Friday 20th April 2018

Close To Nature. 2017.3.

Close To Nature. 2017.3.

One thing I have learned about me in the past two years is that I need to be close to nature.

I did not really appreciate the healing and wondrous aspects of nature until I was taken away from ALL of my life’s work, distractions and busy-ness!

There IS something about the negative being turned into a positive and with the anxiety which rose (and rises!) in me, I have found being close to nature helps me become more grounded and at one with myself.

Here are some of my recent forays into nature. Some are as close as walking outside to our back garden and others are 5-10 minutes drive away! Enjoy.

In keeping with my blogging practice from 2016 I will blog under categories but now, there may be more than one in a blog post such as today’s with covers both mindfulness and health and photography!

Have you tried being in nature to take away some of the head-oriented stuff that keeps us stressed and anxious?








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  1. Great shots, Denyse. I always enjoy your pix.
    Thanks for linking up at

  2. That’s quite the threesome – mindfulness, health and nature! I’m with you. I think being in nature is good for the soul, and if I can’t get to nature (inner city living and all that) a generous dose of fresh air and some skyward looking always does the trick! Aren’t you lucky having so much beauty and wonder on your doorstep?!

    • Thanks Sammie…doing the best I can right now while anxiety and IBS (which ARE related of course!) fight me on the mindfulness stage.Getting there is all I can foot in front of the other and all that!!

  3. You’ve been getting your fill of nature haven’t you. We’ll be back at Soldiers beach soon!

  4. There’s so much in nature that soothes the soul! Lovely photos.