Saturday 17th March 2018

Breaking Away. 2/365.

Breaking Away. 2/365.

Today we are on our way to our new rental place on the Coast. We don’t move in for a few days yet.

In our cars we have the boxes, the clothes, the memories in physical form of a life shared for 44 years.

Yep. married in January 1971.

When we decided to sell our house, it was initially borne out of helping me…to stop work!

In my mid 60s, I had found working two days a week at Uni, marking, supervising students in the practicum schools was quite a load considering the responsibilities I carried. In fairness, I am a very hard-working, policy oriented person (that’s why schools suited me I guess) and as a result at times I  found myself at odds with the ways in which I needed to work in a culture different to a school. It is quite hard to explain, but suffice to say whilst I loved the one to one relationships and some of the group interactions I was not ‘made for academic culture’… Yet it took some courage on my behalf to admit I wasn’t cut out for this after the 4 semesters and it was time to ‘retire.’

It took from late July until December for this to finally occur and it is something I will always look back on and be proud of the work I did and the way in which I connected with schools and the students from the University but it was time to go.

Breaking away from a life I’d known as a professional teacher (education K-6) and finally as principal has been hard.

What do I do with myself? Who am I if I can’t say ‘teacher?’

This is one lesson I am learning slowly and I am sure I won’t be able to really appreciate it until we have fully settled into a new environment.

The one role I will continue to have is with the Early Childhood Group, Kindalin, where I am their K-6 School Education Consultant and I assist the centres’ directors, room leaders and families. I will be interested to see how this role works when it will involve more travel. But I am looking forward to it.

Taking Life One Day at a’s a bit hard sometimes! 

How about you, have you had to ‘break away’ from the familiar to go to the unknown as I am? Tell me about it.

Denyse xx 

PS a photo from my ‘life working with kids and schools.’