Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Autumn At Last! 2017.67.

Autumn At Last! 2017.67.

This autumn came late it seems, totally befuddled by very hot days in February and then awful rain in later months…so the trees were very confused. Nevertheless, they are finally doing what they are supposed to do….and my mission on the coast was to find them. Off on a drive to places I’d not seen before and they yielded GOLDREDYELLOW and some PURPLE from the almost-finished flowering Tibouchinas.

Here they are! The last one, however, was one on my drive home. It is a tree I regretted not stopping to photograph in 2016 so this year I did!


What season is it where you are?

Are the seasons doing what they should?


P.S. Happy Mother’s Day for this Sunday to those who celebrate!

Here’s an oldie from my photo collection: My (late) Mum, Me, My Daughter, My Eldest Granddaughter. 2006.

Joining with Sammie and friends here for the Ultimate Rabbit Hole this weekend. Joining Sue here for her photo link up.




  1. I think the seasons are all muddled. We finally had a couple of days that felt like summer only to now need jumpers. I’m hoping Singapore isn’t too humid for me. I can handle the heat, it’s the humidity that kills me.

    • I hope so too Raychael although it may be humid. I have a friend living there who says the ‘worst’ part of Singapore is there seems to be little change in seasons. Nevertheless, do have a wonderful time. I know how much you have looked forward to it.

  2. The autumn colours were a little late this year, but better late than never. I love the autumn colours and you have captured them beautifully. It’s spring here in the UK but it feels like winter because it’s oh, so chilly!

    • They are a delight and I try to capture them each Autumn if I can. Funny isn’t it how the seasons in between can be so cold and warm. Take care!

  3. I love the leaves changing and I think nowhere in Australia does it better then Canberra. It has kinda been nice to go back the past few weeks and see it happening. And what a lovely photo of you and your loved ones…Happy Mother’s Day – Thanks for linking up with the Ultimate Rabbit Hole xox

    • So true about Canberra and Autumn. I am glad you got back there! Thanks for your Mother’s Day wishes and I hope your men spoiled you a little bit or a LOT!!