Saturday 26th May 2018

Am I A Winter Person? 366/158.

Am I A Winter Person? 366/158.

Yesterday I would have said generally, yes.

Until this…the great (and latest) East Coast Low. This was earlier on Sunday 5 June. We live between Wyong and Norah Head. Top of photo.


I am writing this and scheduling the post ‘just in case we lose power’ so…here is a link to what has been happening in the local area called The Central Coast of NSW. The east coast low went from Queensland, down through northern NSW, here then onto Sydney and inner parts of the metropolitan area, south coast and further. It remains a menacing and awful event. Let’s hope by the time this is published tomorrow it’s gone!

I have horrid memories of the last #eastcoastlow and that wasn’t even in Winter! Remember this?


So, I guess I am more of a winter person as I am more physically comfortable being cool. I love a temperate time of year, like most people, and so I dislike the extremes of summer. I could live in a colder clime – I think – but my hub endured too many Armidale winters to want to do that again.

We will stick to the more temperate climes in our older age and keep comfy with a jacket or jumper and the heater set at about 23 degrees when it gets too cold even here.

I like the comfort foods of winter, but I have to cook them still. I also like the warm cosy nights in bed but then again, the nights are pretty long aren’t they? I enjoy being at home on a winter’s day with sunshine pouring in through the windows but keeping wind and rain at bay.

What about you?

Are you a winter person?


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Joining Kirsty, whose idea this was…and wondering what she will have to say over here at My Home Truths.

UPDATE: We did not lose power. Phew. So many people I know living in areas majorly affected by this east coast low system and I feel for them. Many have had house damage, cannot get to work or school and some schools and businesses are closed. Take care, everyone. Hope all is well wherever you are. 




  1. I’m coming up your way as soon as my youngest finishes school. Temperate climates please!!

    • Ah ha. Don’t forget the weather on the coast when we’ve had a weekend like this though. One street or so away from the water would be good.

  2. I was following this over night and so freaky. The houses on the Sydney coast that have started to fall away – WOW. Insurance claims in over drive.

    • Certainly was freaky and I do hope that lessons are learned about building so close to the water..but I suspect they won’t because we seem to prize water front and beach front over ‘living with nature’. It will be interesting to see what happens insurance wise as given the history in some of these places, I suspect that some claims will not be met.

  3. It was crazy! I saw photos this morning of damage at Colloroy and a pool fell into the ocean!!

    • I know! That caught my eye too. My family lives up a bit further along the coast and on a slightly elevated street as the lakes at Narrabeen spilled over so they were ok.

  4. Definitely love Winter and the in-between seasons – Summer not so much. We missed most of the rain as I am West of the Range – 2 hours West of Brisbane – but we certainly got some. Still grey and windy. When I lived on the Far North Coast of NSW flooding and extreme rain were normal regular events. Flooded roads were fairly regular too. Lost part of the roof in a mini-cyclone once with just 2 small kids with me way out in the country and SES were almost non-existent then. Power went out regularly and in the country it takes a long time to trace the source. Phone lines got soaked and didn’t work and no mobile coverage. Thank goodness for combustion stoves. Encourages self-sufficiency.

  5. Yes winter is a variable alright. Nice when it is clear and sunny but not so much when it’s a storm like the one just gone. Far North Coast is place to cop the weather extremes that is for sure. You have been part of some pretty horrid times as were we in far western NSW for 10 weeks! Food was flown in by helicopter then. We had power back after a bit then but it was not fun being so isolated. The temperate seasons have their great appeal for me now.

  6. I’m definitely more of a winter person as long as there is no extreme weather involved.

    Hope the weather is improving for you.

    • Yes I agree. This weather event as they are called now has now moved on..and down south (poor Tassie) and I am glad it was short-lived in comparison to last year’s 2015 one.

  7. It was pretty crazy weather over the weekend, wasn’t it!? Hope we’re over the worst of it. I like the in between seasons best. Can’t stand being hot or cold, so I’m always complaining! Lol

    • I know what you mean! It’s not too often I say “gee this is wonderful” in my discussions about weather!

  8. We were lucky to have missed damage here but I feel for everyone who weren’t quite so lucky. I know here in Newcastle, East Coast Lows are feared after the events of last April and also from the Pasha Bulker storm in 2007. Hope that’s the last one for a while!

    • I’m glad you are OK. This time Newcastle seemed to miss the worst even though the seas were incredibly high. I had never taken any notice of an East Coast Low…until I ‘lived’ through last years. Living in the west of Sydney and in the country before that they were of lesser consequence I guess. No wonder I am now a weather nerd even more living on the coast.

  9. vwry wild weather over the weekend. We lost power for a few hours on Saturday but luckily took no damage. Glad to hear you came through it okay!

  10. Thankfully it was very mild when it came over me. So many other parts of Brisbane had flash flooding though.

    • I am glad you survived with no issues. I will never want to live on the beach or a body of water after this and last year’s east coast lows.

  11. Definitely not a winter person. I love being by the beach and so summers and warm weather are ideal for me!

    • It’s hard when you dislike winter and have to wait it out for Summer. I trust you can keep warm in the meantime.