Monday 9th December 2019

Flowers Around Me. #LTW9. 366/310.

Flowers Around Me. #LTW9. 366/310.

This prompt today has me feeling the feels. Nostalgia for the house we sold 2 years ago this month. The feelings are mixed though. We needed to sell to free ourselves from mortgage-stress and all that. But I know how much heart and energy we both put into making our garden around our pool area both a pleasant place and a visual treat. The flowers around  me then were all selected by us, planted and nurtured by us and I hope the current owners of the house are enjoying the vision. One day we will have another house of our own to garden in and for now, the rental place is giving us some options too as I have posted before about the garden pots! img_1795_2





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  1. Sad to say goodbye to your old garden but your new one looks like it’s very pretty too….

  2. Thank you for hosting this link up and allowing off prompt posts to be linked up also! I really do appreciate it! Re flowers at my home, our three pet rabbits eat anything I try planting although I do currently have some posts of petunias placed on top of our outdoor table where they can’t reach them.

    • Oh my goodness, that IS a challenge having rabbits and plants! I wanted this link up to be as inclusive as possible so am always happy to have you join in! Thanks Ingrid!

  3. Denyse, I don’t know about the current owners, but I’m loving your green fingers to nurture such beauty. As for being mortgage-free, it would have reduced your stress levels by 20 years. If you’re renting, pot to your heart’s content and still enjoy the beauty you can create; so when you move you’ve got it all ready to go.
    Also I love that you captured those images. I would never have seen them had it not been for your lense. Thank you. Maria xox

  4. Hi Denyse

    The owners of your rental are so lucky to have your husband and yourself as tenants. The garden is looking fabulous.

    SSG xx

    • Thank you! These pics are from our house in Sydney (sold in 2014) but you are indeed right about the lucky owners of the house we are renting because we are treating the garden as if it is ours! Actually it is helping me heal in its own way from the wrench that was leaving Sydney. D xx

  5. I have to admit I know little about flowers… I’m a terrible gardner and went out into my yard yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks and forced myself to water some plants!

    As for flowers I don’t grow, my fave are tulips!

    • I hope those flowers say thank you by continuing to bloom! I use watering the garden as a meditative time where I am just noticing the water and the plants and it’s quite good for my inner well-being. Tulips are beautiful but they just don’t stand up in a vase unless they have support! I saw the massed plantings at Floriade in Canberra some years ago and they are AMAZING there!

  6. Such pretty flowers! After putting all of that work into your garden it must have been really tough to leave 🙁

  7. It was ..but even harder to leave our in-ground pool! The garden was surrounding that but, maybe one day we will have something just as lovely. Thanks Kat!

  8. When we bought our current house, we were charmed and delighted by the gorgeous cottage garden, full of roses, especially coming from a largely native / arid garden at our old place. Fast forward to a month or so after settlement and we find out the previous owners had a professional gardener in once a week. Eeep. It’s not looking as immaculate as it once did but it’s currently a riot of big beautiful blooms and that makes it worth it! Being able to give posies from your own garden to people is a great feeling. My hamstrings after weeding all day . . . not so great feeling!!

    • Oh Beth, what a great story. I can imagine the shock finding that out. Anyway, it sounds like you do have a special garden alright. Just keeping ahead of the weeds is the challenge! I love that you get to make posies for people. That is awesome.

  9. We don’t have many flowering plants around us as we’ve stuck to hardy plants that can survive without my help (when you read my post, you’ll understand why!) But I love frangipanis and I have a few around us that always flower beautifully at this time of year – love them!

    • Yes, I read it Kirsty! I find the slog of establishing the garden is too much for my old and arthritic hands (and back!) but my hub powers through despite his various conditions too. He was the one who did the hard work around the pool..I got the fun of selecting the plants and spacing them out. We have this HUGE frangipani in the back yard of this rental house and even cutting it back a bit to see what was growing underneath.

  10. I like the idea of flowers but I am too sensitive to them to be around them much. For me, they are (kinda sadly) better on a screen than real life!

  11. I absolutely love flowers but I’m terrible at keeping them alive, which is why I opt for fake plants around the house! Beautiful pics!

  12. Our current rental has 44 rose bushes. All in full bloom right now. They are lovely but like you can’t wait till we have sold our NSW property and are back in our own house and can develop our own garden. Although, most of the houses we’ve been looking at have next to no garden and I’m dreading taking on a new mortgage when the current one is almost paid off.

    • Those roses not only sound amazing but having seen your photos I know they are! Taking on a mortgage again will be part of the price you pay for security of tenure after paying rent so I think it will be worth it for you. I hope your place here sells soon.

      We are noticing how much prices are rising on the Central Coast..unfortunately…for us because even though we won’t be able to buy for an indefinite time (mortgage free) I have no idea if it will be here (north CC) or even further up.

      I wish you well in your waiting, selling and buying cycle! Thanks too for your generous shout outs on Blogger Exchange. Much appreciated. Denyse

  13. when we moved recently I really struggled with giving up our veggie garden just in time for summer, when its harder to plant. while I love flowers, I’ve never been much good at growing them. Our new house has loads of native flowers though which have proved quite difficult for me to kill so far!

    • Oh I feel for you with moving house and leaving behind the garden which was made by you. I am glad there is the ‘bonus’ of the native flowers which can take whatever we do or don’t do!

  14. I miss our Canberra garden – we had an awesome veggie patch and substantial fruit trees. Now we live in a rental and our backyard doesn’t have any garden/lawn.

    • Oh you must find that hard. So many things changed for you in such a short time it seems. I hope things continue to go well in the new biz venture. Thanks so much for taking the time to link up too. YOU are one very busy girl. Denyse xx

  15. It’s so hard to leave behind something you’ve poured your heart and vision into Denyse. Change can be so challenging in many different ways, good and bad. Xx

    • Thanks Sandra, it was and has been in some ways the thing that I have found challenging. I so want to have a home of our own again but we have to wait. I am not that great at waiting!! Thanks for linking up today and delighted that you joined in and blogged again. Denyse x

  16. Gorgeous. I don’t think I could live anywhere without some garden 🙂