Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Getting Better. 199/365.

Getting Better. 199/365.

Regular readers and those who know me in person have been very understanding of my challenges to ‘get used to’ a new way of living my life.

In doing so, I have encountered some bothersome symptoms which have been annoying and somewhat worrisome as I wanted them to ‘disappear’. However, anxiety and a natural tendency to ‘over-think’ have not assisted this symptoms and effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

So, 6 months on..things are improving…thanks to:

  • time passing…..
  • love and support from my husband…
  • caring words and connections from my family…
  • learning to meditate EVERY single day!….I remember it well as I downloaded the Headspace App on 29 March 2015 ┬áthe day our 8th grandchild was born….
  • creative pursuits – art, drawing, lettering, photography…
  • walking in nature – beach, water side, observing nature and taking in the beauty around…
  • professionals – two female GPs who ‘get me’, a specialist who reassured and a new person, a psychologist who will be my ‘talking’ therapist…
  • reading articles, books, blogs which make sense to me in demonstrating that what I have been feeling is part ‘who I am’ and part ‘what I am going through’….
  • taking part in on-line courses and personal health challenges….

There have been some occasions which have not been pleasant for me and I’ve had to make some changes to plans and missed out on events I thought I would enjoy. Nevertheless I am also proud to say that thanks to my own determination, wanting to be well and understanding how my mind/body connection works I am feeling much better.

This is a good news, work-in-progress update.

How’ s your health?

Denyse xx





  1. So glad to hear you are feeling much better. I walk in the fresh air is such a good thing to do and the best pick me up! Howard’s and upwards for you Denyse! Xx

    • Thanks so much Shannon..and I am so glad I have found you lovely blogging people from ‘the rabbit hole.’ What a great community. Walking is most enjoyable when outside and if I can leave my iPhone/camera at home I am even less distracted! Denyse x