Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Learning MY Lessons. 366/306.

Learning MY Lessons. 366/306.

The statement below is an excerpt from my blog’s page in the header. The commitment to blog daily until the end of 2016 remained true until recent weeks.

In 2015 blogging daily was my focus on some days as it was the ‘only familiar’ routine in a much-changed world for me. Retirement from my work life in education and schooling means finding other ways in which to connect with people. I am still learning! A work-in-progress!
The connections I have made and re-established via blogging have re-energised me and helped me focus on the on-line community I value. I look forward to making more connections in 2016.

So, whilst nothing significant happened, I started to realise I have been learning more about what else I can be doing and experiencing as part of my life’s major transitions. Yes, art and mandalas have figured high in that list. So too has been interest in learning more on-line about ‘self compassion’ and about ‘writing to heal.’ In addition to those I have been reading widely and learning much!


Remember, I am a life-long learner!

I remain, like all humans a ‘work-in-progress’.

It has taken me a while to let myself actually stop blogging every day! I know! Sometimes the thoughts in our minds are not the best ones nor what we should listen to. Therefore, I am not committing to blog every day any more from today! I am not even thinking about blogging every day anymore.

I have to admit there have been some days where my motivation to ‘do a post’ has been AWOL but it was the commitment and the self-belief I am a finisher that made me keep going.

So, last week, just like that, I said to myself “why would I make myself continue to the end of the year for reasons that I made up?”

Silence. Then, “of course, I do not have to do that”…but I do have to add with some pride and accomplishment that today’s post makes it:

671 posts written and published since January 1 2015. 

Here are MY lessons….at least some of them, in messages from others wiser than I am ….and I am in debt to them.

Thank you, wise people.

img_5708-e1394949636359 lessons-quotes-2


My plan for blogging is less rigid and more flexible. I will continue to blog on Mondays for my link-up and keep to my prompts for Life This Week until they do not work any more. I will blog a new post for Tuesdays for I Blog On Tuesdays. I will blog and link up photography and other posts to link-ups I have followed for some time. I may blog using a variety of topics listed here and no longer on specific days. There will not be a post every day any more.

I am fine with this!

I am blessed and grateful to have many supportive readers and commenters and not everyone is a blogger which is also special for me. It has been such a great time getting to know people here and your encouragement has helped me more than you will ever know! I hope it will continue through this new stage and into 2017!

Thank You All!

Have you learned lessons from yourself and others?

What blogging practices have you changed about?

I welcome your responses and look forward to continuing to connect…because:

I Blog To Connect.


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Joining Kylie Purtell and friends here for I Blog On Tuesdays, where an original post is part of the link-up requirement.






  1. Sounds like a great plan. No plan in continuing with the old schedule if it feels like a chore, especially when it is just a hobby for you.

    • Yes it was starting to feel like a ‘have to’ than a ‘want to’ so that is a sign for me to better care for my health. My blog has been an incredible help for me in keeping me ‘busy’ with a task though on days when I was not motivated at all. Therefore I always think of blogging as a great adjunct to my ‘therapy’ of me! I will always be grateful for blogging and the ways in which it has connected me to many! Thank you for being part of this too. Denyse

  2. What an amazing achievement Denyse. I have don’t this type of thing where I commit and then put myself through hell to keep up the commitment and I am not sure why.

    • Thanks so much Natalie. I have taken this long to learn that ‘beating myself up’ about stuff is only harming me not helping me. One thing I am learning MUCH more about now is self-compassion. If you want to know more about this, google Kristin Neff…she is amazing and her research is top in the world. Take care of you!

  3. Golly! 671 posts is incredible! Congrats. I totally agree you’ve done the right thing re: flexibility around your blogging. By the way, I love those quotes. I’ve not come across them before. Thanks for sharing them here.

    • Thanks so much Tonia. I am pleased I listened more to ‘inner me’ than before. I stepped out of trying to please and get approval and into caring for and about me more! I love quotes that resonate. Glad these were appreciated. Denyse xx

  4. That’s fantastic Denyse, good on you for allowing yourself to grow with your learnings. I am not sure I could ever blog every day, I find it difficult to blog 4-5 times a week. There is something very attractive about blogging only when you want too.

    • Thank you Nicole. I got caught up with ‘have to’ over the past month or so, and that was my first lesson! My life has been enormously helped thanks to blogging but I have more adventures and interests added now. I hope you find the balance too. I always find your blog a high quality read! Denyse xx

  5. Your commitment is phenomenal, Denyse. What an amazing achievement 671 posts is. I’m glad you’re going easier on yourself from now on and enjoying new experiences.

    • Thank you Renee, that is kind. I know that I am actually caring for myself more when I can ‘let a commitment go’ when it no longer serves its purpose.

  6. It shouldn’t ever feel like work is my belief! Good on you for allowing yourself the space to change!

  7. 671 posts is incredible Denyse! what a great way to connect and keep busy in retirement! You are a very modern retiree working out all the technology side of things, by Aunty can’t even sign up to my Blog! lol. It’s wonderful as well that you are looking onwards to other fun and adventures that could be had too…… Gosh, I can’t wait to retire, seems like such an exciting time of life! enjoy 🙂

    • Ah, thank YOU Clare! I’ve had a blog since I finally retired from teaching in 2010 and blogged about schooling and family life then. It was when I retired from ALL of my work…including grandchildren care each week, that I needed something intellectually stimulating to manage the HUGE changes. Blogging has seen me through some hard days of not really enjoying the life of retirement as it is. But, like all things retirement is a life adjustment and I am ‘getting there’. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! Denyse x

  8. I love that second quote, it’s so, so true! And something I want to remind myself as a parent. Such an incredible job blogging all of those days. I realised the other night that at the rate I’m going, 2016 will have been my quietest year of blogging since I started in 2009, even less than my mostly blog-free year in 2011 when I was pregnant with Punky. 2016 has been a bit of a tough year, filled with lots of down feelings, anxiety, self-doubt and uselessness. Finishing Tafe impacted my mental health way more than I expected it to, losing that regular connection with like-minded people and struggling to figure out how to do the whole small-business thing. I feel like I have let Punky down a little, I had so many plans to make this last year before she starts school really awesome for her, but hopefully I can make that up over the next 4 or so months.

    • Oh Kylie, I know we can be our worst critics. You did love TAFE I know and it’s a shame when the feelings and experiences cannot be easily transferred to real life. Have you considered what next in terms of your learning? I see you as someone who is a constant learner and who gives of herself when she is motivated 1000%. I do hope things move in the direction you wish..even if you are not sure what that is right now. Maybe, and I say this very quietly, blogging is not actually something you want to continue in its present form….#foodforthought. Denyse xx