Tuesday 24th September 2019

8 More Prompts “Life This Week”. 366/297.

8 More Prompts “Life This Week”. 366/297.

I’ve been very pleased that my ‘new’ link-up each Monday is going well with bloggers linking up each week.

Thank YOU!

FYI: Tomorrow’s is “2 Months Till Christmas Eve” and next Monday, 31 Oct is “Melbourne Cup Time”.

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I am even more pleased if bloggers give the optional prompts a go.

I know I make them up and I am always interested to see how others interpret them.

Of course, link up whether you do use the prompt or not.

It can be an ‘old’ post.

However….yes, there is a however…if you link up, could you please comment on my post (it’s a bloggy courtesy I believe in) and pop over to one or more others too? Thank you!

Without further ado…here is the list of optional prompts to take us till year end.


Do you link up here on Mondays?

Thanks again for doing so!

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Joining Leanne (who I am grateful to see each week in the link-up!) for her Lovin Life Linky on Sundays here.




  1. I’ve already started working on tomorrow’s prompt and it fits in nicely with something Leanne from Deep Fried Fruit posted a day or two ago!

  2. OMG 2 weeks to Christmas Eve…seriously? When did that happen?

  3. All my posts are beauty product related at the moment, but I’m going to try to check in and see the prompts. It’s a great idea 🙂

  4. I sure do! Great way to start the week. I love Monday’s (next to Sunday it’s my favourite day of the week). So having your linky just makes it that much better. I will miss my Sunday linky … I think I might continue the Lovin’ Life theme of a Sunday but just in hashtagging Instagram photos or my Instagram Story instead.

    • Thanks Leanne! I am glad you are continuing to link up here too now you’ve changed your own linky. I will be continuing to join you but on the Sunday for this year. I have made the decision to blog on fewer days in 2017 as the purpose of my “every day I blog” has run its course and I am doing more in terms of personal reflective writing and art in 2017.

  5. Christmas is coming way too quick!!! I have been quiet on my blog at the moment, getting back into it and hopefully going to be back linking!

  6. So excited about this week’s prompt. Hope I can get my post finished in time.

    I do like the topics for the next couple of months! Ideas are coming already.

    Thanks again for giving some purpose to my writing and for encouraging me to write that little bit beyond my everyday kind of stuff.

    SSG xxx

    • Dear SSG, you have made my day!! I blog to connect, as I always say, but in letting me know the prompts make a difference to you, it’s added incentive to keep this Life This Week linkup going into 2017. Thank you! I will be continuing on Mondays with this in 2017 and will post prompts 8 at a time. Warmest wishes of appreciation for your support!! Denyse xx