Saturday 26th May 2018

Duck Behaviour. 366/302.

Duck Behaviour. 366/302.

We lived close to the water last year and ducks were everywhere. Here’s a couple I followed one day.

The photos tell the story!






Do you have animals near your place so that you get to observe their behaviours too?


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  1. Nice photos.
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  2. We keep an eye out for the koalas in the reserve nearby. They have specfic trees they tend to be in and last year there was a mum and baby, plus what we assumed was the dad . . . when the weather gets warmer, we should see more of them!

    • That is so cool!! I have never seen any in the bush even though I have been told they were around. What a precious experience it must be to see those koalas.

  3. That’s such a gorgeous little story!! Esp when they both look for the all clear….