‘you’ written for your child’s first teacher.

I am thinking of so many people I know right now who will be getting a bit ‘worried’ and ‘sad’ and ‘anxious’ about this major step. Oh I do know some might be smiling too!!

So, have a little read, and definitely it’s yours to use should you want to.

I am happy for it to be shared.


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Thanks again to Kelly Exeter who made this graphic for me…a while ago now.

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  1. There is nothing quite like teachers who love your kids.
    Bridie had a beautiful teacher last year, who seemed to ‘get’ her. I realised then how much I valued that. You need teacher’s who will think your kids are almost as awesome as you do.

    • That is the idea isn’t it? Such a lovely and fortunate thing when it occurs, Jess. Glad Bridie got to experience that as did you. Thanks so much. Denyse x

  2. Ah! So good D. It’s not just the littlies either. My No. 1 son, is heading into Year 6! His final primary year (where did those years go??) I still feel like this, for/about him. Especially this year. He has a ‘new’ teacher. We don’t know what that means, whether she is a first year out from Uni teacher, whether she is just ‘new’ to our school. I’m not anxious in any negative context, but there are always questions, hopes, that the relationships (on both sides) will be mutually beneficial for all. This leads onto pondering next year (I know, already ?!!) first year at secondary school and it’s like starting formal schooling all over again. 😀

    • Hi Angela..great to hear from you again. Wow, kids have grown up too. It’s interesting to know that “we are not alone” in this! I am back writing again for an on-line parenting site and one of the posts I will write in late January – early February will be about ” how to help your child adjust to a new school/year/class/teacher” Cheers, Denyse

  3. My eldest is set to start prep later this month. She’s very excited as am I, but I’m also a little anxious. I hope she is cared for just as well as she was at daycare.

  4. I loved my grade 1 teacher {I managed to get her again for year 5}. She’s still my favourite teacher ever. I hope my daughter is lucky enough to get a good teacher like her when she starts school. Thankfully that’s still a few years off because I’m so not ready to leave her each day.

    • How lovely that is to read about your favourite teacher Toni! Have you ever told her that? It’s a fact that teachers don’t get much positive feedback & I know when I once heard from a young man how much he’d enjoyed being in my class when he was 7 I was blown away! Your little one will find herself a lovely teacher or two no doubt but right now she’s in the best place possible! With you! Denyse

  5. A beautiful letter. I wish every teacher would read it and remind themselves of it occasionally.

    • Thank you Lyn for both commenting and for saying that. I agree wholeheartedly which was my motivation for writing it in the first instance. Warm wishes, Denyse